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This worries me a lot, because I carry my phone in my front pocket, which contains VERY strong and evil-intentioned thumbs. I need new pants.
Corporations pay big money to tell you to believe science and evidence don't matter. After all, those corporations are run by rich people who want to be richer, right now, by the easiest path.
Apple's best move is to funnel iPhone 6 Plus units directly to the lucrative Nagromme market. Once that market is saurated (very-low-single-digit sales volume), then and only then should they begin shipments to China and other markets.
Shazam is an app I almost NEVER use... but when I do I want it badly and I want it fast! It doesn't earn a place on my Home Screen page 1, nor my Dock, and I end up forgetting where I put it and doing a Spotlight search. Siri seems like a good way to have this function at the ready, quickly, without having to hunt.
I like this change: I let WAY too many images pile up in my Camera Roll, AND I often go back to find one again in the endless sea of past images. So, a little "temporary auto-organization" may be just the ticket!
Small correction: "Still, critics have claimed [SINCE 1976] that the company has lost its knack for innovating in a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry."
 I agree--I'd have to REALLY trust a company first (and that could happen eventually) before allowing "full access." But that's not ALL add-on keyboards. I'd like a list of those that do NOT require "full access." Those are the ones I'll be looking at. I know full access allows cloud AI and other legitimate things, but it's not worth it to me--not for simply customizing my keyboard.
"Nervous mocking" sounds like a loaded pro-Apple slant on these companies' materials. But it's actually clearly dead on. (I also can't help noting what a bunch of face-touchers those Apple Watch users are.)
 A) Because Apple specifically said so: "None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud® or Find my iPhone." Apple could be lying (or further cases could be discovered from this bottomless well of criminal photo trading). But the story going out is that it WAS a breach of iCloud, and was carried out using the former Find My iPhone rate-limiting flaw. Apple would be stupid to lie when other security researchers...
What's the percent breakdown? How many of these celebrity photos were stolen from iCloud vs. Android vs. Picasa vs. Dropbox vs. Microsoft vs. Flickr vs. others? All I've seen is people falsely pretending it was Apple-specific. And we know the Find my iPhone rate-limiting flaw (recently patched) was NOT involved. We also know the photo thefts were not one single "leak" event at all, but years of work by a criminal network. (The "leak" was someone letting the...
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