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In technology, the word "targeted" has a different and more specific meaning: malware written and successfully deployed for Android is truly intended specifically for that purpose, and will not run on iOS. It's like any other app/software in that regard. Not a vague concept but a concrete one that has real-world statistics and incidents attached. (See my links above and countless similar data points.)
I know! He should have linked to actual data, which is easy to...
I blame parents for punching in a credit card number, not stopping to think about whether they themselves even understand the system, and then handing an Internet-connected device to small children unsupervised. That said, anyone can make a mistake, and a change to reduce mistakes is a good change. Necessary? Well, how many other mistakes can one make with an Internet device and Apple services? Should Apple warn you if you enter a phone number into a web form to "be sure...
Updates through Play services can't fix stuff OUTSIDE of Play services. The handset vendor is still needed then--but instead, they abandon their devices and push the next one!
Less likely to REPORT broken phones. That phrasing is key. Until we stop shaming phone-breakers, these incidents will continue to go unreported.
It's not an AI conceit; I'd prefer "touch devices" or something over the phrase "mobile devices," since "mobile devices" sounds like it could include cameras and Zippo lighters. But "mobile devices" has become a well-understood term for the various modern iPhone-inspired smartphones and tablets.Meanwhile, it's simply useful and reasonable to look at the computing market as a whole, touch and traditional OS's alike, and AI is not unique in doing so. It's useful to look at...
Seems reasonable to me: - Telling your PIN to a retail employee is certainly unacceptable. - They are seeking a solution, not a payout. Apple is a leader in this stuff and I'm sure a fix will come. If not VoiceOver (due to potentially loud background) then a Bluetooth tactile numpad located in the store and paired with one of the units, ready to call on when the situation arises.
Two accidental leaks: maybe the same? The way Samsung used the info: not the same.
Leave the optical drive at home! But if you do need it on the go, Apple's external is tiny. For that rare need, it's doable. I would like to see Kensington slots return--they have their uses.
That's no spaceship. It's a fruit bowl.
New Posts  All Forums: