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Translation: the bottom end of the market (even in the US) is the biggest end, and the slowest to saturate. Not the end with the best user experience, the best profits, or the greatest sales of developers' creations--but the end with the biggest unit volume. Common sense! If market share is a measure you find useful in some way, and if you feel that Android-all-lumped-together is equal to Apple in some meaningful sense, there is no way things could have progressed much...
No mention of a big problem with SD storage for most users (not we tech-savvy forum goers): you then have to MANAGE that multi-segment storage. Android's strength (for a few) is also its weakness (for many): it's more like an old-style PC.
"Opt in" is fine. But that too could change... to "opt out" or "no choice."
For anything nearby (interiors) it's important that pano shots rotate the camera around the actual CAMERA. This device keeps the camera well off-center, which would be a deal-breaker for me.
"Apple may make certain personal information available to strategic partners that work with Apple to provide products and services, or that help Apple market to customers." THAT is "proof" of "selling" info? (Obviously not the business Apple is in.)
Annecdotally: my friend has been through FOUR of these! All for GPU issues I think, but with slightly varied symptoms. Thankfully she has AppleCare. (Or maybe Apple would have covered her anyway for this known issue? They certainly should.)
DeWitt's article is worth a read--I had no idea how absurd this was. http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/01/15/apple-ftc-kid-apps/ Note the last paragraph about law firm QE: "Fun fact: Before she was appointed to the FTC, Chairwoman Ramirez was a partner in the Los Angeles office of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan." Rattyuk's post on the article explains that: "Let's spell it out. QE are both Samsung and Google's lawyers used extensively against Apple." So the FTC...
The GB obviously includes WiFi or something is screwy. (And if actual usage matters, rather than the carriers, then looking at ALL mobile device data makes sense--even if you're at a hotspot.) I have the pro-Google headline all worked out for the media to use: "Dark Clouds Over Cupertino: Twice as Many Android Handset Makers as iPhone Makers Gain Users."
Yet another "wireless" solution... that still has a big 'ol WIRE! At least you can theoretically hide the wire in this case. But what does it really save you? The labor of plugging/unplugging? That's worth something to me--but not much.
Average RATINGS have equalized... and we're supposed to take that to mean something about quality? In other words, 4 stars on the App Store means exactly the same thing as 4 stars on Google Play, EVEN when the apps in question are entirely different? And this star number, furthermore, is a clear indicator of "quality" and "experience"? That's so absurd that even Piper Jaffray must know it. They don't even believe their own report. They can't possibly.
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