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 Not a chance: it will cost less than a smartphone (remember the unsubsidized true price) and not everyone will want it enough to buy it. It's GOOD for them, and they should want it. I would want it! Many people will... but everyone wants to communicate and do all the other things an iPhone puts in your pocket. (Camera, phone, email, web, social media, games, navigation, weather, creativity, a zillion special-purpose apps... a computer in your pocket!) A health monitor (or...
I can't speak to the "current range" or specific time frames, and I'm sure Apple will be a success for a very long time to come--both in terms of income and user satisfaction (the latter meaning the most to me). They'll also have some big product hits and some "flops" (just like under Jobs--although an Apple hardware "flop" is a success most companies would kill to have). BUT... I'm certain that Apple's iPhone-spurred profit growth will never be repeated. Smartphones, as...
Macs going ARM is an absurd idea. So Intel (and AMD?) will have a long future with Apple. Intel may or may not ever get big in mobile; but a (limited) market for high-power desktops will remain in some form.
Good. Keep the ads value lower (not zero, just less) but keep my privacy too. Apple doesn't depend on selling personal info."aggregated, non-personally identifiable information" is pseudo-comforting language, carefully chosen to placate if you don't think too hard about it or follow the money.Google is forming detailed profiles on you and every user they can. They may identify you with a number, username, email address and YouTube name, rather than your real name (which...
Apple will make up their sorry lack of profit soon, by digging into the gold mine of netbooks.
Anti-Apple Headline Service: "Android Sees Significant Daytime Usage; iPad Usage in Freefall Night After Night"
Steve WOULD have done this.
I'm glad my D700 work machine will also be able to play games better--in ANY OS--than I've ever had them before. (I'm a 1st-person shooter fan but have never felt like spending the money on either high-end detail nor dual machines--or even dual OS's. I wanted them! But not enough to pay. I think the time has come.) Booting into Windows is pretty unacceptable--I like my stuff in one place, and I'd rather maintain one OS than two. But since I may need a Windows setup to...
They were both talking about MEMS. See the article above.
Neat idea! Scientific crowd-sourcing of not just computing power (like Folding@Home) but human brainpower. Hope it succeeds and is emulated in other fields!
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