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But is it Pentile?
Considering my 2-year-old iPhone 5 still feels fast, the 5S remains a great option for many people. I'm going big (6 ) just to try it out, but I doubt we've seen the last 4" iPhone from Apple. They'll observe what people want, and if they still want 4", they'll get it. This year didn't see a whole new one (no need yet) but I believe entirely new 4" iPhones will keep appearing in future years. I will miss one-handed use. But you can still do a lot one-handed. Even on the...
Oh no! I can only hang a 90 pound weight from my iPhone 6 Plus! I wish I had chosen that Sumsung, because the weight I wanted to hang is heavier than 90 pounds! Meanwhile there are a zillion other ways to apply stress and damage to a phone. Some of them will benefit from non-crackable metal. Almost ALL of them worry more than applying a bend equal to my own weight! And repeating the same test will vary. How widely? You'd need to break a LOT of each phone to give that...
Should be pro-rated for amount of time in the foreground--but you have a sense of that anyway.
We would all be safer if the government inspected our homes twice daily and made notes on suspicious behavior. That WOULD prevent some murders--including murders of children. I'd hate to have to tell people "we couldn't save that kid" because the police were not able to search all homes daily. Build a case against criminals. Want to bug their house? Get a warrant. Want to see their financial records? Get a warrant. The fact that privacy is sometimes possible doesn't mean...
I basically never let my battery run out fully* so this setting is irrelevant UNTIL it gets stolen. So yes, I'll be using this feature! (* Unless I'm calibrating it. Which I'm glad I just did: I thought my 2-year-old iPhone 5's battery was noticeably weaker than when I bought it, and then I tried to run it down... it ran for AGES at 5%, making phone calls and downloads and even sitting with the lamp on! Turns out my battery life is much better than I thought, but the %...
Yes, Apple should have addressed this sooner than they did. They get no pass on that. But: there is no evidence tying this to the recent celebrity photos hack. Those photos were taken from MANY sources, not just Apple, over a long period of time, and using OTHER methods. There was no single "event" other than the mass "leak" of photos BY the criminals who already had them. But that's not as nice a headline.
So stupid. The drink is over full, so the turkey just storms out and runs away? Just drink a little off the top! Or heck, ask for a new one! Stupid spoiled brat turkeys. So sick of 'em.
Better through iTunes than OTA? In other news, it's refreshing to see an Apple scandal with real evidence behind it for once! Hope it's resolved quickly.
I see they've switched from copying the 6-year-old design of the second iPhone, and moved on to copying the 4-year-old styling of the iPhone 4. We should see their iPhone 6 knock-off shells appear in 2018 to 2020, then.
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