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Though tangential to this trial, I hope the DOJ and EC come down hard on Samsung with regard to their attempted fast plays on SEP and FRAND commitments.
I can't help but wonder how many lives this MS fat-cat (Ballmer) has and has used. They definitely need new leadership with a clear vision and an openness to discussing breaking MS's various parts into separate businesses.
I think it would be great news to hear of device assembly being moved to Brazil. I know it reduces the effectiveness of the full supply chain in China, but it also sends a message that China needs to behave manner with regards to worker treatment and the way the intellectual property rights are sorted through their opaque judicial system.   I'd love to hear that Foxconn was building another assembly plant in India, Indonesia, Malaysia or Vietnam.
This is Microsoft's attempt to freeze the market just as they did on the old days with vaporware that never made it to market, although these products will eventually arrive. Their real problem is that Apple has not yet announced the updates to the iPhone and iPad which will unlock this market as people tire of waiting for the MS-powered devices to arrive. The biggest loser here could be Sammy who would otherwise look to have the summer to themselves without much "new"...
It's going to be funny when the results of this suit are turned back on Samsung and Google who have more than likely enjoyed some of the same benefits in its patent portfolio. Even funnier, when the Australian government initiates the review.
This seems a particularly reckless claim for a component supplier like Samsung. They seem to be deliberately blurring the line between the component and handset businesses. As a supplier, they should be assuring everyone that a firewall between these two units means that their component customers' designs are safe. Instead, they try to make it sound like they have provided design leadership in both these areas which then allowed Apple to make the iPhone.
I am just awaiting the day that Apple announces that they are contracting with TSMC for their processors. That would be a big chunk of money that Samsung will lose and it will take time to replace. I don't expect this to happen soon, but the sooner, the better. Unless Intel convinces Apple to go with their new low-power chips, but would Intel be willing to manufacture custom chips for Apple?
I can't believe that some people are so anxious to see Amazon re-emerge as a monopoly with full pricing power. 
While I am still uncertain that this approach is best, this is a near ideal fit should Apple choose to follow this path. Not to mention that Loewe already has an alliance with Sharp, and Apple is rumored to be looking to Sharp for new display panels. I do doubt that production will remain in Germany as it would be difficult for Apple to eke out any significant margin even playing exclusively at the high end —  more likely Foxconn gets the build orders
This is why I have maintained that there will be a brokered solution with the Chinese government leaning pretty hard on Proview to get this out of the news.   All Apple and Foxconn need to do it leak that they are scouting potential new factory location in Thailand or India or some other country that would be very happy to have that level of foreign investment.
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