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I don't get Apple. In certain products they throw away all standard legacy ports. And then they turn around and offer Jay Blahnik with an obvious HDMI port for a mouth.
I believe Swift meant well (probably not just a publicity move) and the outcome is a good one for everyone. Apple responded well too. But, as I understand it, things were never so shocking, nor as bad for musicians, as she (and so many others) believed from reading that one phrase. Despite what has been repeated ad nauseam, it was NEVER musicians giving up their livelihood in some evil-greedy-Apple way: - The free-period terms were the SAME as with all the other...
When this works, it's awesome! Get a cardboard unit or spend a little more for plastic (any recommendations?) I went the cheapest route myself--hommade.    (Be warned--some VR apps are pre-V2 of Cardboard. They will work great with some headsets, not with others. Insidious is very distorted in my headset.)   Glad to see this taking off. An iPhone is no Oculus Rift... but it's better than you think.   And it is NOT anything like 3D TV. 3D TV is in front of you. VR is...
Clothing manufacturers, too. They help conceal weapons. And don't get me started on the companies getting rich and fat selling doors and locks that slow the police down when they need to search homes for evil doings!
I didn't know I wanted this until it was offered! Very good.
Apple never HAD dominance in the market of "ultra-cheap video players." That market is massively growing, and Apple doesn't want it. The market of app-platform tablets? I think Apple's doing just fine there. It's a market not growing as fast: the shift from PCs is slow (will never be 100%) and people keep their iPads a long time. But the tablets do more and cost more, and it's a market Apple created and wants to be in. Not all tablets are created equal. Look at market...
There are tons of problems with this service, but at least it's Quick. It says so right in the screenshot. Quick.
Students want cool headphones, but they want an education discount more! Good thing they get both, then...
I'm going to take a stand on this, one way or the other, with understanding the details!
Sounds like a long-haul concept, making touch ID work directly on the screen. But that's how big changes happen--start early!
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