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The Gobi chip provides CDMA and GSM/UMTS baseband - it is what they are using in the Verizon iPhone. I'm guessing they could not fit it into the slimmed-down enclosure (since Apple likes to maximize its use of common parts). Most carriers use the same frequencies with a few odd-balls like T-Mobile US.
I agree. If it happens, I see a premium model priced higher sitting atop the rest of the iPads. The higher price would temper demand while the work to improve display yields. I have not completely lost hope but iPad2 HD doesn't sound right to me either.
I was fairly certain before today that there would be a fall upgrade. After seeing the "2011 - Year of the iPad 2", I am much less certain. The one thing that still might make sense is introducing a premium product with Retina Display atop the current line-up if they can acquire displays in adequate quantities. These would probably also require additional RAM so I guess they would be $100 to $200 more expensive.
I'm guessing that their new graphics chip is slurping up a bit more power.
I was pretty confident that we will see another update to the iPad this year but am a bit less convinced now. The reason: "2011 - Year of the iPad2"
I'm surprised they didn't use the Gobi chip in the iPad2 - maybe there is not enough room after it's been slimmed down.
Thanks so much for this. Kinda sums up the real differences although iOS 5 better improve notifications.
I'm thinking we check back in June.
You forgot it should cost only $19.99 and for a limited time you will get a second iPad free* *Handling charges apply
They will probably unify everything at iOS 5
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