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Sounds like details Apple needs to add to the proposal. And they can certainly do so. No biggie. Then the community can accept, reject, or request changes based on accurate info.
Look at the details of what Snowden actually did, and why, and what impact it has had since it happened. If you do that, you'll stop caring whether you like or respect him (I think I do), stop requesting his murder (really?!) and start being VERY glad he was there to do what he did, at significant personal risk.
Luckily, cheaper accessories are in every grocery store checkout aisle! I guess Apple doesn't need to include that segment in their own stores.
Apple bought Beats. Nobody misunderstands that. And nobody remembers 1981.
These sound like fun toys%u2014I know I enjoy my AR.Drone! But too many of them, too similar! Sounds like a bad plan.
 I'm disappointed too, as an Air 1 owner! I hope they can change that limitation before release (I can dream). But "working" isn't a yes/no question, it's a spectrum. How well does it work? How often does it work? Does it work with ALL apps, most apps, a few apps? Some of the time? Most of the time? When it fails to work well, what happens? Slowdowns, frustrations, unresponsive UI? Crashes? Loss of data you were working on? One thing is for certain: the Air 2's CPU and GPU...
 I wouldn't say it's un-Apple-like at all. (Waiting to do it right, both in UI and behind-the-scenes dev tools, WOULD be Apple-like. I hope they did it as well as it seems!) I'd say it's making the iPad more Mac-like. And iOS and the Mac have both been giving each other features for several years now. iOS has gained some Mac-like things, and OS X has gained some iOS-like things. This continues that evolution that started years ago.
Apple Maps auto-routed me around a sudden hazard on week one, years ago. When it was a brand-new app at its very weakest. It was great! But it didn't tell me out loud specifically WHY it was doing it (I had to tap on the screen to get a text explanation). All I knew was that Siri told me to make a turn on the way home that made no sense, and I obeyed%u2014and saved myself a huge headache. Once I got home I looked at the map and saw a little warning icon on the road I'd...
Developers are not forced to use ODR—I'm glad it's been implemented, and if developers use it when they shouldn't (like any OS feature) that's on them. Minus one star :) Plenty of games and apps already use on-demand data for tutorials: as streaming videos. Keep them small is all I ask, and let the user enable/disable ODR-over-cell data.
How many times do you have to use contraception to earn that badge?
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