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I understand that - they would be buying experience and infrastructure. I'll say it again: buying Tesla makes sense if Apple is determined to build a car. If that is not in their plans then it would make no sense.
 The reason for acquiring Tesla would be to address many of the pitfalls you mentioned - a Tesla acquisition would provide manufacturing, operations and regulatory experience in addition to experienced engineers. Apple could develop all these on its own but buying Tesla would be a reasonable shortcut. You may be right about Musk not wanting to sell but, if the offer were right, Musk would owe it to the shareholders to consider it. My personal preference is that Apple would...
And this is why Apple should buy Tesla if they are interested in getting into the car business. They'd be buying talent and infrastructure and operations experience.
There are two acquisitions I'd like to see Apple make: Nokia's Here maps (to provide a quick improvement to Maps, especially internationally) and Tesla (if, in fact, Apple is serious about getting into the car business).   Buying Tesla would likely move the project timeline forward substantially and provide proven talent in product design and infrastructure and operations experience. It could also provide an immediate revenue stream.   The only downside of making such...
 Apple should not be expected to give up its industry-standard fee. This is the cost of doing business in the App Store basically since its inception and is the standard also used by Google. Google Play also offers streaming music - where is Spotify's complaint that having to pay Google 30% is unfair?
Sadly, Samsung still looks like the most reliable component vendor for a number of parts Apple needs for their phone. Until this changes (especially as it relates to the manufacturing the processor), Samsung will continue trying to stick it to Apple in some way or another.
The threat of this supplier diversification alone will cause serious consideration in Samsung's board room. The cost to Samsung for Apple v Samsung is likely to be ultimately measured in many ways. Fortunately, Samsung has proven themselves a reliable manufacturer with quality products and they have proven (and invested) to scale to Apple's requirements. However, this "threat" will definitely get some attention from Samsung as Apple approves other companies as component...
It's interesting to juxtapose this article against this other, http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/12/08/27/apple_stores_reportedly_continue_to_see_cutbacks_as_focus_shifts_to_revenue.html
That's the  beauty of moving the SOCs manufacturing to TSMC or Global Foundries - they don't make finished goods.
I've been saying for ages that Apple needs to move production of components from Samsung to other suppliers; the problem is that Samsung truly is a relieable supplier at the volumes that Apple needs. That said, I would like to see them move more production to other vendors and, in particilar, find someone who can manufacture their SOCs which would be a major hit to Samsung. But, even here, I have mixed feelings because Samsung manufactures a good deal of the se SOCs in...
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