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This is no different than what Google has already done:http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/21/goo...music-service/ I have been wondering for some time when Apple would wake up and hire someone from the industry to facilitate getting deals done. While business is business, it is amazing what a handshake or a slap on the back between colleagues can do to get things moving.
You can set this behavior in TextEdit preferences.
This is my concern as well. I always buy the family packs because we have additional computers using different AppleIDs. I hope they will still be selling the family packs to accommodate this situation.
The Mac isn't going anywhere until after the iDevices can be set up and maintained without a computer. Even then, it would likely be a few years before Macs are removed from the market. Personally, I think Macs will be with us for a long time. Many believe that the iPad will deliver another huge halo that translates into additional Mac sales - this is not something that Apple will leave on the table. Companies change their ad campaigns all the time; this is no different.
Using this logic, please explain the rationale for Adobe to spend money developing Flash for Linux and Solaris.
Verizon clearly has the better network overall and their recent advertising has really driven that point home. However, it will be interesting to see what impact a successful launch of these data devices will have on their network.
It's going to be fun watching the various hardware vendors whining how its competitors are treated better. This has the potential to get really ugly for MS.
Their hardware competitors are typically using those same factories. As for Microsoft calling attention to it, they will be simultaneously outing Dell and HP among others.
That definition comes from the Dictionary application - you know, the one included with every Macintosh computer. You can also find the definition in the online Merriam-Webster disctionary. Your explanation sounds duplicitous to me but I am sure you will find some other reason why it is appropriate for you to source from Wikipedia yet inappropriate for others. By the way, I am no fan of yours. You seem to live in a world where a half-full glass is almost empty. I try to...
This is too funny coming from the same person who, just a couple of days ago, chided another poster about sourcing from Wikipedia:http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...6&postcount=74
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