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Where in the keynote did Jobs guarantee that 3G would be universally available?One could make the argument that Apple is as much a victim as the complainant if the problem is that ATT overstated their 3G coverage in areas. Perhaps this is part of the reason that Apple must now rework the 3G iPhone firmware.Using your logic, Apple should be unwilling to sell the iPhone to anyone in Vermont, Nebraska, Idaho and countless other places because someone residing/working there...
Have you contacted Apple? ATT? Visited an Apple Store?
The economic injury is the part of the suit that seems to be overreaching to me. I can understand the monetary damage claims for the cost of the handset and, possibly, ATT service. Then again, I am no lawyer.
More like must avoid TV. I can only imagine the boring minutia that these kinds of suits entail.
I agree that there is a problem which Apple needs to address. And Apple has issued two updates to the firmware and Jobs promised yesterday that a further fix would be coming in September. Of course, the plaintiff and her attorneys (and, no doubt, other) had no way of knowing Apple's future plans because Apple has been silent. On the other hand, I can see where Apple's speedier acknowledgement of a problem would have seen countless more suits already filed.As is the case in...
That's not quite true. If the iPhone meets the performance standards but does "not perform at the same level as another 3G phone", it is simply not the best-performing phone. That hardly means it is failing.
I agree that Apple should be making refunds for those who request such. I think this announcement suggests that Eddy Cue has had the opportunity to assess the situation with MobileMe and has determined that it will be closer to 90 days before we see MobileMe working as advertised. From what has been said about Mr. Cue, this is very much his style - no quick fixes but a systematic approach that will deliver on Apple's promises.
Just got an email from Apple stating that they are extending MobileMe subscriptions an additional 60 days to compensate members for ongoing problems. Not as good as a fix but at least acknowledges the continuing problems.
So by this definition, the LG Dare and Samsung Instinct are marketed as cellphones rather than smartphones. I guess people like paying extra for a phone to just make calls.
I am not sure why you think that Apple is marketing this as a cellphone rather than a smartphone when the ads I've seen all highlight "surfing twice as fast", "finding your way twice as fast" and "downloading twice as fast". Were it not for the closing shot of accepting a call (without any corresponding voiceover), it would be easy to think this is just an internet device rather than a cellphone. Apple has thus far exerted little public effort to compete directly in the...
New Posts  All Forums: