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Spend enough money, and you can get people to vote against their own interests Wealth plus dishonesty is powerful indeed! Throw in some emotional buzzwords, and you can control your supporters without requiring them to even think
 That survey would show what people HAVE to use, not what they WANT to use; and it would show info on the present state, not looking forward to future intentions. Might be interesting too, but for very different purposes. (At one point, around 100% of iOS developers would have been using WebKit. Interesting, but not a prediction of what they really wanted, nor what the future would hold.)
 True--but business are going to have to shift to new terminal hardware to avoid liability costs anyway, and those new terminals will often have NFC. Then it's just a matter of where they choose to place the new card reader: near the customer for security and convenience (one less task for the surly receptionist on a power trip), or near the receptionist for pure tradition.
One day drones will pick us up at our homes and take us to Amazon warehouses to get our online purchases.
They say they will roll out in the coming months in "ONE U.S. market," with availability determined by "consumer population." Translation: "Between now and November, we hope to begin a rollout in the Okenfenokee market."
So cool! Instead of a doorbell, I'm going to have a button that orders a crowbar.
Say what you will, but these Chronebook products have real value and a reason to exist. Somewhere between iPad and MacBook, there are certain users I'd recommend a Chromebook to without hesitation. And if they're not long-lasting... The waste would be a shame, but at those prices, just buy another! An iPad with a GOOD keyboard is probably better for most people--and costs more too. Sometimes money IS an object. Better a decent Chromebook (I'm sure some exist) than some...
No problems here.
Solar is a valuable PART of escaping the fossil fuel crisis. For a residential home, solar on the roof CAN supply you 100%--and you don't have to be in the desert. (But because of the energy/waste that can go into making the panels, I advocate focusing on newer methods/kinds.) Industrial users are going to need empty land... but so do manufacturing plants (not to mention strip mines for coal). The sun also powers wind, which is another part. Increased power efficiency...
Check out the bloat on that camera hump too! That tiny iPhone 6 ring doesn't seem so bad now!
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