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OK, sounds like reasonable component of a plan, but... A) Is it two $10k scholarships per minute? Or just two, period? Speaking as a white male who has had plenty of childhood AND career advantages from my race (and where that race put me to grow up) ALONE... two is not much to level things out. B) It would suck to be an Aboriginal Australian kid.
"We are deeply conscious of fashion, and this giant sharp-edged arm-brick avoids it at all costs. We've used scratch-resistant sapphire to insure pristine transparent fragments when it shatters on the edge of a door. Until that happens, you can enjoy our lower-than-centered display, which brings awkwardness akin to the Moto360's flat-tire edge to a whole new shape we like to call: the Rectangle!" Seriously--companies have been running WAY too hard chasing Apple rumors!...
BREAKING NEWS: Price Unknown for Unknown Product JUST IN: Commenters Commenting on Price Being Too High or Low for Unknown Product
Since ergonomic keyboards sometimes tilt AWAY from the user, I've assumed that's the best angle (as long as a wrist rest is involved). So I never understood why it's good to make a flat keyboard tilt the wrong way, towards you (making the laptop wrist rest less useful in the process). I know many of us have habits from typewriter-inspired tilted desktop keyboards, but is it truly ergonomic to prolong that habit? I can see people might WANT their laptop to match their...
Screen always visible (without weird twitches or gestures) or not? Battery life for days, or not? If those don't have good answers, then chasing the "watch" concept is barking up the wrong tree. Still, throw enough stuff at the wall, and a some of it will be right for some small segment out there. At least it looks watch-like! Motorola failed in that attempt.
Ha! The music photo actually made me wonder if Android's latency nightmare was over, and actual music production was now possible. But she's just amplifying "psychic energy" by drawing while standing NEAR music equipment? Android's music capability may be minimal, but being NEAR irrelevant music gear is within its power.
Prompt only happens sometimes? Apple's fault. Easy to fix.
Wow, that white line on the last graph is brutal. This (and lack of app spending on Android) is why I'm finishing up my game for iOS and then will start throwing my spare time (darned day job!) right at my next game idea%u2014instead of throwing that time toward porting--or answering support requests!--for Android. I'd like to dabble in Android development some time, but the nature of that market has to change first. I could be waiting a while...
John Gruber linked to the instructions for reporting iMessage spam. Suffice it to say, that process needs to be made A LOT simpler unless Apple can contain this in a more automated way. I've never gotten iMessage spam, but it's clear that some people have started to, and I don't want to see it grow. I hope Apple steps up before the problem really balloons, not after.
Apple's not going to want to set the customer of deleting/disabling (potentially even paid-for) stuff from user's devices based on some specific demand from an individual government%u2014or, next, from anyone with a lawyer. They'll take stuff off the store, and they'll disable malware, but messing with users beyond that is NOT what they want. If they have any other recourse they'll take it, because that opens a huge can of worms.
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