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 Even if that happened, there could still be a record of who used that number in that instance (you, not the next person). But a 16-digit number (assuming they go no higher than that) is 100 quadrillion possibilities. That's around 1.4 million codes for every human on Earth, including babies and those who only use cash or animal pelts.
Good! There's a huge problem, one we're so close in the middle of it can be hard to see just how big it is. And there are people who want the problem to continue so they don't have to think about it, or because someone told them that it's "feminism" and evil, despite not knowing what the word actually means. Luckily, there are other people actually working to reduce the problem! Good for Apple.
Seems like those tests overlap. Siri vs. composing messages... what about composing messages WITH Siri? Which things is Siri most suited for? Maybe "updating Facebook" is not the most useful test! But whatever you do is less safe than you think. Pull over!
HP, you promised me a hideous blue-gray iPod. You did not deliver. I will not fall for your hollow promises again!
I'll take speed, accurate colors and better sunlight visibility, over garish OLED colors and perfect blacks that never matter for readability and can only be seen in dim light
Classic Mac OS, OS 9 and prior, had viruses. The real deal, spreading on their own. The ones my workplace ran into were spread by CD and floppy.   Mac OS X is based on NeXT's OS (UNIX), and has been around for a decade and a half. Classic Mac OS is irrelevant to any present-day discussion.   Claims that Macs have no successful self-spreading malware (call it "worm," or "virus") in the real world (occasionally in a lab, or small environment, yes) are true, IF you limit...
So, I'm trying to remember... was DRM the music labels' demand, or Apple's demand? Hmmm... oh, right! Apple opposed DRM and the music labels demanded it! Until they finally gave in (first to Amazon, to snub Apple, and then they let Apple escape the DRM too). I'm glad Apple won and we have DRM-free music now. Tracks from iTunes will play on anything that handles an MP4.
I thought: finally, the first real OS X worm! It spreads on its own! Except... the article says nothing about how it gets on your machine. A "worm" is SELF-spreading malware. IF this just a trojan--(essentially, simply a lie--which every OS will always be vulnerable to)—then this is just the latest Mac FUD False Alarm. In which case, naming the trojan with "worm" in the name does not a worm make. I could release a word processor called "WormWrite" but that wouldn't mean...
I like how the media nearly ignores REAL Apple failings (bugs)--it reports them, but they get no lasting attention beyond a few tech-niche blogs and podcasts. But fictions like "iPhones bend in your pocket!!!1!" and "celebrity photos stolen from Android phones are still Apple's fault!!" echo forever and seep into the public consciousness... That said, I'm not sure these recent bugs are TRULY on some whole other level from what other companies--and Apple themselves--have...
And then we have Samsung (repeatedly, even after being caught) rigging their devices to deliver false benchmark results when tested! And sustained performance over time, which I never thought about until Apple's graph, is a real thing too, but rarely published in benchmarks.
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