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Who cares, if you're Samsung? 90% of the public will never remember the cheating story. Of those that to, 90% will remember the story that "others do it too" and assume that includes even Apple. Of those that really WERE worried for moment, 90% will now believe Samsung's false denials, no doubt bolstered by classic astroturfers. That adds up to GOOD marketing! It's not the first time in public discourse that facts have proven unimportant in driving opinions...
 I agree, for basic utilitarian uses like vacation timers that people have done for years, but the more interesting and FUN uses of these bulbs (and fun is why I want them!) involve color-changing. You need a fancy bulb for the color control.
 I partially agree, and partially think they're more trying to cheat against each other than against Apple. (Given how the Android market is so focused on specs, soundbites and bullet points, to the detriment of actually delivering a good experience.) But I 100% think your metaphors are rare poetry!
I wonder if the real fix needs to be on the server end. Happily, I can report: no iOS 7 problems here--with iMessages or anything else (knock on wood). Except: My iPad 2 was slow, stuttery, and even crashy for about an hour... and then it was fine. Go figure. I think some re-indexing or other memory-hoggage must happen for a while right after the update. No problems at all on iPhone 5. Wouldn't go back if I could! (I also wouldn't rush to put it on an iPhone 4.)
Stylus's do have their place. They shouldn't be needed for every day use (that's "blowing it"), but great to have for writing/drawing. When Samsung devices ship with one--and a small-pint one at that--it's a legitimate value to some people (and a fun gimmick for others). I use a cheap fat-tip one on my iPad for sketching out ideas occasionally. Great to see the iOS styluses advancing. I'll still wait another generation or two, but something with a fine point would be nice!
How are enterprise customers managing to keep their devices controlled, if "delete the profile" is all that is needed to cancel restrictions? Did the district miss something they should have done?
 Apple supports the iPad 1. You can get apps for it, customer service, and Genius help. You can use it with the latest Macs and iTunes, and you can restore to the highest OS level it supports. But it doesn't have the performance needed for iOS 7. Nothing Apple could do would change that. Your iPad still does more than it did when you bought it, but there are practical limits. Enjoy what it has always done and keeps on doing! It's still a great machine for a lot of...
I hereby choose to forget that other phones have had their share of lock-screen exploits too, and pretend this only happens with Apple More fun that way!
And the cheapest China iPhone, the iPhone 4 (soon to get iOS 7, same as the newest devices) just got extra legs with the ability to download older versions of apps. People shouldn't worry about day-to-day stock changes. Even year-to-year borders on gambling. Play at your own risk, but the "house" has the edge!
Skip the PS Express update: they dumbed it down and removed useful features. Luckily I still had the old version on my Time Capsule!
New Posts  All Forums: