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To be not "over-the-top,“ it would have to be smaller. And then it wouldn’t be enough space, so.... over-the-top it is! As for it being minimalist—people have different tastes. I like the idea. Detail/ornamentation/pinstripes/“character” are only one approach to design. The detail and interest here is more in the green space within/around it: more green space than that land currently has. The building itself gets its interest from simplicity not busy detail. That IS...
"her stolen credit card” Shortest investigation ever
Two things this would solve for me: 1. I could have a several chargers in different places, and any one of them could charge ANY of my devices. That would be great—even if the smaller chargers could only supply a slow trickle to the larger machines. (I already love that my iPhone and iPad can charge from each other’s bricks—which Apple’s tech note says is fine to do. My iPad charges off my tiny iPhone brick when I travel—one little brick, two devices charged—by taking...
As near as I can tell, Google STILL has not fixed the glaring problem that when you switch from one Android device to another, you lose all your customizations, game progress, stored files/music/movies, screen organization, downloaded apps, etc. It’s like starting fresh! What a pain. That’s not the way to be “sticky,” when an iPhone user can get a new iPhone and everything from wallpaper to folder organization is preserved—automatically with no special hoops to jump...
All the Android companies and devices together get lumped together to make fourth place, but Apple gets sliced into three--and each slice is still big enough to take one of the top 3 spots? Seems unfair... Android should be given SECOND place after iOS’s very large first place
What was said, as you quoted, does at least mention iPad and iPhone—and only iPad and iPhone. So a headline about Android would not be equally accurate.
I hope Samsung doesn’t see that—they’ll be horrified to be reminded that Apple’s iPad styling isn’t the only possible way to design a tablet! As a user, I want one of every tablet size from 2” to 30”. The ideal mini-tablet is more pocketable, and Apple already makes that, but an in-between size? Sure, why not. As a developer, UI size matters, and I don’t want the fragmentation!.
Terrible “trendy” new name, but the beauty is in the massive film/TV selection, not the name! And “Netflix” is actually a great, logical name for the streaming-only service. I’m still not likely to get both—maybe I’ll alternate! Offer a cross-promotion discount (again) even a buck off, and I might go for both. If this is a sign of worse to come, that’s a shame Fingers crossed, because nobody else can touch Netflix/Qwikster's’s selection.
Testing the web sites I build using VoiceOver is a pretty cool experience—close your eyes and navigate. Although I’m not vision impaired, I can get some sense of what an amazing leap forward iOS is over previous computing/browsing solutions. A blind user can tell a sighted user to go to the third button at top-left, say... everything is laid out the same no matter what senses you use. As it should be!
The Pro is certainly not the best value in the lineup, until it has an SSD! That performance can be felt by anyone. An 11” Air with extra RAM and/or storage (depending on your needs) plus a cheap 22” or so external display is an awesome value. Knowing you can probably add a hardcore gaming GPU via Thunderbolt some day is the icing on the cake! (For me.)
New Posts  All Forums: