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Can't wait for August 31!
My WiFi (old model Time Capsule) goes much farther than 31 feet. 3,000 sq. ft. is downright tiny if you think about it! Sufficient for an apartment or small house, even so.
Not entirely unreasonable.... just hope they're paid well!
Location Services has impressed me for years being able to show almost to the room level where I am in my building. No beacons or anything, just old-school WiFi location. Would be neat to get even more precise! (Plus I can't tell from Maps where it thinks my altitude is... might have me on totally the wrong floor!)
It's a crying shame that Heath Ledger passed away. He would have played CFO Luca Maestri unforgettably.
Apple CANNOT penetrate the Chinese market at ALL without a phone made of cardboard that is dropped for free from airplanes. Analysts know this. Wake up, Apple
Get those NFC-ready registers everywhere (thought it would have happened by now!) and THEN we can talk about whether there's a meaningful "plateau." No need for retailers to "support" Apple Pay... they just need modern payment terminals period, and NFC will work.
Everyone has known this for a decade. No investigation needed.
I thought we already knew that? I guess it was conveyed in some way other than the Guidelines docs, which have now been updated. (At first I thought it meant voice control must be supported... which would be great, but sometimes impossible!)
My major version upgrade policy for ANY vendor: 1. Wait for the first point update. 2. THEN wait 3 more days. 3. GO FOR IT.
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