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He probably bought one for himself and one for someone else--or borrowed one from someone else. Then put them on a dog for a funny photo set. Maybe even poking fun at showy rich people (or he may be one himself). But I doubt it's LITERALLY buying watches for a dog. Another surprise: that cat playing the piano is just for fun. He doesn't really play the piano.
 To fill in the blank: Mac OS X (if you've only used an iPad, trust me: OS X is a different animal, and great for different things; with a cursor-based UI instead of raising your arm awkwardly to touch). And I have bad news: the need to combine "portability" with "lots of cords all at once" is only going to diminish in future. Those days are not returning. On the bright side: as we move towards our wireless future, hubs and docks--and different laptop models for different...
Sure, Google can finally add OS support. That doesn't mean each HARDWARE company will be on board, and it doesn't mean each developer's APP will be on board. Why support TouchID in an iOS app? Because a vast number of users--converging on 100%--have it. Can't say the same for Android. Hardware and software glommed together from multiple different parties is not a problem with a solution. Meanwhile, I just read about erased Android devices--even newer ones with...
That's pretty low, Adobe--it wasn't cheap! And I thought it was a very nice app. (Not the kind of thing you'd use instead of a laptop, but great in a pinch when you have no laptop. And great as a companion to other iPad art apps--for art/drawing you'd never dream of doing on a bulky laptop.) Pixelmator and Procreate to the rescue! (I feel bad for Android users: it was a nice app, and they have slim pickings for an alternative!)
Apple patents anything they invent, regardless of intent to use it, in case it becomes important some day. Stylus patents do mean something--they indicate an interest in the topic by Apple--but people shouldn't hope (or fear) for specific features that show up in a patent. I hope they do ship an optional stylus though, or else better support for a new class of more advanced 3rd-party ones. I know artists who couldn't give up their iPad art apps, but would love better...
Just yesterday I was telling someone that I wanted one but was waiting to see if a second gen added anything I'd want. Glad the company overheard me!
The Developer Kit runs decently on my 2011 MacBook Air! (Not the titles with highest detail.) This is too bad--I am developing an Oculus Rift game. On Mac. Then again, my Developer Kit is already supported, and that's what I'll be developing with, so maybe late support for the consumer release won't affect my game's development.
One article:http://************/2015/04/27/siri-backend-mesos/ (I see AI doesn't allow linking to other Mac sites. You'll have to Google it, when you get home from your 9 to 5 job.)
Obamacare is no better or worse "for me" than my old healthcare.... it's just MASSIVELY easier on my wallet! The fraction of my income going to healthcare was insane. Not anymore. The estimate on the gov't web site was way high as it turned out--my bill ended up lower, and benefits higher, than the estimate. And to think I saw the estimate and almost didn't bother applying. I was also turned down for health care because I got a skull fracture in a mugging. I was insured...
Aerial cam, plus local audio recording--sounds really useful, actually.
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