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I eyed one of these for ages... a fun toy, but worth the price? No regrets! It really is fun to fly, with the 2 different modes. Relative mode especially. The camera stuff is more for fun than for top quality--and I'm OK with that. You can still get some neat shots/movies. I'm too chicken to fly it very high, though. Or indoors for that matter!
JP Morgan sees us riding robot dinosaurs to work, too. It all makes sense if you're as smart as they are. Quote: Originally Posted by snova View Post I'd buy a 12-13" ARM based rMBA. For extreme horsepower needs I'll use my rMBP 15". Don't need to lower price of the MBA to get my attention. Happy to trade x86 for ARM and Retina at the current price and battery levels. What apps would you run on it? If iPad apps, then choose your favorite iPad keyboard and go! If OS X...
What amazes me is that I always assumed the official Google Play Store itself was free of malware (or very nearly, comparable to Apple). So you're safe if you avoid third-party sources. But apparently that was never true! Follow the money: malware writers are doing this because it works. Search for "android botnet" for a fun time.
It can't be blindingly high: they were ALREADY blind (at best) to do this in the first place...
Something weird going on in that video. It seems to show Apple's lock-screen camera function working exactly the same (right down to the same icon in the same place) on the Samsung. Odd.
I'm 100% behind the same causes as Greenpeace, and will even begrudgingly admit the effectiveness--even necessity--of publicity stunts when trying to foster change that benefits us all. Obviously you HAVE to burn some carbon on the road to lower emissions. But even I know a giant gasbag when I see one.
I bet Samsung didn't know whether this would be a joke or a REAL "see if it sticks to the wall" product until AFTER the world's reaction. They weren't sure, and so they chose this date. And waited. Now they can let it stand as a joke and bury the prototypes.
I have spent SO much less on my mid-to-high-end Macs than my "bargain hunting" PC friends, who buy more of them (a.k.a.replace them sooner), get little/no resale value, and burn money on support/virus cleaning when their own middle-of-the-road tech skills are defeated. And all the while they suffer through with a poor experience, unreliability, and cheap, cracked, plastic cases. Penny wise, pound foolish. Of course, Macs having longer usable lives means Apple sells fewer,...
MacBook Air? No. Battery life and weight on the Air is already terrific, and performance has been improving. Why harm performance by going to ARM, around the same timeframe as MB Airs NEED more performance due to going retina (whenever that happens)? And your Intel software would no longer run. And workarounds would involve major work for developers, and fat binaries what waste expensive SSD space. So it would mean MASSIVE fragmentation for developers, and massive...
Lawyers are expensive%u2014just not as expensive as Apple-style innovation. (Yes, Samsung's "throw it all at the wall and see what sticks as an immediate sales booster" method of innovation IS still innovation. Just not the kind I'd prefer to be on the receiving end of.)
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