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It will be interesting to see if Apple chooses to participate at CES in 2010. CES attendance has been trending lower. Apple is well-situated in the Silicon Valley with an eager tech journalism industry anxious to scoop one another. I think Apple can get great coverage using media events (both large and small) to make announcements.
People have ignored the continuing decline in tradeshows for some time. 2008 Macworld Expo attendance was up but attendance was down at both CES(-9%) and CEDIA(-14%). NAMM attendance was up but NAB was down. Interop is doing well but people forget that this is a consolidated show which includes the former COMDEX show. Apple has assiduously built an alternative means to engage potential buyers when they are most ready to part with their money and without any reliance on a...
Since Pystar's dismissed counterclaim is also the basis of its defense, I doubt there is much chance of Apple losing their original suit.
I really do think it would be great if Mac users visit these booths to submit "I'm a Mac" entries thus driving up the cost for Microsoft to obtain useable "I'm a PC" material. On the other hand, we don't want long lines drawing attention to these booths.
You have given a fine example of why someone might seek redress from AT&T. But how does Apple fit in with these lawsuits? It's funny because Apple, rather than AT&T, seems to be the primary focus of these suits which seem to be AT&T deployment and capacity issues.
Entrapment? Do you even know what this word means? I was not aware that Apple was law enforcement agency or that they were inducing you to commit a crime by purchasing an iPhone. Let's recap: 1) No signal in Apple Store but you bought it, apparently, without reservation; 2) No signal when you got home but you still chose to keep the phone; 3) No signal and/or dropped calls for the entire return period but you again chose to keep the phone. Sounds like poor judgement on...
One test to determine if a monopoly exists has historically been whether or not there is a viable substitute. I am certain that Microsoft would argue that Windows is a very viable substitute to OS X. In fact, I suspect their new $300M ad campaign to try to drive that very point home.
I really do not think MS is bankrolling Psystar. If Psystar were to win the case, it would make it easy for Windows licensees like Dell and HP to offer a better alternative to a Windows PC.
Taken for a ride or being underwritten by someone with very deep pockets. Even if they win the case, they will ultimately lose the battle. Over the long haul, I still expect Apple to use some proprietary hardware component to eliminate future challenges that revolve around "essentially generic hardware". Even if that was not a motivating factor at the time of the P.A. Semi acquisition, I think it has now come into play. The more immediate response if Apple loses would be...
I certainly have my doubts about a music subscription service too. I can still hear Jobs telling us that "people want to own their music." But times have changed and I hear people who once said that they would never consider a subscription service now saying that it would be a nice complement the existing download-to-own services they currently use. One interesting thought is how a music discovery/recommendation system in iTunes might intersect with a subscription-based...
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