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I agree that it makes sense to use the appropriate tool for whatever the task is. However, it seems to me that your beef is with MS and their decision to pull support for VB from the Mac version of Office. Fortunately, they seem to have seen the error of their ways but I will wait to pass judgment until I see what they actually offer up in the next version.
So your argument is that Vista can be very stable when backed up by an IT professional. How comforting for most folks. Just kidding, but it is not much of an endorsement to say that a very experienced user is unlikely to have problems.For better or worse, the "I'm a Mac" ad campaign has been very successful for Apple and Microsoft has, in fact, tried to replicate it by comparing Vista to something they feel it beats. It just happens they are not yet comfortable in...
Clive- There is no premium for the DRM-free iTunes Plus songs. All basic track offerings on iTunes cost 99 cent price whether or not they are protected by DRM. I am not sure what leverage you think Apple has over the record labels. Don't forget that this is an industry whose history is rife with stories of payola and bullying small merchants and they seem about as stupid as they are not easily intimidated. Jobs made his case for DRM-free music (regardless if there were...
Interesting that none of the photos show the device in profile. I wonder if this thing is a brick.
Yeah, right. Anyone with something that amounts to even one-eighth of a pea brain should be able to figure out that no one (not even a store manager) would be able to address any policy issue, let alone an issue which is beyond the scope of retail or warranty in any way. The media should report on the lack of reasoning skills demonstrated by these idiots whose motives are questionable and whose tactics make even Greenpeace look like laggards. Now, if they want to go and...
Unfortunately, I think that Apple's loss would likely lead to Apple using hardware authentication with many controls in place (as you suggest, contracts). Maybe Apple increases the price of OSX upgrades to $400 and rebates some amount when you register that copy to a specific serial number. This is decidedly not the experience I wish to endure.
It is interesting to note that this situation grew out of Avid's and Adobe's indifference towards the Mac platform which required Apple, in a defensive move, to purchase Final Cut from Macromedia. Both Avid and Adobe did what they could to switch Mac users to their Windows software. It is hard to see how Apple, by offering a product that is perceived as better value, should be called to task for people choosing its solution.It sounds to me that your argument is with Alpine...
I'd like to see the ability to prioritize/turn off networks based on location. This could surely improve battery life.
I am also surprised by the estimate for Mexico. I am even more surprised by the estimate for Italy where, despite their love of cell phones, people complained quite loudly (including to the government) about the price of the iPhone. Maybe lust overcame people's anger and frustration. La dolce vita, indeed!
While I am certain that there is a great deal of redundancy (both geographical and network), I suspect that much, if not most, of this resides in Apple's Newark data center which they purchased in 2006.The complete story is at http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...t_for_mci.html
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