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Prompt only happens sometimes? Apple's fault. Easy to fix.
Wow, that white line on the last graph is brutal. This (and lack of app spending on Android) is why I'm finishing up my game for iOS and then will start throwing my spare time (darned day job!) right at my next game idea%u2014instead of throwing that time toward porting--or answering support requests!--for Android. I'd like to dabble in Android development some time, but the nature of that market has to change first. I could be waiting a while...
John Gruber linked to the instructions for reporting iMessage spam. Suffice it to say, that process needs to be made A LOT simpler unless Apple can contain this in a more automated way. I've never gotten iMessage spam, but it's clear that some people have started to, and I don't want to see it grow. I hope Apple steps up before the problem really balloons, not after.
Apple's not going to want to set the customer of deleting/disabling (potentially even paid-for) stuff from user's devices based on some specific demand from an individual government%u2014or, next, from anyone with a lawyer. They'll take stuff off the store, and they'll disable malware, but messing with users beyond that is NOT what they want. If they have any other recourse they'll take it, because that opens a huge can of worms.
Misleading headline and article. Oculus Rift has supported Mac for a very long time. I myself have compiled Mac apps for Oculus. Over a year ago. Certain VERSIONS of the SDK have come to Windows first. 0.4.1 must be one of those cases. But I know I downloaded an official new SDK release--for Mac--in the past couple of months. "bringing developer support for the popular headgear to Apple's desktop operating system" That happened last year! Also, the Rift works on Mac...
Go NVidia! Can mass CPU shipments coupled with widespread support for 64-bit benefits by the OS, great developer tools, and tons of third-party apps in users' hands be far behind? That's what we on iOS had a year ago, so I'm sure Android 64-bit support is now all caught-up with Google, developers, and handset makers alike! August 2014 a great month for Android users! They'll probably have CPUs with well-planned OS-integrated secure enclaves at the same time, no...
I always thought the proxy sensor, at the very least, should be in the same slot as the speaker. Probably the camera too. It doesn't matter on the black models, but I'm surprised Ives had tolerated those scattered black holes on the white models. Just make the slot bigger and line those components all up in a row! There must have been some engineering barrier I can't imagine.
I enjoy my AR.Drone, but if I had bottomless pockets this one looks awesome! (Still, the camera is secondary to me. I just like how easy/fun these things are to fly.)
 I remember them showing it off in a sickly, mildewy HP blue-gray and chrome look, like a 1960s vacuum cleaner. And what did they actually sell? Just white. Unbelievable let-down. Fool me once, HP! 
In the end, most of the YouTube videos from this will be people having it chase their poor Real Dog.
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