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Unfortunately, I think that Apple's loss would likely lead to Apple using hardware authentication with many controls in place (as you suggest, contracts). Maybe Apple increases the price of OSX upgrades to $400 and rebates some amount when you register that copy to a specific serial number. This is decidedly not the experience I wish to endure.
It is interesting to note that this situation grew out of Avid's and Adobe's indifference towards the Mac platform which required Apple, in a defensive move, to purchase Final Cut from Macromedia. Both Avid and Adobe did what they could to switch Mac users to their Windows software. It is hard to see how Apple, by offering a product that is perceived as better value, should be called to task for people choosing its solution.It sounds to me that your argument is with Alpine...
I'd like to see the ability to prioritize/turn off networks based on location. This could surely improve battery life.
I am also surprised by the estimate for Mexico. I am even more surprised by the estimate for Italy where, despite their love of cell phones, people complained quite loudly (including to the government) about the price of the iPhone. Maybe lust overcame people's anger and frustration. La dolce vita, indeed!
While I am certain that there is a great deal of redundancy (both geographical and network), I suspect that much, if not most, of this resides in Apple's Newark data center which they purchased in 2006.The complete story is at http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...t_for_mci.html
I am finding some further strangeness in the sync. For instance, it seems that if you add or delete a To-Do item on MobileMe, it will almost immediately update your Mac. But it seems to take a while when you modify an item on MobileMe and it also seems to sometimes not update the due date on the computer. I hope Apple gets all this sync stuff resolved soon. Also, where the heck is the "Share with" button in iDisk. I was really looking forward to this.
Although I would like to see improvements, I can live with the up-to-15 minute delay in syncing items from a computer to MobileMe. More troubling to me is that To-Do items created on a Mac (either in iCal or Mail) are not syncing to MobileMe. To-Do items created on MobileMe do sync to my Macs. Maybe they are still sorting things out but I hope this is addressed soon. I also hope they implement shared calendars (as in Google Calendars). I want to be able to let...
I am curious to see if Apple will be able to do single, once-a-year upgrades to iPhone hardware. The cell phone market seems to be on a brutal upgrade cycle and the iPhone's camera already suffers in comparison to many of its would-be competitors. I think that the fact that software can be easily updated buys Apple some extra time between hardware upgrades but think they may need to release new iPhones on something closer to a 6 month schedule.
I have no problem with the increased price of the data plan since it offers higher speed and is consistent with the data plans for other smartphones. But I do think that some number of SMS should be included with the iPhone because, unlike all other ATT smartphone offerings, a data plan is required with an iPhone purchase. This would be a reasonable trade-off for the required data plan.
Stop being so logical and methodical. It takes all the fun out of just bitching endlessly.
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