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Record 4k video that takes up extra storage, and nobody who views your clip will be able to tell the difference Everyone wins!
Love the new star logo! That apple thing was soooooo played.
Keyboard as accessory--sure. It makes sense for some. Probably left to 3rd parties. Detachable 2-in-1? No. That will make sense in a far off future where iOS and OS X merge. Until then, it's still a useful niche for some, but not a niche I expect Apple to target
It's 100% possible that someone at Swatch named a collection after a Colombo line. Let's not pretend certainty either way. "Tick different" has no such ambiguity...
Usually I find ignorance and political parroting amusing... but this thread got a few laughs out of me!
Some percentage of people realize a new model is coming. Any world in which sales did not drop would be one crazy world. Plus, for better or worse, Apple didn't increment gradually, they waited for a big jump all at once. They're the oldest game in town%u2014until they're not anymore.
I'm not sure I'd call that "iOS connected" by any stretch. I already take photos of written notes often, and contrast-enhancement is indeed a useful step (which I wouldn't get a specific app for, I'd use Genius Scan or something). So, take iOS out of the picture. It's a neat memo board, I suppose.
 Yes, please. It's literally the only reason I ever occasionally launch Navigon anymore, since I no longer seem to drive away from cell coverage. (More often, I still don't use Navigon, I just refuse to get on the high way and let Siri throw a tantrum for 10 minutes before accepting that I'm going my own way...) This is an advantage of Google Maps that I forget about. If I didn't have Navigon, I'd occasionally use Google for this reason. (Currently, I use it for transit...
A camera on a really long, hovering, flexible, remote-controlled selfie stick IS a useful idea! It can't do what a conventional drone can do. A conventional drone can't do what it can do. Pick the right tool for the job--this looks like a great product for some uses. (The folding is awesome as well.)
Ah, DigitTimes. (But sometimes there's a kernel of truth behind a false rumor: it wouldn't surprise me if some of the newly-announced models SHIP later than others. Maybe the Pro and Mini could ship first, say, and Air 3 after 60 days or something. Especially if Force Touch or something complicates manufacturing. Although I have my doubts about Force Touch being possible at large sizes; I'd love to be wrong!) I don't think there's any lack of enthusiasm about iPads. I...
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