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All those configurations are awesome. But in practice, you can't actually get them all, because Apple only made around 182 Mac Pros. :o
 I bet there's some misleading sense in which something vaguely like that could be said and be true in an unimportant way. I'd love to see the evidence about what Google was REALLY doing with Touch before they suddenly went so closely iPhone-like. Is that something that gets repeated with reliable links or screenshots, or just Fox News-style myth that gets repeated on forums? I've heard that too, but if I ever saw a link it made no impression on me--and I'll immediately...
Inexcusable bad engineering by Apple: "hardware interlock" should be so simple it's immune from software. Which it could easily be. And Apple misled buyers into thinking it WAS that simple. I'm 99% certain that kind of clear statement was made prior to 2008. The misleading statement could be an honest (but VERY serious) mistake. The bad engineering is just unacceptable, and goes beyond a "mistake"--it could only come from conscious decision-making in the design. Happily...
Revenues aren't the whole story: The time/cost to develop for fragmented Android is greater too (see BBC as a case study). Even scarier: support costs! Supporting all those users (plus the pirates--rampant on Android) takes more time/cost as well.
Keep tweaking! If those ranking lists have to exist, tweaks are needed. Bigger "jostling" that results in a larger number of apps sharing in temporary Top List exposure sounds like it could be a good thing, vs. the same same lucky apps being re-discovered constantly while other worthy contenders fly under the radar.
I know people would like downloadable keyboards, and I hope Apple gets around to addressing the security implications to make it practical (no small task for a niche demand). But all I really want is Apple's keyboard to keep evolving with one simple addition: flick left and right across the keys to move the cursor one space left and right. Flick-and-hold to move continuously. (Vertical flicking? Not as important, and might conflict with the current swipe-symbols.)
ABC is free on my iPad and iPhone, and I have no cable provider at all.   Why make us have cable to use AppleTV for the same thing? ABC is free over the air anyway!
You misunderstand Apple's rules: look at the Amazon app. You can buy anything from within the app--been that way for years, and Apple takes no cut. Likewise I can shop with the eBay app or order a Chipotle burrito.Apple's rules apply to digital content/services consumed on the device, not to "real world" sales.
Siri vs. Now is one thing. But I also use dictation often to do searches, and Apple gets my words right most of the time, while Google almost never does. When Apple gets something wrong, I speak more carefully the second time and it works. With Google (searching in the YouTube app comes to mind) I can try, try again and just never get anything close to the words I spoke. In addition, Google responds much more slowly than Apple does. (I'm a native English speaker with...
Wearable (watch/not-watch)? Maybe. I'm imagining a band of three square "widget" apps stacked together around your wrist, and you'd swipe to scroll through more. Tap any one to make it fill the 1x3 screen for actual interactive usage, and pinch the screen to minimize the current app to a widget again. I wouldn't mind having time, weather and map always visible, say. (Even dependent on an iPhone tether it would be still useful. Refresh when the wearable's internal M7...
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