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What's the percent breakdown? How many of these celebrity photos were stolen from iCloud vs. Android vs. Picasa vs. Dropbox vs. Microsoft vs. Flickr vs. others? All I've seen is people falsely pretending it was Apple-specific. And we know the Find my iPhone rate-limiting flaw (recently patched) was NOT involved. We also know the photo thefts were not one single "leak" event at all, but years of work by a criminal network. (The "leak" was someone letting the...
Evil Apple! They should GIVE their solutions to the banks to profit from, asking nothing in return. Won't someone think of the bankers!
"We're already getting your money--LOTS of it--so we really don't see much need to improve our services!"
 The last thing you want to do is NOT back up into any cloud. You've been warned! Your own hard drive is vulnerable to fire, leaks, drops, dogs, kids and theft. It's a nice, quick, piece of the ideal plan. But telling people to back up to their PC/Mac won't make it happen: convenience is the enemy of security, and people use phones on their own these days. iCloud brings convenience to vital backups. A remote backup IS vital if you don't want to lose everything. And have a...
What's great is since I (like most) buy every 2 years , and am upgrading from a 5, I also get all the improvements from the 5S (low light etc.). This week's new "stuff" is not the ONLY new stuff for most people. 5 to 6 is quite a nice jump.
And here I was thinking PRE-loaded music would be tacky. This is worse! Not thought through very well. Or at least, glitchy: I have auto-downloads enabled, and I did NOT get it. I had to go to Purchased to download it manually, (And figuring out to even do that was non-obvious.) The store should simply have had a big Free banner, and this could have worked just like the Free Song of the Week, only promoted more. No need to mix things up! (Plus, I like a lot of U2 but...
Good! I shop at places that only take Discover (some deal worked out) and so it's the one card I prefer for the sake of a single monthly bill.
I'm excited to read the first hands-on reviews of these paper models!
We already knew they were paid--Cook and Bono said so at the event. What we didn't know is that the amount was undisclosed! Kudos to Time for digging that detail up. And here I was believing I knew the number....
Samsung astroturfers will no doubt say that volume and thinness (which their cheap plastic has not delivered) don't matter for easy pocketability, only length... because it's the only dimension they've gotten smaller. Of course the reverse is true. Even the biggest phone is not long enough to stick out of my pockets--not even close. But thinness in a pocket is important.
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