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I wouldn't bother myself (and I like my parallax!) but I'll admit, it's a clever hack!
This gets them a (soon to be obsolete) data transmission technology. Now all they need are: - A biometric technology - A secure enclave - A tokenization technology - User-facing software technology If they get all that together, and it works AS well as Apple Pay (speed, convenience, security), they've really got something! Then they can switch to NFC later.
My (small) bank isn't listed, but their credit card partner IS LISTED. Check the fine print on the back of your card--it may be supported after all! (My bank's CC partner actually has two different names, stated in two different places on the back of the card.) My card was rejected, but I'll try again later today/tomorrow if it's only just rolling out. I was able to get almost to the end of the process, which wasn't true previously.
 You misunderstand the article. Apple DOES give you the choice. By default, you have privacy from the government. Have a business rival with a powerful friend? Too bad--she can bypass normal warrants and courts, and ignore the Constitution—but she still can't get your private photos. Have a charity that frightens some big business? Well, they can classify you as a terrorist, but they can't read your iMessages to your children. If you want to CHOOSE not to have privacy, you...
They may as well just include "Jailbreak your iPhone" as step one of a malware campaign.
Street View is awful. You jump from node to blurry, lens-flared, slow-loading node in the most tedious way possible. You think you'll be able to read street-level signs, but the one you want is rarely readable. If Apple's Flyover, with it's fast, smooth-scrolling 3D, no constant re-loading of the same street, and no special "mode" you must enter, can be brought a bit lower down to the street, now that would be the best of both worlds! It's already more useful than Street...
Just keeps buffering... Quote: Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post Ugh...I hate this. It'd be easier if the moronic internet companies would behave responsibly. That being said, I don't want the government involved either. Anyone who thinks it will improve, look at cell phone companies and tell me that government regulation helps. Question: are ALL things in the world better with corporations able to freely do anything, unfettered by anything? Or only SOME...
Please, won't someone think of the poor corporations!
This isn't a successful product, but it's a start and you have to start somewhere. (Well, maybe that was Oculus Rift or the various early AR apps for iPhone.) This won't be an every day consumer thing, but it WILL be worth having for specialized workplace uses. A niche, but potentially a valuable one. Forget the misleading demos--there's still something here.
Beware of Dells. I used to recommend a Mac plus Dell display, but not anymore. 4k at 24" is terrific retina resolution, and my Dell UP2414Q has great color as well. But it's otherwise badly made. Hairs in between the layers, beat-up refurbs for warranty, awful backlight glow, unreliable and awkward controls... and half the time it won't even stay awake (which may be Apple's fault?)... I wish there were a better standalone retina display. I wish Apple made a 4k 24"...
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