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Stop being so logical and methodical. It takes all the fun out of just bitching endlessly.
Save yourself the long post - you already know that no amount of reasoning will convince him that he is wrong. He sees only price as the means to compete in the long term and fails to recognize that Apple's recent growth demonstrates that the market is not fully commoditized. He cannot understand that Apple is peeling off the 5% most profitable part of the market and has no clue about contribution margins (Apple's products are higher than the competition) and so he...
It is amazing that after all these months and the repeated explanation of how this works that some people refuse to accept the subscription accounting for what it is: an easy means for Apple to offer future upgrades for free which also happens to potentially stabilize the top line. It is not as if Apple is the first company to employ this accounting method and it certainly does not increase Apple's revenue for the products receiving this revenue treatment. In an ideal...
I think that delivering a much better Messenger and moving to 64-bit code is a given. But I will go out on a limb and guess that MS plans to bring IE back to the Mac. They may feel that they have ceded to much ground in the browser arena to both Firefox and Safari and may, in particular, see Safari on Windows as an encroachment they must respond to.
Yeah, buy 'em in bulk. I bet a stack of them would be great glued together to use as a table base!
Not sure why you think that - these custom chips can just be some form of hardware acceleration that a future version of the OS is looking to take advantage of.
I am not sure Apple would want to risk alienating so many current users; look how angry some are with the rumors that Snow Leopard will be Intel-only. I think if they could use custom silicon and software (maybe in some of the Core frameworks) to enhance performance on Apple products then they do not need to rely on hardware authentication - more a carrot rather than a stick. This would not punish existing owners but would add even greater benefit to buying a new machine....
I don't see Apple locking down their OS with DRM or activation. I do think they will likely use their purchase of PA Semi to include custom chips in their hardware which will make the OS run like crap in the absence of these chips. Of course, they would have to introduce these measures over time so as not to punish existing Mac owners.
But Psystar offers stellar enterprise-class suport. From their "About"page:Since the two principals are all of 24 and 22 years old, I wonder where the rest of that 30 years of combined experience comes from.
There has been no credible evidence that Psystar has an Apple connection. There was simply some speculation that might be the reason that Apple had not yet sued them.
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