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I remember Richard Branson saying some kind words about Steve after his death. It occurred to me at the time that Steve and Apple might be getting input from him. He's another of those individuals who has figured out how to bypass the barriers to entering a market.
Sports programming might well be the key. If they could get content from those you listed plus NASCAR, that would be a viable offering in the US. Add in soccer and they have a world offering.
It's Apple's success in the music industry that has the studios so leery. They are convinced that as long as they can keep Apple and Google out of this arena, they will not lose so much control of the business as the music industry. To me, they are in even worse shape,: I always bought more music than I consumed TV or feature films. They have the added competition from gaming and they are over-valuing their content but they don't see it that way. Maybe Steve worked his...
It's really hard to see how Apple moves forward. Even if they bought an independent distributor, they may well need reapproval for licensing of any content distributed through that entity. This is much like the Netflix deal which makes Netflix less attractive because the content licensing does not automatically follow to the new ownership. I had thought Apple might create a small production company to fund indie filmmakers but this would just antagonize the major studios...
The thing is that we are not talking about a bill of materials, we are talking about a bibliograpgy which typically includes title, author, publisher and copyright date. He chose to throw in the link to a specific store.
I believe that regardless of the legal findings of the Chinese judicial system, this case will be settled politically (and may have already been). The Chinese cannot afford to have thousands of employees idled just so that Proview gets some money. Nor can they feed the already present distrust by Western companies for the opaqueness of the Chinese courts and government. I'm not saying it is right, but you can bet that this case is ultimately decided in Apple's favor...
And that's really my point. Does anyone think that Samsung is not thinking of forking Android or improving Bada or whatever? Anyone who thinks that any company but Motorola will enjoy most favored status in a couple of years is not thinking clearly. Google has some serious money to recoup, especially with some of the patent litigation not going there way. Further, both the EC and the US have strongly signalled that there are not buy into the use of FRAND patents as a...
I have just two questions. Are any of the Android handset makers or Android developers making any real money? How many of these Android handset manufacturers will be onboard once Google ties up tightly to Motorola. I don't think anyone is naive enough to think that anyone but Motorola will get first shot at any new OS in a couple of years. These OEMs are all going to be giving Windows a very serious look.
I'll say it once again. It's time Apple tell Foxconn to get the Brazilian facility up to capacity ASAP and that Foxconn needs to scout alternative,non-Chinese locations for manufacturing. The threat of moving production from China will cause the court to move with great caution. But this should not be a threat- Apple should insist that Foxconn diversify their manufacturing base because it is the prudent thing to do.
The short-term answer to this is to have Foxconn announce that they are evaluating sites in other countries for potential new factories. The long-term answer is to have them carry through on that process and add manufacturing capacity in countries other than China.
New Posts  All Forums: