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They're not "targeting" Microsoft. Microsoft's tablets have been trivial in the marketplace. A heavy tablet with reduced battery life, coupled with a slow laptop with a poor keyboard? Worst of both worlds! Charitably: there is a small niche for that. Small is the key word.
His statement helps people--real people who are facing hate and ignorance every day. These responses on top of it only add to the benefit!
There's a big barrier to Metal games (or anything that makes use of the latest performance) being developed. Developers can't currently restrict what iOS devices their game can run on. They can only restrict by iOS version. That means, even if you limit your game sales to iOS 8, an ancient iPad 2 HAS to run it. Making your game adaptive for quality is doable... making it adapt to THAT wide a range is much more work, or even calls for changes to the game design itself....
Thanks, Tim! More people need to be outspoken about the ignorance and hate still ingrained in so many. (Whether or not those people's hate comes from some HUMAN telling them how God wants them to vote, using a badly-translated Bible where they carefully cherry-pick which "rules" to follow and which are to be abandoned. Stone adulterers much?)
 Yep. I know people with small businesses who are suffering HUGELY from Windows (they know their business, not computers; and Windows--including malware--gets them into big trouble and wastes their time). Yet they rely on Access, so... Windows it is! They'd love to go Mac if they could.
Knoxgate?   Samsung should have designed OS-level security like iOS... and maybe a hardware secure enclave... Except they can't.
Cue everyone assuming this was Apple's choice, not Bose's demand. Even though we don't actually know that answer. It could be either party that is responsible.
I'm sure Apple knows where the demand lies. If your needs are niche enough to no longer be served, you still have options, at a cost: external (including TB2) is the way to go now.
Metal iOS vs. OpenGL Android tests will be interesting! Benchmarks from the same game title, say, set to the same detail levels.
Weird naming. Makes the Mini sound "ahead of" the Air.Eventually it has to become like the Mac line: the iPad Mini is just the "iPad Mini". (With additional wording--separate from the actual name--where needed to separate old from new.) Yes, please! The best device is the one you have with you... and if, at a given moment, that's your husband's, sister's, or best friend's device? I'm sure they'd like to give you a separate profile and not have to worry about "their stuff."...
New Posts  All Forums: