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Google thread 500 for an amusing blast from the iPod past. Apple fans and trolls alike both HATED the iPod (kind of like they both initially hated everything else Apple has ever doneĀ :) )
Controls you can feel for by habit are a) easier, b) safer, c) located in different logical places around the car (like having window controls NEAR the window) and d) can ALL be available all the time: no modes are different screens. Touchscreens are NOT the answer for most things in a moving vehicle. Useful as a nav display--not to replace the physical feel-without-looking controls that have always worked far better. I'm so glad my car has no touchscreen (other than my...
An announcement of vague future features might be considered a "response." Complete and delivered features, though, were simply in the works long ago. Nothing else makes sense.
The iPad also has a 27% bigger screen in square inches.
I support anyone who finds a use for the seventeen gazillion (some sources say up to nineteen gazillion) shipping containers that are sitting disused and rusting in massive mountains around the world. My city has several such mountains! What a waste.
White keyboard and mouse? Still? With the iMac, and Mac Pro, laptops, and Thunderbolt display and Mac Mini all being black (or silver-and-black at least) now? Long past time to make the external keyboards match the laptop keyboards. In silver-and-black.
And it's slower than the iPad to boot, while lacking the quality app selection! I love Kindle... on my iPad.
If the Podcasts app actually remembers your place and resumes properly when you pause a streamed (not downloaded to your library) podcast--even if the app has exited in the meantime--I will weep salty tears of joy. (Funny thing: when the Podcasts app first came out, tape reels and all, that worked fine! Hope it does again now.)
Correct, diz_geek. As Rogifan posted at MacRumors, here's a link to Apple's 2011 patent (one of several?) on this: http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2012/08/apple-invents-mind-boggling-next-generation-smart-cover-with-multi-touch-flexible-display-solar-panels-built-in-keyboard.html That said, I think Apple will leave this kind of useful-but-slightly-awkward option to third parties like Logitech (who also beat Microsoft to market with the idea).
"Essentially, if you own a case for prior versions of the iPad, you will need to buy a new case for the iPad 5." I want a job where I get paid to be that much of a genius P.S. When I hear "form factor" I think general dimensions and proportions. The new iPad could have had a new mini-like design and the SAME old form factor (like iPad 1 to iPad 2, more or less). But it's not. It's a different design AND form factor. (Personally I'd be more likely to use "form factor"...
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