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Metal iOS vs. OpenGL Android tests will be interesting! Benchmarks from the same game title, say, set to the same detail levels.
Weird naming. Makes the Mini sound "ahead of" the Air.Eventually it has to become like the Mac line: the iPad Mini is just the "iPad Mini". (With additional wording--separate from the actual name--where needed to separate old from new.) Yes, please! The best device is the one you have with you... and if, at a given moment, that's your husband's, sister's, or best friend's device? I'm sure they'd like to give you a separate profile and not have to worry about "their stuff."...
It better have 2GB! RAM is a major battery burner, and if you give it to developers, they'll fill it up because they can. In a phone, you want to limit the RAM even if that makes developers' lives harder. But the iPad has battery to spare: more RAM please!
Here's a list of why everyone--not boogie men from politicians' sound bites--should care about having encryption with no back door: https://keybase.io/blog/2014-10-08/the-horror-of-a-secure-golden-key
Catchy headline, omitting the key fact found in the article: some of these chains are trying to start their OWN, less-secure system (under their control and with their tracking presumably). So of course they won't (yet) support a better system that has come along. They'll certainly join in eventually, but for now it makes sense that they'd try to plant doubts to make the competitor (ApplePay) fail. Good luck with that! Plus, an equally true headline would be "Major...
 Even if that happened, there could still be a record of who used that number in that instance (you, not the next person). But a 16-digit number (assuming they go no higher than that) is 100 quadrillion possibilities. That's around 1.4 million codes for every human on Earth, including babies and those who only use cash or animal pelts.
Good! There's a huge problem, one we're so close in the middle of it can be hard to see just how big it is. And there are people who want the problem to continue so they don't have to think about it, or because someone told them that it's "feminism" and evil, despite not knowing what the word actually means. Luckily, there are other people actually working to reduce the problem! Good for Apple.
Seems like those tests overlap. Siri vs. composing messages... what about composing messages WITH Siri? Which things is Siri most suited for? Maybe "updating Facebook" is not the most useful test! But whatever you do is less safe than you think. Pull over!
HP, you promised me a hideous blue-gray iPod. You did not deliver. I will not fall for your hollow promises again!
I'll take speed, accurate colors and better sunlight visibility, over garish OLED colors and perfect blacks that never matter for readability and can only be seen in dim light
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