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Sounds like a long-haul concept, making touch ID work directly on the screen. But that's how big changes happen--start early!
A great day for the US and the word--and a great use of that quote. Not a great day for hate and small-minded fear
So... new policy, reasonable on the face of it, is badly enforced and managed, and not understood by the people DOING the reviews. (They are asked to interpret the phrase "offensive or mean-spirited" but they seemingly need to have that explained using shorter words.) Sounds like par for the course. Expect the policy to shift in the days ahead--when it could so easily have started out right to begin with!
Soon Siri will be like Morpheus on the cell phone with Neo, helping you avoid annoying "friends" with finely-honed precision.
App Store Review Team motto: Blunder in Haste, Backtrack Tomorrow Really, these issues are avoidable. The process is broken.
Just remember not to question what your government has told you to think: security and privacy are bad, and Edward Snowden is evil!
Correction: "with no subsidizing assistance from Apple" --> "DELAYED subsidizing assistance from Apple, plus larger total paid sales of the service (which is the goal of any free trial)." See: http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/06/15/more-than-70-of-apple-music-revenues-passed-to-rights-owners-apple-confirms Now, any given artist or label is still free to decline the deal, and is free to take their negotiations public to gain leverage. That's perfectly fair%u2014I'm...
A better solution is a head-mounted device (not Google Glass, but a better iteration of the same concept) that has a boom mic with a camera built in. Positioned on an arm directly under your nose, that could provide a far clearer image up your nostrils than a watch-based solution would deliver. In addition, if cleverly designed, the boom mic could fold back when not in use, allowing the camera to stream video of your ear canal.
Dag Nabbit! They got me again! Every year I fall for ONE Apple Security Apocalypse story, and think "this is it--the big one." It never is. But they up their game every year, hyping harder and obscuring the details just to fool me one more time... But even so, if this is just "another little one" (possibly affecting zero users), it's still important to catch and fix the issues.
Banking, healthcare, communicating with friends who support you--and JOB SEARCHING. All vital, all VERY difficult if you have wait hours for a bus to a library to even begin. I have a friend who fell on hard times due to caring for a dying parent (coupled with predatory loans when she got her degree) and she's a clear example of how broadband (nothing fancy, just usable) can be a necessity to get back on your feet. More so even than speaking on the phone, these...
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