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Do you have to manually launch the app every time you drive? Or does data get tracked/passed invisibly in the background even if your phone is being used for other things (like music or voice navigation) instead?
An article scratched on the wall of a Chinese public toilet stated on Tuesday that upwards of 80% of Apple rumors are totally made up. Although everyday readers can usually tell the difference, popular blogs and media outlets are entirely lacking this ability. Citing multiple unnamed sources familiar with top-secret Apple plans and willing to leak them, the article noted that these fictions result in a combination of stock price shifts and clicks on shady banner ads.
Some third part app "indicates that Apple may be planning to integrate the tech into future iPads"???? The chain of evidence is short... and broken.
They Need to Get Rid of Tim Cook%u2122
I don't think that's where you want to go, Samsung My Samsung-loving friends are constantly without any phone at all because their battery is dead. They are always hauling (or forgetting!) car chargers, wall charges, cords, and external battery packs. The latest iOS 7 has brought spells (a few days long before the problem goes away for a few weeks) where my iPhone drains faster than it used to. Apple should (and can) fix that. But even on those worst days, I can keep...
When a cheap, plasticky, iPhone-3G-ripoff Samsung design creaks and flexes, it just means you're holding it wrong.
A "rich roadmap" of rapid charges to your credit card, "doubling down" on intrusive system add-ons and customer data breaches. Well... fingers crossed that either Lightroom or Photos will turn out to be a good deal and a good alternative!
Features you love will be removed. Then they will be added back in. Advice to Aperture users: 1. Take a deep breath. 2. Send feedback to apple.com/feedback once Photos is out, telling them which missing Aperture features (if any) are important to you. 3. Keep using Aperture until Photos can meet your needs. Aperture still exists. 4. I hear good things about Lightroom. Which is surreal to me, since everything I have personally experienced from Adobe in recent years...
If they can't make enough of a part to put it in the mainstream iPhone, then it simply can't (yet) be done. That's no reason to omit it from a higher model. But PLEASE don't keep increasing the megapixels. It doesn't help image quality, and it's terrible for wasting storage and bandwidth and processing speed.
New Posts  All Forums: