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Watch the video of the event available at apple.com. He is thin but he definitely had good energy.
They are supposed to have 400-600k units available for the US launch. Last year, they sold 300k units the first day. I'd get there ASAP as I think they could unload every unit available over the forst weekend. And make sure you have a secondary location too.
My sister works with people with autistic disorders and has worked the iPad into her practice. She has had good success with the iPad improving her clients' communication and problem solving abilities. I really appreciate stories like this since I, myself, have Asperger's Syndrome.
Choice seems to only be good when Apple doesn't have the most choices.
The reason would be to completely knock the wind out of the competition. The only point in doing it would be to deliver a Retina Display - something so profoundly obvious that its absence in competitors products would make an iPad "the only choice". I don't necessarily see this as aligning the iPad announcement with iPods. Instead, I see them delivering a premium device with a hi-def display this fall which gets pushed down to other models during the next spring refresh....
It would not appreciably shrink sales this quarter if it is not announced beforehand.
I think today's announcement was great and I am not the least bit disappointed. However, I'd bet that Apple would have loved to deliver a Retina Display iPad today. People would take one look at it compared to everything else and snatched it up. And Apple would probably have the supply of such displays tied up for at least 9 months, if not longer.
That does sound about right.
I think the point they are making is that Flash is used by Motorola as a selling point for the Xoom but that it is not actually available. It probably would not be much of an issue except that mobile Flash projects seem to be always delayed.
Found this today:http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-20038308-93.html
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