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It's a fine keyboard if you WANT one attached to a flappy cover all the time. For most of us, a plain old Bluetooth keyboard plus a stand (maybe a cover that IS a stand) makes more sense. And for cheaper. I'm planning to use a Magic Keyboard myself—thin and light, I liked the feel at the store, and it has the Fn key, which means it can do forward delete. Try THAT on a Smart Keyboard! And play/pause/skip keys to boot! I also would rather type with the screen laid back...
250 grams??? That's WELL within "toy" range. I don't want to have to register with the government to own a harmless toy that can't fly far, carry a payload, or do anything harmful that someone can't do worse by throwing a rock. In fact, it's much safer than R/C toy airplanes and helicopters that have existed for decades. Enough with the absurd moral panic. Naming an R/C toy a "drone" does not make it the same thing the military uses to kill people. I can see...
As a life-long Wacom fan (I have one before me right now), I will say that I always liked the IDEA of side-buttons and eraser end. The idea. But in practice, I've found both features super annoying. Tapping a tool is quicker than reversing the entire stylus in your hand, and besides, I'd rather have the precision point for ALL edits, including erasure. As for side buttons, they force you to be careful how you hold it, they don't feel good, and I hit them by mistake...
Thanks, AppleInsider, for telling me this isn't "overtly sexist." Except it is... (I know some people weep salty tears for anyone who says something offensive. Don't worry. Jimmy--and Apple--will survive. Even if--the horror!--sexism gets discussed instead of ignored.)
I am on track to purchase upwards of zero, but falling short of expectations in the two range.
They'll keep sharing technologies and benefits, and in the very long term touch will be more commonplace than mice. But trucks will keep on being trucks! I do think A-series Macs will likely come eventually, if Intel doesn't pull it together on performance per power consumption. It would be an ugly transition, but Apple has helped us through that same transition twice already.
Supplies of the iPhone 5s were initially constrained by limits on the number of TouchID sensors that could be made. Yet people are somehow positive that "cheapness" is the reason to not use the new component in every iOS device? You're certain of these supply chain details are you?
Apple simply needs to make each phone using 1/3 parts from each of 20 countries, and then anyone can buy one!
I'd want this on my iPad MORE than on my iPhone. Hope Apple enables it.
While so many in tech circles are continuing the old cries of "you HAVE to have a 1990s-style computer, an iPad is right for NOBODY!"... more and more actual people have already switched to iPad, and the more size options there are, the faster that will keep happening. As Benedict Evans recently pointed out, every new class of computing is derided as a toy, even as it slowly takes the place of what came before.
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