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Could just be for the mapping effort. Sounds likely to me.
What's the real-world battery life like on those beasts? Apple tends to make ACCURATE battery life claims, or even under-promise. And what OS do they run? Cherry-picking specs sounds like desperation...
Tried it yesterday at a store that's not on any list. It worked fine. (There was an NFC "signal bars" logo.) "Accepting Apple Pay" doesn't mean much it seems--it only means "willing to say so for marketing reasons."
Apple should send out merchant decals. But not for 6 months or more: people first need to understand that specific "support" for Apple Pay is NOT required. The NFC logo (even if displayed only on the terminal's screen) is all you need to look for. I finally got to try Apple Pay--my little local bank jumped aboard--and it's even easier than I thought! No need to wake the phone, tap the screen, or click a single button. And near-instant, with solid on-screen...
Apple's only exploring the idea--but seriously enough, it seems, that I am intrigued! Somebody has to drag the auto industry into the future. Auto show concept cars and Elon Musk are a start, but so far not enough. A new entrant (ANY new entrant) would be welcome. I'd welcome a Google car as well; self-driving or not! (I'd prefer it be self-driving, but I'm skeptical on that happening any time soon.) P.S. I bet we're going to keep seeing the unrelated photo of the Apple...
I was able to activate Apple Pay with no extra verifcation or steps at all. It was very easy--but since you only activate a card ONCE, I think the bank should definitely require more verification. It's not that hard to answer a call or something. Anyway, glad to finally have my little local bank (or at least, their credit card partner) on board with Apple Pay. Used it for the first time this weekend, and it's all it's cracked up to be!
Apple was able to do NFC right, privately and securely and easily, and make it take off. I don't think even Apple could make QR code payments a success!
Decent subs... not so sure how I feel about the fake dogskin tabletops...
"German investment firm Berenberg predicts continued success for Apple; and therefore pretends to predict doom to manipulate the price in the short term"
You can be sure the U.S. has made multiple efforts towards that--and towards simply keeping back doors for future use. I agree they have probably failed in Apple's case. But is "probably" good enough for a foreign government? I'm appalled by China's Internet policies, but it's also hard not to see a concern re any US or UK company.Surely people can see that our own government shares at least SOME of the blame here.
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