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Your "pay-and-go" remark was pretty transparent from where I'm sitting.Perhaps so, but not by me. But Android did make a remarkable change in direction after the iPhone was announced from something closer to its Danger (where Rubin worked) Sidekick roots to something that looked a lot more like an iPhone.
I agree that the copyright and patent litigation has gotten out-of-hand. Sadly, no one seems willing to step forward in this country to try to fix the situation.
I had commented in another thread the other day that this will boil down to a politcal decision (just my hypothesis). The idled Chinese workers would be those who would otherwise be working on the iPad assembly lines and for their suppliers. No I haven't been through the Chinese court system but much has been written about the opaqeness of their system. You need a system like that to convict political prisoners because they dare write something unflattering about the...
Were you there? How do you know that it was "murky." The story I have heard and read consistently is that Apple paid for access with Apple stock:http://www.mac-history.net/computer-...and-xerox-parcXerox also had its patent claims against Apple dismissed for a variety of reason. People really forget how different the Mac and the Alto system were.
For which Xerox was compensated.
With both the EC and the DOJ approving the merger, I'd say any light between Google and Motorola Mobility is quickly vanishing. This was a good call by the judge.
As I suggested earlier, I see the invisible hand of the Chinese government moving the pieces about to make sure that thousands of Chinese workers are not idled even as the Chinese economy already shows signs of cooling off. With an opaque judicial system and lots of political pressure, look for rulings to steadily pile up against Proview as the creditors pick the bones of its carcass. Yang just refuses to acknowledge that Proview is dead.
This approach could solve several issues for cable providers who currently multicast highly-compressed video for multiple channels to each customer. Your approach would allow a single uncompressed stream of much higher quality likely with much lower bandwidth cost.
Very interesting hypothesis and it certainly sounds like the type of thing about which Steve would have said "I've finally cracked it." Apple is no longer the enemy but the enabler, inducing the distributors to buy in. This would actually be a good opportunity for Apple because it would provide a non-retail channel (I'm assuming Apple sells the STB to the cable companies) to monetize their hard work. I've been thinking the same about in-car systems: Microsoft has their...
In this case, I don't think their plans are all that opaque. They'd like to get all the majors in the US on-board but lacking that, they will pursue a deal with either Disney or Fox, both of which can offer film, TV and sports programming.Failing that, they will pursue sports programming and, possibly, tying up with public TV in the states. Interestingly, "public television" in most countries is state-run television and they are often as intractable as the major studios in...
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