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I don't buy it, but it's an interesting theory.   Chrome and Android have clearly not "gotten along" during their history, and that's always been strategically very odd.   I also don't buy Chromecast itself--too much of a bait and switch: no screen mirroring, no remote unless you stop what anyone is doing on your tablet, and more of a bulky mess than they pretend—external power brick, power cord, and an included adapter to make the tip smaller since the actual...
What would be worrisome is if Apple de-friended him.
Yeah--almost seems like someone at ZDNet really was slobbering over the hope that this would be a bigger Apple scandal... Panic in Cupertino! Developers targeted with malware and phishing! Instead, it seems like the issue was caught in time, and the end result so far is nothing more than downtime, during which it sounds like new systems are being put up--more than just fixing this issue, and thus probably stuff that has been in the works a while. Maybe worse will emerge:...
I don't see how this has to do with the Dev Center downtime at all. Did someone recently steal a list of developer emails, and is targeting developers specifically? That would be news if so, and ZDNet implies it but never states it directly--probably because there's no evidence for any such thing. This email doesn't even hint at the Dev Center issue--or even hint at developers at all. It sounds like more of the same-old AppleID phishing that has existed for years. It's...
Give me a Google that drives itself, plus an iOS in the Car display! Come on, I can dream.
Some people are sold a fake charger thinking it IS real. That shouldn't be a mistake that carries the death penalty.   And the knock-off makers will keep getting better and perfecting the external look and labeling. Prosecute them: the only solution.
Makes me appreciate iOS Numbers!
More of their smartphone sales are iPhones. Yet another nail in Apple's coffin
  Not me!   I'm awaiting a Mac Pro :)
  He didn't say launches in October. He implied launches BEFORE October, which could then be discussed on the next call--which is scheduled for October.
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