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  They do--it's called Universal apps. And iOS 7 has even more tools for developers to use in auto-adapting.   Apple doesn't REQUIRE all apps be Universal, which is a sensible bone to throw developers, especially when a given app's function is really best suited to either pocket or tablet format alone. But they do clearly promote those apps that are, and the result is a success: better tablet apps than what you have on Android.   It's true that if you're stuck running a...
  Never confuse sheer numbers with quality :) Android users know what I mean :p Throw out the junk of the App Store and the junk on Android, then compare again. Next, compare side-by-side those apps available for both iOS and Android. Not a pretty picture. Fragmentation is real, and its affects on app development are unavoidably massive.   And then on tablets we have the issue that commission-driven carrier salespeople aren't tossing bottom-end awful Android devices at...
Including Apple apps is a very fair measure of what users are getting: they are great apps, they are popular, and they are not on Android. Excluding Apple's apps from the iOS advantage would be bizarre. Ditto for excluding Google apps. When looking at this as a sign of developer interest (not the best way to measure that), excluding first-party apps would make sense. But even still, you'll then see some decent Google apps on iOS. (Google Maps on iOS has even had...
So they made a few too many--honest mistake. Just give every investor a free Surface and recycle the rest. (I assumed from first glance at the headline that Microsoft was being sued over Surface ripping off Logitech's Ultrathin iPad keyboard covers. Then again, Logitech's actually work in your lap.)
"Brazil should be happy"... And those workers IN Brazil should be happy to be abused? Or should the situation get fixed? Seems like an easy choice to me.
If Apple doesn't take the low-end low-feature low-quality low-usage cheapo market by storm, they are doooooomed!! Why would developers bother making apps for anyone but that end of the market? You know, the end that under-uses their phone, never buys apps, and has no money? Developers love that! Note that Apple does better with second-time smartphone buyers than first-time. Thus, Apple doesn't need the entry market.
They could sell or license keyboard designs (or even hardware) to companies that make keyboarded phones (hey, they still do!) and to companies that make accessories/snap-ons for iPhones/others. People who like keyboards often appreciate BlackBerry's. And BBM has some lingering value--already it's cross-platform.
Jut put in fake buildings for the secret spots. Bunch of Elby's Big Boys or something. As for the US asking other countries to stop worrying about secret facilities, THAT is amusing!
Interesting approach. But I'd probably just as soon see them keep making good cameras (Bluetooth-enabled) smaller and smaller, and leave the phone in my pocket. And that's certainly happening. If it weren't for telephoto (and maybe light field tech), I'd have no interest in any camera beyond my iPhone.
Bring back the Sumo tutu ads.
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