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Remember folks, Apple is always evil, and you don't need to use your brain when a knee-jerk will do!     Remember when Apple tradmarked "AirPort" for WiFi products and the sky didn't fall? We can even still build airports! That's similar to how the sky won't fall due to some product/feature called StartUp.   Remember how we all can still buy apple pies, apple cider, and even apples, even though Apple trademarked "Apple"? People can still talk about burying time capsules...
Apple creates a product category, and thus has 100% of it. If anyone sells even one unit in that category later on, that 100% has to drop. And they'll probably, all together, sell a lot more then that (several hundred, even). Falling market share is inevitable. Does it spell doom? Of course it does
As long as they don't think they're riding the wave of MY taste. (Which may not be as vital to them as I think it is...)
Ming-Chi Kuo's past good track record is on the line lately! (This and the home button protruding outward.) Maybe the 4S will stick around just for certain international markets? Hard to imagine much need for it in the subsidy-happy US.
Touch typing is silly at this size, just as it would be on a phone size. That's not why I'd use it. Forget the raised F and J--use this with 2 fingers or another method and you've got something useful. And your full screen left free for viewing. I lean towards the larger iPad for something like this, but I'd get this* with a Mini if that's what I end up with. * Or a Logitech--they make both sizes of these as well.
So Apple already fixed this according to Neumayr? Updating iOS to make such exploits fail even IF approved makes sense. Hope that's sufficient, because no approval process alone is ever enough. It's a great first line of defense, lacking on Android, but not the last! (The LAST line of defense is also lacking on Android--as long as devices aren't limited to the Play Store: disabling a malicious app once it's caught.)
That's one of the nicest gold colors I've seen. That's not saying much. Bury it deep! Aaaaggh! Steve Jobs would never have done this. (But he would make a floral-print iMac.)
  Your stance seems religious in nature--as though you're working backwards from an emotion to find anything that supports it. Maybe not. I'd be interested in getting to the real facts.   "Apple users main argument is about volume" ... ?   I don't know what your evidence is for that, but regardless, it's wrong to argue that and if they do, it's not worth it. Volume of apps matters, but not beyond a certain point (it's a problem on Windows Phone, say) and only if quality...
  I hear you--I can see room I the dialog for extreme statements, be they for humor of outrage, and I enjoy them myself! I make them, too.   (I'd just rather that stuff didn't mix in with the detailed fact-based reporting, because it diminishes some good, reasoned points, and makes those points easier for people to dismiss. John Gruber is accused of being a biased fanboy, but you'll almost never find him crossing the line away from reason and evidence, and when he does,...
  Too true!   But of course there are exception to the rule: when Apple, for instance, is selling the most units, then they're still doomed  In that case, what matters is being "open source," or coming with a stylus, or some other thing  The goal posts move unpredictably--yet always away from Apple.   Also, be sure to mention "shipped" in your analysis, not "sold." Actually, no, you're right--use numbers for "shipped," but call them "sold."       This is true. A...
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