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Great explanation! I'd still love to get a sense of how many impressions/clicks it would take to match the 70 cents that a developer would make from a 99 cent app.
I understand and agree but I would like some evidence that this is a priority for Apple.
Exactly! Hobby or real product?
I agree with your assessment that there will be no dominant player in internet TV but I do think Apple needs to decide soon if the ATV will continue to be a hobby or a real product with the appropriate marketing support and expanded entertainment options.
Well the market is ready and waiting. And I have to believe that Apple foresaw the potential for apps on the ATV so I would like to see some announcements.
Apple needs to address this issue soon. They also need to step up content acquisition and build subscription services for both music and TV content.
This will really depend on how profitable ad-supported apps are. With the App store, the developer gets to set his price and take his cut while most Android apps rely on those ads. Does anyone know what the typical payout is for an impression from Google ads?
I don't think Apple has a love affair with ATT, but they do/did have a binding contract.
Too much is made of marketshare alone and even Apple has been guilty lately of blowing up the importance of this number. What I like about Apple is its outsized profitability relative to its marketshare in most its product categories.
This and countless other discussions. AI has the AppleOutsider sub-forum for this kind of stuff. The mods should warn him and then ban him if he cannot stay on topic.
New Posts  All Forums: