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For Bioshock, nothing but a mouse will cut it!
If all someone wants is a cheap YouTube player for a little kid, they should at least not have to worry about security and privacy. That's a niche Android could serve well IF it were actually secure in practice.
They FINALLY went from copying the 2008 iPhone 3G to copying the 2010 iPhone 4. But there are still exciting new places they can go!
I'd love to type in portrait mode--that's something I'd want from any keyboard. Also super-EASY removal because more than half the time I wouldn't want a keyboard at all. I'm skeptical of anything that grips tightly. But I'm sure there's a niche for this--glad to see it served.
If police do not search every home daily, it will one day result in the death of a child. If we do not all wear government tracking collars with explosive kill switches, that too will one day result in the death of a child. (Letting the government go invisibly unchecked will result in a LOT of deaths one far off day, and lot of loss of liberty in the meantime. Liberty children MIGHT want to grow up having.)
And what about the small startup--or next big thing--that can't pay what the big guys pay to not be throttled? We need net neutrality to allow innovation and competition. "before he was appointed as chairman of the FCC, he was actually lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry." Exactly. And Ted Cruz has taken big bucks from Comcast to spread misinformation. BOTH the right and left should agree on this. But money talks. Those poor little cable companies, won't someone...
People have already been shooting VR video, but it needs to improve. Kudos to anyone who is experimenting in pushing VR and 3D forward. That includes Apple, as shown by years of patent filings. There, I connected this story to Apple
NFC? ApplePay?
Swype's actual swiping is pretty good most of the time--I really like it. But the flaws drive me nuts! I went back to Apple's keyboard, because: - It frequently (like once every 30 seconds of use) changes a word that I TYPED CORRECTLY! It SHOWS correctly where I typed it... and then I hit the space bar and it changes! Then I backspace (which makes Apple's keyboard ignore the autosuggestion the sceond time so you can easily revert to your own entry)... but it CORRECTS IT...
Ah, yes: Comcast has officially bought off the Republicans to turn against us, the people who elected them:   http://gizmodo.com/ted-cruzs-net-neutrality-take-isnt-just-dumb-its-dange-1656821283   Money talks. And it's so EASY to stir up hate against the wrong skin color these days. Nice work.
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