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 You misunderstand--this isn't about "downloading something" in general. There are safe ways to download, and unsafe ways, and protections in place enforce the safe ways. See the article above for further details. (Subtract the needlessly loaded, less-than-professional language that offends fans of other platforms, and the actual facts are still there.) There is also a real bug that lets one app masquerade as another--so if you do choose to defeat the OS's default...
Zero choice or competition where I live, and now they say Comcast is coming! Ugh. Corporations have enough power over us. I'm glad Obama is drawing the line. Of course, a lot of money on the right is spent to make sure nothing gets done...
$10 is not for a "notification center calculator." It's for a notification center calculator AND the very high-end calculator app itself, with things like a big customizable library of constants and conversions, custom button layouts, programming, engineering and scientific functions beyond Apple's built-in ones, multi-level undo, themes and color schemes, iOS handoff, etc. And it's updated regularly to do more and more. Should all the be free? Is it "useless" to...
Great machine, although I like my dead-silent Pro. (And tolerate my Dell retina display for now--4k and 24" plenty for me, but it's got light bleed and reliability issues. if Apple made a display just like this Dell I'm using, I'd be happier.) Anyone who has to ask whether to get a Pro or an iMac... get the iMac! P.S. It's time to turn those USB and TB ports the right way up.
Whataver the cause, the 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus is affected too (in my case). Sad to say. Fingers crossed for 8.1.1, but if a hardware swap is needed, so be it.
The people in the current Apple Emoji are NOT yellow. That would indeed be a solution. (The "smileys" are yellow. Not the actual people--look and you'll see.) For anyone who says this is a small problem, not worth solving... well, Emoji are themselves are a small feature, you could argue. That's no reason not to improve it.
Thanks for finding the flaw AND handling it responsibly! Two things that help us all.
Thanks, Tim! The ignorant are a dying breed.
Wait... so Apple keeps making the iPod Classic year after year until the parts are simply not available, yet the beloved Mini--which they now offer THREE whole generations of--is such a small niche product that it's suddenly going to be gone? My favorite kind of rumor: pure fiction. The Air and 6 Plus certainly eat into the Mini market, but it's still there.
They're not "targeting" Microsoft. Microsoft's tablets have been trivial in the marketplace. A heavy tablet with reduced battery life, coupled with a slow laptop with a poor keyboard? Worst of both worlds! Charitably: there is a small niche for that. Small is the key word.
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