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Obamacare is no better or worse "for me" than my old healthcare.... it's just MASSIVELY easier on my wallet! The fraction of my income going to healthcare was insane. Not anymore. The estimate on the gov't web site was way high as it turned out--my bill ended up lower, and benefits higher, than the estimate. And to think I saw the estimate and almost didn't bother applying. I was also turned down for health care because I got a skull fracture in a mugging. I was insured...
Aerial cam, plus local audio recording--sounds really useful, actually.
That would be enough to be useful. Years ago I had a desktop clock (different, ancient tech) that used a potted plant--or a piece of fruit, potato, etc.--as the battery. It worked. Actually, it would go a while on our tap water alone (impurities)! They didn't describe it as energy from photosynthesis, but I suppose that's what it was: the chemical action of the plant in the soil only has one power source: the sun. Now, how MUCH better is the newer tech than what we had...
Flattering choice of photo. Not at all like a goat demon about to feast on a newborn.
Interesting, but I file this under "patent anything you invent, because you never know." In actual practice, I expect wireless solutions would be superior.
PRO TIP: If you're going to sign legislation, at least have your staff read it first.
Turn on VoiceOver some time and try it--close your eyes and do stuff with your phone!   Move around to "see" the screen spatially, and double-tap (does't matter where) to select the last-touched thing. But the many other shortcuts go way beyond that:   - Flick left-right to cycle through everything (good for web page navigation).   - Twist two fingers to choose options/modes on a virtual "knob"   - Tap three fingers for a quick description of what's selected   -...
"No warning was given for the removal.... Late last month, Google updated the YouTube Data API... and announced that older devices, including the second-generation Apple TV, would no longer be supported."   There could have been more warning I suppose, but there was warning. I don't blame Google--eventually technology has to march forward. And when it does, if it's Google technology, Apple alone can't make it work on legacy devices.
All it needs are enhanced multitasking (which we've already seen Apple has been working on) and a pro stylus (first-party option). It may not be the #1 mainstream model, but it will be a great tool. Hope it ships.
This is a problem technology CAN solve. Well, help a lot anyway. Body cameras are an example. This is another!
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