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Don't forget to contact Apple's business division even if you're a one-person operation: if you spend over $5k there's a discount to ask about. And I think it's $5k in one year, even if not on a single order--but I'm not certain. Anyway, a Mac Pro can easily cost over $5k. (And still cheaper than those GPUs alone!)
Please, Apple, before you ship this, provide a way to turn off the salsa music without a .plist hack.
I guess LTE is a decent quick way to separate the "bottom-end" phones from the market Apple actually wants to be in.
I think 20GB will be plenty for me for a year or three... by which time prices will drop further. 99 cents it is! And of course you're getting more than just storage, with all of these options to one degree or another, you're getting services that go with it. I also like that Apple has added APIs to make Dropbox and Google Drive better if they chose to use them.
"Affirmed"...? Well, I say it will NOT be out October. There, now it "has been denied." Time for more headlines
I would say this and/or Bluetooth-only earbuds might well be under long-term consideration as an unlikely option they are keeping in mind for some possible future, but nothing more, and I don't think it will happen until Bluetooth (more likely than Lightning) is far more entrenched, available from many sources, reliable, and quality-sounding than it is now. Remember that this company "takes up space" with a physical mute switch that most other companies fail to provide....
Spotlight has had a QuickLook pane next to Spotlight since at least OS X Lion. I like the new layout though... I think. (Sometimes I use the current Spotlight QuickLook to compare to something that's alreay in the middle of my screen, and Yosemite will require me to move things out of each other's way.)
I never thought I'd say this, but I came to like the iPad's favorties-grid better than the bar, and turned the bar off. Now I'll do the same on the desktop! Of course the bar is one click quicker... but what's even quicker than that? The Command-# shorcuts! Those work even when the bar is hidden. So it's the best of all worlds: big, visual favorites that match the iPad, unclutterd UI that leaves more room for web content, instant keyboard launching of favorites, and a...
 Yes, they have. The keyboard is strictly sandboxed, can only access keystrokes, is not aware of what's going on in the app beyond those characters, and has no network connection to send data anywhere. If certain keyboards use a "cloud brain" for somethign valid, they can request network access via a one-time popup--and then it's in your control whether to allow it or not. I'd pass on a keyboard like that, personally. While Android pushes half-baked "First!" features out...
Sounds like a reasonable guess, chipsy, I agree.
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