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Judging by the Surace line that DID ship, the Surface Mini would have been about three inches thick... with an optional added-cost keyboard that isn't as nice as the real laptop-style keys found in the Logitech iPad covers that Mictosoft copied.
Swipe seems like it may tolerate inaccuracy better than the default. If so (and realzing that I've only seen OTHER people use it) then that could make it better. It may not be the swiping per se? (Swiping has more friction than air, after all.)
I've been awaiting some info from deep inside Apple's secret workings. Thanks, Kanye! Now we know that one single petty factor against rival Samsung drive this whole massive deal...?
 No, you can't. You can make a negative of the whole screen--which gives you black menus, along with messed up video, photos, graphics you're working on, icons, album art, games, Finder tags, wallpaper.... every aspect of color on the whole system. Now we can have a dark theme for the UI without messing up non-UI elements. Looking forward to it! 
As a non-primary-yellow non-spherical person, Emoji have really let me down. Insult to injury: I am also a businessman who cannot levitate.
I'm ready for some "drone paranoia" about spying on people, "in the hands of terrorists," etc.... Even though consumer drones have very short ranges, can't deliver a payload as well as you could simply throw it, can only sneak up on people who have neither hearing nor vision, and are easier to control--and thus less dangerous--than the flammable fuel-filled RC aircraft people have enjoyed for ages.
I imagine they'll eventually ask for (and might receive) the source code, allowing the app to survive as a piece of history forever if the money is there to keep porting it. If not, they will have to display videos of it eventually.
Wow--I'm amazed at the reported results. Makes me want a more generalized sensor (of which I believe several have been proposed) to analyze more than just liquids; more than just foods, even. "What kind of wood is this?" "What kind of paint?" "What's the fat content in this dog treat?" "Is this vegan?" "Is this made from wheat?" As prices drops to $100 and below, personal molecular sensors (or whatever?) will be well worth it! I don't want to track beverages, though. I...
Don't forget to contact Apple's business division even if you're a one-person operation: if you spend over $5k there's a discount to ask about. And I think it's $5k in one year, even if not on a single order--but I'm not certain. Anyway, a Mac Pro can easily cost over $5k. (And still cheaper than those GPUs alone!)
Please, Apple, before you ship this, provide a way to turn off the salsa music without a .plist hack.
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