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It only works when plugged into power currently, but I have to say it's awesome in certain cases. Driving, of course, but also when my hands are wet doing dishes... or I'm too friggin lazy to get up and go over to wherever I left my phone.
What did they stuff that packaging up into to smuggle it out? I am horrified.
The 6 is a great screen to use, but a little hard to slip in and out of some pockets (especially since I use a case). Whish is worth it, to me... but make it thinner? That would help! Not to mention look/feel pretty cool. And the battery life is already overkill (for me). Add in the Watch-style stronger types of aluminum, and I can well believe it. Do we think phones will still be ~8mm in 5 years? 10? Progress moves on!
Very cool! Other iPad-based attractions/museums I've seen use what seem to be much better padded/armored cases, though. Hope these can stand the abuse! (And if $32 is too expensive for a given family size; three good options would be a) having fewer offspring, b) choosing cheaper field trips for bigger families, or c) only take some of the kids on trips, while raising the others in the basement like mushrooms. All good options.)
Jailbreaking once allowed a lot of major things, for adventurous risk takers. Jailbreaking now allows a few minor things, and the risks have passed beyond mere adventure. Not worth it. Disable security? No thanks.
I don't think streaming is for me, but I do like the new Music app. I'd say it's 5 steps forward, 1 step back, and the inevitable revisions/evolution will make it terrific. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy a little ad-free streaming radio to discover music. But when the free trial is up, I'm OK going back to the ad-supported radio.
30 days is long enough to break the pen sensor by inserting the pen without looking. Long enough to fail to find your favorite apps, but find the pre-installed 3rd-party junk just fine. Long enough to find the Samsung-not-really-cooperating-with-Google UI hodgepodge to be substandard. Long enough to tell that the awesome-looking curved screen edges are impractical and annoying. And long enough to read about the latest malware/spyware attack on Android, if not suffer an...
If this is a technique Apple expressly allows and even mentions in a tech note, then ideal or not, I surely don't blame Google for pointing some developers in that direction.
Wait times? Luckily that is a problem you CAN just throw money/staff at.
I'm American and I spell wavy "wavy." So does Apple spellcheck.
New Posts  All Forums: