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I agree. Apple needs to get in the game sooner than later. All they need is enough content from the majors.
I have a suprventricular tachycardia which is hard to diagnose unless someone happens to be measuring their heart rate when it happens. Before I was on medication my heart rate would sometimes hit over 200 and then quickly come back down to my typical resting heart rate around 63. Since I have been on medication I typically top out in the 130s if sitting or the 180s if running. Your not likely to die with a high momentary reading.
I was in a Trader Joe's yesterday here in Las Vegas and they didn't have the new POSTs. If they are supposed to be switching this on today, it looks like some stores aren't going to make it.
The only thing that really going to make a difference is the institutional investors. Musk, at 25%, has influence but a good offer from Apple would require him to present the offer to the board or risk law suits. I suspect a number of investors would approve of an offer that makes them money.
Apple would not attempt a hostile takeover - it's never been their style (at least to-date).
Musk's preference would not really matter if the right offer was made since Tesla is publicly traded.
What would it take for you to consider using Maps? Better data? That would be the reason for doing a deal. I like the idea mentioned above where Apple would be part of the European car manufacturer consortium possibly just as a perpetual licensee of raw data.
Apple needs better raw  data and Here has that. They also have a lot of talent.
 I I read the first rumors about Apple developing a car I thought it was crazy talk. But once I started thinking about the challenges they'd face I thought "why not just buy Tesla?" I'd still prefer that Apple not develop a car but, if that is really part of their plan, buying Tesla provides a lot of up-side.
Not to my knowledge but that doesn't mean that they might not be amenable to the right offer. Their market cap is around $30B so it would probably cost about $40B (a better than 30% premium) to buy them. Apple wouldn't do a hostile takeover but if $40B were offered Musk would need to at least consider a deal.
New Posts  All Forums: