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It wouldn't make much sense for DED to make these changes on Wikipedia instead of writing this article. A) He's a professional writer. Spending tons of time researching and writing for a volunteer project instead of for his employers/clients (like AppleInsider) is not the path to putting food on the table! B) Any changes made to Wikipedia would simply be deleted anyway. Possibly with Samsung writing a check (they've been busted at other deceptive astroturfing) or more...
Kudos to AI on a very specific and accurate headline. Beats link bait any day! Well-written and not sensational.
I love Oculus and I hate Facebook (the service more than the company), but even I don't see much downside here. Money = good! It helps one of my favorite technologies take off. They're not shutting the company down, so I don't see a need to panic.
This makes no sense to me--but as long as Oculus stays separate from any Facebook account/login nonsense, I'm happy to see an awesome tech get more funding! I'm cautiously optimistic. The best thing: this is one MORE reason (after Carmack and Sony) for the public to realize that VR tech is "for real" this time. Simon Says! I don't see how a Facebook account could be involved/required anyway, so I'm not too worried. The Rift is hardware, with support from gaming middleware...
There are a few neat things there for sure. The trouble is getting new hardware features supported by Android app developers, since the fragmented OS and fragmented hardware are cobbled together by so many different parties with different interests. That "dot display" is ridiculous... and I'm not ashamed to say I WANT IT!
Does Android still have latency problems that prevent quality music/audio creation? Sounds like it did as of 4.1, at least: http://www.androidannoyances.com/post/tag/low-latency-audio
Good idea. The Zyngas and EAs and Kings have enough marketing on their own. Interesting to have indie devs "promoting each other" in this section, in a sense. (I hope the featured developers promote other indie games more often than not! Infinity Gene would not qualify, though I like it too.)
I'm leary that it could well be yet another lame cash-grab movie/book... but good casting pick!
Glad to hear it! Both have a place on my first home screen. Between Pandora and iTunes Radio I basically never listen to terrestrial radio, even while driving. And Pandora is where I find most of the music I buy on iTunes. I don't pay for Pandora, but I don't begrudge them the ads.
An app with Burger King nutritional info... comedy gold.In iOS 8, Passbook will be telling you to stop in for some discount cow byproducts, while Healthbook will be telling you to flee.NFC has been the failure so far. BT low energy is the future. And mobile payment apps have succeeded on iOS (Chipotle, Starbucks) without either.There's no 30% for selling physical goods, and no need to go through Apple's IAP system. That's why there's an Amazon app where you can actually...
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