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Kind of neat--but if I'm going to use a printer I can simulate the watch in real life. Maybe it's more effective than I think, though. Can someone make an app that simulates using this app for me?
If there's a backlit revision and the keys aren't black, that would be insane: - Macs haven't been white for years. They all have black trim. - Backlighting always improves visibility against black keys. Against white keys, it sometimes REDUCES visibility.
I want to hear how Ives got locked up in the White Dimension, whether he went voluntarily, and how often he does or doesn't visit this world.
I'm not sure what the personal phones of Apple execs told us about the iPhone....
Older devices aren't left in the lurch--they need a longer password if they want greater security. PS Does this box require time, money, AND physically dismantling the device while leaving it operational, as seen in the photo?
Apple should have a full-scale, year-round, well-staffed and well-funded misinformation department. Fooling not just the media digging for secrets, but their own Asian suppliers as well. Complete with making real semi-functional prototypes of things, using realistic part numbers, etc.. They should hire long-time rumor bloggers to craft these fakeries so they leak in exactly the same way as would really happen. The expense, for Apple, would be microscopic, but there would...
I don't like the icon either. (Until I tossed it into my Other folder along with other things I rarely--or never--need. Soul-wrenching crisis averted!) But Apple would be INSANE not to pre-install this reminder of the Watch product. Like it or not, I'm afraid the benefit vs. harm falls in that direction. They made the intelligent decision. For every one person who thinks yet-another-icon is the straw that broke the camel's back and pretends they'll jump to an Android...
Could just be for the mapping effort. Sounds likely to me.
What's the real-world battery life like on those beasts? Apple tends to make ACCURATE battery life claims, or even under-promise. And what OS do they run? Cherry-picking specs sounds like desperation...
Tried it yesterday at a store that's not on any list. It worked fine. (There was an NFC "signal bars" logo.) "Accepting Apple Pay" doesn't mean much it seems--it only means "willing to say so for marketing reasons."
New Posts  All Forums: