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Samsung astroturfers will no doubt say that volume and thinness (which their cheap plastic has not delivered) don't matter for easy pocketability, only length... because it's the only dimension they've gotten smaller. Of course the reverse is true. Even the biggest phone is not long enough to stick out of my pockets--not even close. But thinness in a pocket is important.
Big phones are awkward (a necessary trade-off--they're great in many ways too). At least Reachability is LESS awkward (and wastes the screen less) than Samsung's attempt at a "special one-handed mode." Reachability is ALWAYS available, not a special setting, yet is only visible during the moment you need it; and it maintains the full width of the display rather than looking like a mistake with Samsung's L-shaped black bars. As a one-handed phone devotee, it's a...
My interest in buying a wearable was 0 out of 10, especially after seeing everything else out there. My only interest in seeing this unveiled was technical curiosity: what would Apple do in a new category I don't care about? Now it's 7 out of 10. Give it a SOLID day battery--not 8-12 hours--and it would reach 8. No product will ever have the huge market of smartphone, but this IS a worthy new category after all. I'm hoping I can hold out for the second generation before...
I was cringing at Gruber's over-1080p prediction, even though some software clues pointed that way. Those kinds of super-high DPI are very difficult to detect when you're specifically trying--and impossible in actual use--whilt they BURN BATTERY and MEMORY and SLOW the GPU. A phone should not have an iMac screen shrunk small. Doing so is pure marketing by other companies, trying desperately to differentiate their near-identical products. I'm glad Apple stopped at 1080p!...
"U2 spokesman" has just stolen the crown from DigiTimes for Most Unreliable Source of Information. (P.S. Even though I have all the iTunes cloud options turned on, the album does NOT appear in my library, yet shows as Purchased in the store. I'm sure it will eventually appear--just pointing out that Boredumb is not wrong. It's not working the same for everyone instantly.)
They're going to play U2 softly while the audience finds their seats. It will be amazing!
No matter what it is, the blogosphere-and-tech-forums corner of the world will receive it just as poorly as every other time Apple has AGAIN failed to deliver time travel and perpetual motion. While the other 99% of the world loves it, and high sales follow :) (Apple didn't use the word "historic"--that's ABC selling their airtime for ad views.)
Furthermore, what has Apple done to protect all those celebrities whose photos were stolen from Google/Android? The theft wasn't specific to iOS. Apple once again leaves Android users out in the cold when it comes to security!
Those are two deadly serious men! Good design takes 100 "No"s for every "Yes," and these guys look ready to give you a "No" you won't soon forget.
The downfall of smart watches to date: you EITHER have the always-on display to make it a real watch, not a black blob awaiting awkward shakes or gestures. OR you have good battery life. Nobody has beaten that trade-off. The Moto 360 ends this dilemma: your watch is a dead black circle most of the time, AND it still dies before dinner! I like the Verge's advice to get this if you want a smart watch "today." Not, you know... wait 4 more days to see whether the Apple...
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