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It's the cheapest retina Mac, and the compromises are ones that won't matter in real-world use for most people (and note that most people wont frequent tech forums either). It also has an amazing trackpad. I'd say it is the BEST choice for most people. 60%? If the price of retina is too high, or your "portable" computing involves lots of cords hanging off, then an Air is a fine choice too. And if you need Pro performance, you know where to find that... But I'm a pro...
I know a few people (pretend to?) love to shed salty tears for the poor, harmless corporations who just want to assert their God-given rights over mere people, but Time-Warner is bad enough without joining an even worse company to be an even bigger monopoly! I was getting ready to leave T-W, and the other options here are pretty bad. I'd love not to have to.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that alcohol abuse was behind the violence, much more than whatever topic was at hand to argue over. I've heard of people getting violent over SPORTS--which have zero effect on you, unlike your pocket computing device. If people can get worked up over a topic that trivial, they can get worked up over anything. Add legal drugs abuse and a personality clash and watch the fireworks.
With Pearson being a subcontractor of Apple, it is indeed Apple's job to respond: it's not Apple's fault directly, but it IS Apple's fault indirectly. (And Apple could go after Pearson themselves, if necessary.) P.S. In one of my area schools, a bunch of badly-needed iPads%u2014already equipped with the software the students and teachers need and are familiar with%u2014are locked up in a closet because the teachers who need them are being punished by the union. So the...
I expect Apple to will choose to work with them, even though Apple wasn't the problem. I do not expect Apple to foot the entire bill. And I do not expect Apple to work with Pearsons again....
Spend enough money, and you can get people to vote against their own interests Wealth plus dishonesty is powerful indeed! Throw in some emotional buzzwords, and you can control your supporters without requiring them to even think
 That survey would show what people HAVE to use, not what they WANT to use; and it would show info on the present state, not looking forward to future intentions. Might be interesting too, but for very different purposes. (At one point, around 100% of iOS developers would have been using WebKit. Interesting, but not a prediction of what they really wanted, nor what the future would hold.)
 True--but business are going to have to shift to new terminal hardware to avoid liability costs anyway, and those new terminals will often have NFC. Then it's just a matter of where they choose to place the new card reader: near the customer for security and convenience (one less task for the surly receptionist on a power trip), or near the receptionist for pure tradition.
One day drones will pick us up at our homes and take us to Amazon warehouses to get our online purchases.
They say they will roll out in the coming months in "ONE U.S. market," with availability determined by "consumer population." Translation: "Between now and November, we hope to begin a rollout in the Okenfenokee market."
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