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$7000 for the "information" in that IDC report! Just imagine how much they could charge if it wasn't blatant misinformation. As for IDC's (and others') motives, I can think of several theories, ranked loosely in the order I find likely. - Some people (including some journalists?) may buy the report because it supports what THEY want to believe/say, creating a market for selling bad info. IDC is just providing the product that is in demand (while pretending it's something...
I would say Google did achieve their "monopoly" by having truly superior search. They are now propping up other ventures (and search to some extent) by means that do not promote competition. But I would think lack of feature differentiation among Android devices would make prices LOWER (because that's one of the few things they can compete with each other on) not higher.
It's insane that the free version of Hulu is only available on some OS's, while others require the paid (but still with ads!) version.   I don't know whether to blame Hulu or (more likely) the content owners (some of whom own Hulu anyway) but it's crazy.   Free Hulu should have ALL the same shows (not "select" ones) no matter what OS.   Paid Hulu should likewise have ALL the same shows (which I don't think is currently true) no matter what OS.   Making things hard...
Apple's 90s failures did not merely pile up, but pile up "like rotting carcasses in the sun." Poetry!
 Ask someone else! I believe Apple has sometimes in the past instituted a reimbursement for already-done repairs--as an official policy, not a special request for one person. Maybe such a policy will emerge; if not, maybe someone else can make an exception for you. I'd have made the same choice as you: pay $65, not $250! The problem might be if the provider you went to was not Apple-authorized. You can probably check and see if he's listed at http://locate.apple.com
So... a vague photo that could be anything, which has gone through dozens of human hands and dozens of processing steps, including major incentive for pranking, is now considered "evidence." Cool.
It's nice artistically (and Apple did steal it should indeed have paid) but Apple doesn't use it anymore.The iOS 7 clock design is more usable to me, without the weird second hand. And I really don't think Samsung decided to accept the deal to "stick it to Apple." Why would they have walked away from a sale otherwise? If they found a customer willing to buy, then that's that. As for the timing, that involves two parties. I seriously doubt Samsung would mess with...
I like Apple's short-term option: "find each other at this big event, then automatically shut down." Very useful. Beyond that%u2014and anything involving companies that sell info on me* to advertisers%u2014is of no interest! * Anonymized? A myth. They know enough to ID you, and the info is valuable. You are for sale. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2009/09/your-secrets-live-online-in-databases-of-ruin/
3D on smartphones is the future. Maybe 2021, and mainly for games? Not the 2014 future, though. It's odd, because Amazon's hardware has been pretty no-nonsense, I feel. Throwing in some wacky thing that sounds good to 12-year old sci-fi fans but doesn't work well or support many apps? Sounds more like Samsung. If it's supported JUST by one Amazon shopping app, say, and is marketed as such without pretend to do more than that, I can see this might work out (it the effect...
Good for Apple! And good for Tim Cook.
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