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As a consumer, I am most interested in finding a solution which I feel is competitively priced and offers the most value. Each of us needs to work out our own value equation but I never think to myself "this company has a great product at a competitive price but I think they make too much money on it."
I am really curious how long the Verizon semi-exclusive is. Even if production capacities prevent adding Sprint/T-Mobile, I'd think that Apple wouldn't want to get sucked into a long multi-year deal. Especially when a carrier can decide that your product is no longer anointed (e.g, Verizon pushing Android at the expense of BB).
If you are running TimeMachine, you could pull the old version from your TM backup.
You are absolutely right that it is important that they get things right and that there is some complexity involved. It's just that the inevitability of ATV apps (and prior experience with other iDevices) should have the SDK close to at least a beta stage. You are also correct that it is just software so it can be released at any time. I just get anxious because I think this will move the ATV from hobby status to a bonafide product and, possibly, improve content acquisition.
For that $30, you get the current version plus the 2.0 version when it ships - kinda like a prepaid upgrade for 2.0.
New "sport" - extreme channel surfing.
Path tool, yes. But I think Pixelmator does not need to compete with Photoshop for prepress (CMYK). They need to keep it lean and mean instead of the Swiss Army Knife that Photoshop has become.
Gruber does sum it up nicely. The iPhone is now on n+1 carriers.
I think the most important thing is game apps on the ATV. I don't think it was coincidence that content (Netflix, Hulu Plus) has arrived on game consoles - the television industry understands that if a screen is used for playing a game, it is not making money for them. I think that the studios will be more amenable to content deals for iTunes or willing to provide their own app once they see that ATV presents alternative entertainment content.
New Posts  All Forums: