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Now work out a deal with libraries, and it can replace the Kindle app for me I love checking out library books for free from home and reading them on my iPad. Kindle has some arrangement with libraries, and is a good reader app—almost an iBooks clone, but it has some annoying rough edges. I’d use iBooks if I could. (Purchasing ease is not a factor between the two apps, since I don’t want to own a lot of books. I read them and move on.)
I “estimate” that some people will like their Fire just fine, some won’t, but in general the poor experience (performance and screen size alike) with browsing and apps on the Fire will boost iPad demand in 2012. Especially when Fire owners try their hand at a real iPad after already knowing they like the tablet concept. An iPad gateway drug subsidized by Amazon! Not bad.
7” done well would be better than an iPhone (in terms of easy pointing etc.) and worse than iPad. But Safari on iPhone/iPod Touch is already very usable despite being smaller than the Fire; I’m constantly amazed at how easy it is to tap the link I want without zooming in. That’s good programming that figures out what you meant to tap, even if you only tapped near it. In fact, I think people by habit have a little vertical offset (they actually tap low, as if they’re...
It’s not that the Fire has no profit for Amazon. It’s that it has no MORE profit for Amazon than an iPad running the Kindle app And Amazon is A-OK with that, I suspect.
Exactly, DaHarder! Samsung could have cloned one of those other designs that nobody would mistake for Apple’s product... or even come up with their own, so we’d have more real choice and competition! Instead, Samsung copied, right down to numerous small details, which were no accident and not “inevitable." Forget those hypotheticals and that list of vague “elements"... there have been tons of other companies' tablet designs that look different from the iPad (to say...
Samsung’s design method is: copy Apple... and then maybe change it JUST enough to get away with it—or sue Apple back in the hopes that Apple won’t find its original IP worth defending. Imagine what cool stuff we might see from Samsung if they created their own designs from scratch. Imagine the added choice we’d have in the market! Tablets don’t HAVE to look like the iPad, because clearly not all of them do.
A lower-cost 8GB iPad 2 would actually go really far for many users; even music-lovers, thanks to iCloud. 8GB wouldn’t be for people who want a huge portable offline media or photo library, but it would be fine for readers, surfers, communicators, and many types of gamers. People who might be tempted by a cheap tablet with a poor experience, when space is less important than having something work well.
Agreed. Many people buy Android based on the Google name, and haven’t done the thorough research to realize how much they are giving up compared to iOS. A ‘sort-of iPhone-alike” is still an awesome gadget compared to what existed pre-iPhone; yet I see Android users fighting their phones to get simple tasks done, and running out of battery in the process, and I can only hope that they get some comfort from the Google brand name (and “open” buzzword that mainly helps the...
The poor guy’s gonna knock it right off the table with the very next tap on the trackpad!
Macs have had Siri-“like” capability since the 1990s! You could launch an app or ask for the time. (Still can with OS X.) Siri isn’t new, merely much better! (I agree, though, Apple is touting all the new features—like Siri, faster speed, the camera—because the 4S lacks new features )
New Posts  All Forums: