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That's no spaceship. It's a fruit bowl.
I'll take an add-on aftermarket screen that looks like that, please! I want CarPlay... but I already have a car.
There we go. The only fact needed to know that the 5C is a success at one if its two missions: bolster the midrange.(I also suspect there is a second mission: phase one of a planned split into two more-different iPhone lines in future. More than just the traditional spec delta. Paving the way for a choice of size?)
I'm 90% sure they don't own Facebook. Well, 80%.
All this may be true, complete, and unbiased, but I wouldn't jump to be certain it is: http://daringfireball.net/2014/02/fitting_facts_to_the_narrative
I remember the days before every week brought big news about yet ANOTHER wildly-popular messaging service I've never even heard of. (I agree with Benedict Evans' assertion that having tons of competing social/IM services is not a problem, thanks to the iPhone and its offspring: you can have all these similar services, and send/receive from them all at once, wherever you are, without needing anything to be running all the time. No big push for "one winner," then.)
I really like Documents; makes my iPad/iPhone like the ultimate "thumb drive"--one that can display and share its contents. I also like to stash a lot less-important PDFs there instead of cluttering up iBooks.
I agree that the flaw likely exists in theory (something to fix?), and that it could reach people in reality if the App Store process allows it, which as I said is plausible (something else to fix?); I just don't see the evidence yet. So from what we know now this sound like one of the many past claims that got exaggerated, gave someone 5 seconds of fame, and then turned out to be very different from what articles had stated/implied (and fed to the echo chamber).But the...
Good for Apple (and others). This kind of publicity-stunt hate law can drive talented people and worthy projects away from a state. Bigots cannot be the tiny tail that wags the dog.
So do I have this right? Getting an app that leverages this "flaw" would require jailbreaking (or else you self-installing the app as a developer/enterprise deployment on your own device)? How is that news? You can do all kinds of questionable things by jailbreaking/side loading. So what is seemingly newsworthy is not the background thing at all, but rather a second, unrelated flaw, in Apple's review process. If such a flaw exists (sounds plausible, but they are very...
New Posts  All Forums: