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The nib might be replaceable just because it's a heavy-wear part. But I feel like I read something a while ago that the "texture" sensation is from the nib material rather than the surface. (Can't remember where, sorry.) Sounds like interesting engineering, whatever it is, considering that the screen still looks crisp and clear, unlike a Cintiq!
Apple patents a lot of stuff. Most they never intend to use.
TIP: Don't make cartoons reminding people of the weaknesses of your own products. Focus on the strengths and less the weaknesses be forgotten. P.S. Here's the iPad keyboard lineage as I understand it: 1. iOS is a touch OS which in which Apple included support for external keyboards for ages, even pre-iPad. 2. iPad 1--which had an Apple-brand keyboard accessory (also a charger) from day one. 3. Third-party iPad folios etc. that gave the iPad a keyboard cover. 4. Apple...
People want like they like%u2014that's fine. It's not for me though! Looks like a cross between a high-end watch and a makeshift wilderness tourniquet.
I'll happily trash Sorkin's statement/lie about China, and happily NOT trash his movie. If it's as entertaining as it sounds. (And that's enough: it doesn't have to be pure fact. It's not a documentary. And it doesn't have to be free of problems—few films are. I'm still interested in seeing imperfect films.)
When people with a lot of money want the masses to believe something, they know how to make it happen!
Apple is discontinuing their News app, and all other news apps have been pulled from the store: the truth contains content some users may find objectionable, and you never know when someone might want to install one of those apps without wanting to... or something... (Yeah, I know, the children killed by drones deserved it... or something... so we'd better not be aware of it. Always better to vote with less information.)
They know they'd be removed, and even THAT was all part of the planned publicity stunt for them! It also gave them an excuse to never fix bugs. Pure genius
Same here. Maybe the TV/movie part is what's new.
I wonder if Samsung is still rigging benchmarks by making their phones run faster (and burn more battery) during becnhmark tests than they can actually run for regular users. They got caught doing that once, and said it was an accident... and then did it again anyway! http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/1/4791354/samsung-rigging-benchmark-scores-galaxy-note-3 P.S. iOS 9 runs great on my 6 Plus.
New Posts  All Forums: