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Interesting .. Very Interesting! I would love to hear more about this!
Man, can I get those stairs in my house!! Absolutely beautiful ...
All I know is that I'm excited!! The last two Apple products to be introduced or given a new look (the iPhone and the iMac) have both lived up with expectations. Now it is time for Apple to take a huge leap forward and update the item that jump started a revolution and put their company back on the map. Like I said all i know is I'm excited and the beat goes on!!
There is no question that I will be out infront of a AT&T store release day, whether that be the 11th, 15th, 20th, or whatever day it is rumored to be released! I also think that this is gonna be one of the hottest products to hit the market since sliced bread (well lets just say since the iPod). Anyway, my ONLY worry is when I look at my cheap phone that I currently have, it is all scratched up from me dropping it. Now with the cheap phone, it doesn't bother me too much....
New Posts  All Forums: