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I've said all along that this would be settled politically and I believe this confirms that. Don't think for an instant that this was not a topic of conversation when Tim Cook met with Chinese government officials. I am pretty certain the Chinese government had no intention of allowing anything that might jeopardize Chinese jobs long-term (which this issue has the potential to do) to happen and was the reason I said that the opaqueness of the Chinese justice system was a...
I believe the purchase of Motorola and all this co-branding (which is essentially annointing "winners") will have a very negative in the long-term growth proposition for Android. If I am a ODM, I'd be looking at Windows as a more neutral playing field, especially considering that Android handset makers are already paying royalties to MS. Bob
As I have said before, right or wrong, it is hard to imagine the Chinese government (not necessarily the courts) letting this suit idle the thousands of workers that would be affected at Foxconn and its suppliers at the very time its economy is cooling off. They might try some face-saving maneuver but is Proview such a national treasure to risk future foreign investment which is likely what would happen should the courts find in Proview's favor. Again, for better or worse,...
Apple really needs to find other vendors fro the parts that Samsung now supplies, especially the processor and display. Taking that business elsewhere would negatively impact Samsung and could reduce some of the ridiculous FRAND litigation they are suing over. On the other hand, Apple must not be reckless. As displayed with the new iPad's display, other vendors are simply not yet up to the challenge. I'd love to see Apple switch to Sharp for displays and TSMC for...
So Motorola is basically saying, "Samsung and HTC, you give me x per unit...Apple, you give me x per unit plus access to all your patents. If that doesn't take the Non-Discriminatory out of FRAND, I don't know what does.
Your "pay-and-go" remark was pretty transparent from where I'm sitting.Perhaps so, but not by me. But Android did make a remarkable change in direction after the iPhone was announced from something closer to its Danger (where Rubin worked) Sidekick roots to something that looked a lot more like an iPhone.
I agree that the copyright and patent litigation has gotten out-of-hand. Sadly, no one seems willing to step forward in this country to try to fix the situation.
I had commented in another thread the other day that this will boil down to a politcal decision (just my hypothesis). The idled Chinese workers would be those who would otherwise be working on the iPad assembly lines and for their suppliers. No I haven't been through the Chinese court system but much has been written about the opaqeness of their system. You need a system like that to convict political prisoners because they dare write something unflattering about the...
Were you there? How do you know that it was "murky." The story I have heard and read consistently is that Apple paid for access with Apple stock:http://www.mac-history.net/computer-...and-xerox-parcXerox also had its patent claims against Apple dismissed for a variety of reason. People really forget how different the Mac and the Alto system were.
For which Xerox was compensated.
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