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Plus, embedded Linux absolutely trounces OS X when it comes to microwave ovens.
  Thanks for the tips, although I won't actually be swapping drives internal vs. external. I'll keep an eye open for what can officially be done, and make do with the best I can!   (I'll probably use USB3.)
  Thanks. But I mean really boot the Mac (Boot Camp) from Windows 8 on a partition of an external drive. Maybe a dedicated drive if need be. (And then use either VMWare or Parallels to run that same Windows installation virtually for most tasks--the ones not needing max performance.)   I'll probably keep my old (relatively small) VMWare XP on the internal drive for IE7 web testing (yuck), but I also want to start doing more testing using Windows 8 and newer IE. But what a...
We've all wanted to move to China after a bad breakup. But sleep on it! Tomorrow is another day.
That's pretty sweet--I like the Mutant Pig-Man shooting video of a nuclear strike, and then of a Mutant Eyeless Cave Dweller.
I use VMWare now but would consider switching instead of upgrading to the latest VMWare. The feature I really want to hear about: which one works better with Boot Camp? I don't like to reboot my Mac and give up my apps, bookmarks, etc., and wouldn't do it often, but if one of the two will officially let me do that and works well, that would be a nice tie-breaker feature. Better yet would be official support for booting Windows from an external drive, saving space on my...
I take the delay seriously, but... "an attacker must already be logged in to a Mac with administrator privileges and have run sudo at least once before" I'm actually OK with that one waiting for Mavericks or beyond!
Macs at the iPhone event? "Still" a possibility? When did that idea ever make any sense?
Remember folks, Apple is always evil, and you don't need to use your brain when a knee-jerk will do!     Remember when Apple tradmarked "AirPort" for WiFi products and the sky didn't fall? We can even still build airports! That's similar to how the sky won't fall due to some product/feature called StartUp.   Remember how we all can still buy apple pies, apple cider, and even apples, even though Apple trademarked "Apple"? People can still talk about burying time capsules...
Apple creates a product category, and thus has 100% of it. If anyone sells even one unit in that category later on, that 100% has to drop. And they'll probably, all together, sell a lot more then that (several hundred, even). Falling market share is inevitable. Does it spell doom? Of course it does
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