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Apple is discontinuing their News app, and all other news apps have been pulled from the store: the truth contains content some users may find objectionable, and you never know when someone might want to install one of those apps without wanting to... or something... (Yeah, I know, the children killed by drones deserved it... or something... so we'd better not be aware of it. Always better to vote with less information.)
They know they'd be removed, and even THAT was all part of the planned publicity stunt for them! It also gave them an excuse to never fix bugs. Pure genius
Same here. Maybe the TV/movie part is what's new.
I wonder if Samsung is still rigging benchmarks by making their phones run faster (and burn more battery) during becnhmark tests than they can actually run for regular users. They got caught doing that once, and said it was an accident... and then did it again anyway! http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/1/4791354/samsung-rigging-benchmark-scores-galaxy-note-3 P.S. iOS 9 runs great on my 6 Plus.
Needs an option in that same menu for "Reload and ignore cache," please!
Nothing looks radically different to me. Upgraded shelf style? Yes, but it all looks like a tweaking/evolution of the way Apple Stores have long been designed. (Except the trees! If every Apple Store is going to get indoor trees, that might qualify as a "radical design change!")
The Forbes stpry says you're safe if you have Airdrop Off. What about if you have it set to Contacts Only? Are you then vulnerable ONLY to attacks from Contacts (which I can tolerate) or is that enough to open you up to strangers too? Seems like a weird detail to omit from the story.
This article has a real source, probably, but not one with any meaningful details. 100% of projects have things happening every day that push things forward; and things every day that are obstacles to overcome. There are always plans and goals that shift. So you can always say "faces roadblocks" about any effort. 5 years to manufacturing? Sounds very fast, even for first prototypes! If that plan is real, and doesn't shift, then obviously there must be tons of challenges...
Procreate can handle a 4096x4096 canvas with 1GB RAM. I wonder what it can do with 4! Re OS X on ARM: not in any foreseeable future (apps would stop running, too much developer nightmare for too little benefit, and we already have an ARM OS). But the name being "macOS" is a sure bet. And in the VERY long run, anything is possible, including OS X on some descendent of today's ARM. Even ARM will go away... someday.
At long last! Discover is my main card, with best rewards usually, but I've used it less since my Visa had ApplePay. Dilemma solved soon!
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