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Rift was the first to solve latency, and other issues too, I believe. (And the Rift works! Even the low res developer version is something to be experienced--but some game types work better than others.) First, maybe--but not the last! As a Mac gamer I'm more interested in the Rift than a PS4, but I'm happy to see VR take off in any way it can, after far too many years of waiting for it to work right.
Really cool. I'm happy with my AR.drone for the price, but it's neat seeing higher end options!
There's room for both, because iOS is aimed at being new and better: tossing out assumptions to make an easier-to-use, more productive platform than traditional PCs. But Android is aimed at being more like traditional PCs: hackable, moddable, yes--all good things for some--but also harder to use, more complex, easier to attack, and harder to develop for profitably. Each has different pluses and minuses. Moddability will always have appeal, and a free OS given away to...
In some ways, yes, that's always an option (it's what I do with my iPhone) but CarPlay is better--and SAFER--in others: - Driver-centric simpler controls, aimed to require minimum attention and minimum dexterity (this is the biggest thing) - Support for the car's own unique knobs and buttons to control apps, not just the touchscreen (and not just music/audio); scrolling for instance - No need to carry your iPad everywhere! And protect it from theft and temperatures. (Not...
Just goes to show: Apple can't do web services as reliably as Google can!
In technology, the word "targeted" has a different and more specific meaning: malware written and successfully deployed for Android is truly intended specifically for that purpose, and will not run on iOS. It's like any other app/software in that regard. Not a vague concept but a concrete one that has real-world statistics and incidents attached. (See my links above and countless similar data points.)
I know! He should have linked to actual data, which is easy to...
I blame parents for punching in a credit card number, not stopping to think about whether they themselves even understand the system, and then handing an Internet-connected device to small children unsupervised. That said, anyone can make a mistake, and a change to reduce mistakes is a good change. Necessary? Well, how many other mistakes can one make with an Internet device and Apple services? Should Apple warn you if you enter a phone number into a web form to "be sure...
Updates through Play services can't fix stuff OUTSIDE of Play services. The handset vendor is still needed then--but instead, they abandon their devices and push the next one!
Less likely to REPORT broken phones. That phrasing is key. Until we stop shaming phone-breakers, these incidents will continue to go unreported.
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