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They Need to Get Rid of Tim Cook%u2122
I don't think that's where you want to go, Samsung My Samsung-loving friends are constantly without any phone at all because their battery is dead. They are always hauling (or forgetting!) car chargers, wall charges, cords, and external battery packs. The latest iOS 7 has brought spells (a few days long before the problem goes away for a few weeks) where my iPhone drains faster than it used to. Apple should (and can) fix that. But even on those worst days, I can keep...
When a cheap, plasticky, iPhone-3G-ripoff Samsung design creaks and flexes, it just means you're holding it wrong.
A "rich roadmap" of rapid charges to your credit card, "doubling down" on intrusive system add-ons and customer data breaches. Well... fingers crossed that either Lightroom or Photos will turn out to be a good deal and a good alternative!
Features you love will be removed. Then they will be added back in. Advice to Aperture users: 1. Take a deep breath. 2. Send feedback to apple.com/feedback once Photos is out, telling them which missing Aperture features (if any) are important to you. 3. Keep using Aperture until Photos can meet your needs. Aperture still exists. 4. I hear good things about Lightroom. Which is surreal to me, since everything I have personally experienced from Adobe in recent years...
If they can't make enough of a part to put it in the mainstream iPhone, then it simply can't (yet) be done. That's no reason to omit it from a higher model. But PLEASE don't keep increasing the megapixels. It doesn't help image quality, and it's terrible for wasting storage and bandwidth and processing speed.
Let me guess: because Apple only has 8" and 10" tablets, 9" is "innovation" I know that screen size is considered innovation in the Android world
Good for Kanye shinging a light on these evil deeds. A few obvious points: 1. Bartering is a moral wrong. It says so in the Bible. Or... something. Also, paying in cash is a moral wrong if the last digit is a 4. And artists should be paid on a Monday or a Tuesday. There are right ways and wrong ways to pay people. Apple should know these rules. 2. What's worse than bartering? Coercion! These artists were clearly FORCED to perform against their will. They did not like the...
Judging by the Surace line that DID ship, the Surface Mini would have been about three inches thick... with an optional added-cost keyboard that isn't as nice as the real laptop-style keys found in the Logitech iPad covers that Mictosoft copied.
Swipe seems like it may tolerate inaccuracy better than the default. If so (and realzing that I've only seen OTHER people use it) then that could make it better. It may not be the swiping per se? (Swiping has more friction than air, after all.)
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