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Please, won't someone think of the poor corporations!
This isn't a successful product, but it's a start and you have to start somewhere. (Well, maybe that was Oculus Rift or the various early AR apps for iPhone.) This won't be an every day consumer thing, but it WILL be worth having for specialized workplace uses. A niche, but potentially a valuable one. Forget the misleading demos--there's still something here.
Beware of Dells. I used to recommend a Mac plus Dell display, but not anymore. 4k at 24" is terrific retina resolution, and my Dell UP2414Q has great color as well. But it's otherwise badly made. Hairs in between the layers, beat-up refurbs for warranty, awful backlight glow, unreliable and awkward controls... and half the time it won't even stay awake (which may be Apple's fault?)... I wish there were a better standalone retina display. I wish Apple made a 4k 24"...
 I agree, as long as the search is NON-optional. If it's every person, every time, and the employee has no way to get out if it, then it'd work time! But if the worker can CHOOSE to skip the security check by not BRINGING a bag, that changes things. You want a bag for your personal use? We won't pay you for your time to make it secure. If Apple required everyone to bring a bag to work, say, THAT would make this ruling unacceptable.
IF and only if the employee is told, don't bring a bag to work, then I can agree with the ruling (although it's a crappy inconvenience, and would be nice if the employer provided lockers outside the secure zone where people could quickly stash stuff). As long as having a bag is optional, then the security search is optional too. I would also make a distinction between "optional" and "not really": you can't expect workers to have NOTHING, not even keys or a wallet....
Overcast's Smart Speed and 1.1x Speed make it the only choice for me! Worked great without needing an account, though it was nice once I created an account to be able to go to the web player on any computer and have it resume right where I left off. I now use iTunes only for those very rare podcasts I want to archive forever. Overcast for everything else. Super painless. And supports landscape on 6 Plus.
Two good choices. Can't go wrong!
Better to do something off-base, misguided, unfocussed, and poorly-directed, than to do nothing at all. And it does help (a little) to keep this real and important issue in the eye of the public and media. An issue that matters far more than anyone's "inconvenience" or a trivial drop of a corporation's profit ocean. Anyone who thinks police treatment of blacks is not a huge and nationwide problem hasn't seen what I've seen (and has probably seen an awful lot of sand around...
That's as close as he can get to the tree. The iPhone 6 Plus won't fit through the door.
I really like Yosemite, but it's full of small issues that affect only some situations. For me on a new Mac Pro: I had audio problems (found an obscure solution) and Bluetooth problems (no solution: if I enable Handoff, my keyboard is dead). It's close! But I wouldn't recommend people install it yet (nor iOS 8 for that matter--which I also like but has its issues still). Fast forward another update or 3 and both OS's should be where we want them. It's time for Apple...
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