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$50 (~$45US) for the retina Mini--I'd been fearing zero on the mini like last year.Black Friday is not some kind of "good cause" and Black Friday sales are about profit, not charity. I'm disappointed, but let's face it: gift cards are great marketing! Get one product, and it comes with a discount on another! Or a discount on getting one for someone else.Luckily it's as good as cash for me: I plan to get a Mac Pro.Question: can you give your gift card to someone else or is...
Even low-end users surf the web and use email, so how can all those cheap Asian white-box tablets not be showing much online footprint? Even video and book content comes from the web. And it's not just about ads: other metrics show the same conundrum. The Cubed podcast explained a pretty persuasive theory on this question: these super-cheap Android tablets selling in Asia are used primarily as viewers of pirated video content--the same way VideoCDs were once popular...
It's not so much like an athlete doping (makes it sound like a "cheat" that users would be glad to have); it's more like an athlete rigging a fake measurement of their running speed... when in a real game, they can't run that fast and end up losing!
My friend was all excited about getting one of these (Asus)... but found that the touchscreen didn't work well in practice or offer much besides awkwardness. It's a fun bullet point to claim, though! My convertible notebook of choice is an iPad with (less than 1/4 of the time) a keyboard cover attached.
Numbers is the killer app for me. I've always used spreadsheets of necessity but never liked them. Switched to Numbers a couple years ago and never looked back! I like the way it "thinks"--it removes a barrier of annoyance I have always felt with old-fashioned spreadsheet apps. I use the iPad version. I really like that I can view my iPad work on iCloud.com any time, or grab a PDF that way. Added bonus: for financial matters I like to work on the floor (don't ask me why)...
These are clearly actual SALES. Not just "shipped." Let's give credit where due: Samsung copied a mere rumor and made a real product that sold nearly a million. The nature of the sales is made clear at the end of the report: "Hey, mister--I work for Samsung down the street. Do you want this truck for $5? You can have whatever's inside it too!"
The Zoo Chimp model of "innovation": throw stuff at the wall and see if anything sticks.
This bug went WAY in to the past for me! And a high-DPI "thumbnail" is about as good as a cell phone photo used to be, once you enlarge it. Not something that should have been allowed to go on for such a long time. Hopefully easy to fix once Apple decides to actually pay attention to it!
 They already do that, they just need a thicker wallet for the purpose!
Google thread 500 for an amusing blast from the iPod past. Apple fans and trolls alike both HATED the iPod (kind of like they both initially hated everything else Apple has ever done :) )
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