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  First, I think the courts already accept the sound of your voice and other evidence that the phone belongs to you. It's not like phone records are now useless because they can't demonstrate who's on the line. As for unscrupulous government employees doing unethical things (stalking, revenge, illegal business spying) they don't even care about that level of "proof"--if it's your phone, they'll just assume they're tracking you.   Second, if fingerprint data is being...
My browser doesn't show the question mark in the article headline. It will be interesting to see how Kuo's good track record plays out on a seemingly unlikely claim. I feel safe in saying Apple would VERY much want to avoid changing to a convex button because concave is clearly better in a number of ways. BUT... if other rumors are true, that the fingerprint sensor yields have led to concerns of shortages, that's the kind of thing that would force any company's hand:...
"Apple simply had more available to show than it intended to." That evidence doesn't mean it was more than a mockup. That phrase applies equally if they simply mocked up more stuff than the ended up talking about. Anyway--looking forward to next year! Apple Maps has been good to me, and I want it big on my dash!
I think Apple is at least seriously looking into wearable devices. But I've often thought Apple would be spending wisely if they has a dozen or so full-time people (mere peanuts!) doing nothing but planting really good, detailed red herrings about future Apple plans. Including bogus job postings, fake device IDs in web logs, red herrings inserted into programming code (only during early test builds), useless domain purchases and trademark filings, dummy ad layouts and web...
Credit where due: vinyl IS the next big thing in digital music!
Repeat after me, Apple: money greases the wheels of government. Every other corporation knows the law is for sale, so you'd better learn to pay up!
Easy phone tracking, plus a malware-friendly platform. Match made in heaven!
What does Columbia's Finest normally cost? Does it go up and down on sale? I prefer the Mac App Store (and don't mind Steam) but for enough savings I might be willing to go another route.
Adobe Ideas is an underappreciated great app--I love the massive canvasses and the export to vector-PDF. Quirky UI, but functional.
Good tweaks. But make those lines at top/bottom be something else, like "grab strips" (2 or 3 parallel lines) or else people won't know what the heck they are--in which case they may as well be removed! (Which could be just fine.) Also they should move the top one down out of the way of the status bar. The overlap that sometimes happens is ugly and not useful.
New Posts  All Forums: