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These problems are real, and they can be addressed, and they NEED to be addressed (better), and Apple hasn’t solved them yet. Apple never pretended to, and nobody inside or outside Apple thinks they have. What Apple does have is a true commitment (not PR) on these problems, and a record of improvement. It’s not enough of course, and CNN’s ad-baiting may have one good side-effect if it pushes for change faster. Or, CNN’s ad-baiting could simply let all the non-Apple...
I’m sure some people would rather Apple charged pro-level bucks for the iBooks Author tool, and then didn’t demand any cut of sales. But that’s not how Apple chose to charge for this, so those people will have to look at other tools... or just use iBooks Author for free but not use the .ibooks format. Then they can sell any way they like.
It’s not enough of course, but it’s good step as far as it goes. (But why did it take all these years to do even this much?)
I hate “interactive voice response systems.” I say, get rid of them, or at least minimize them GREATLY—and leverage Siri/Nuance to improve what remains!
"Reports of iOS 5 iMessages being sent to the wrong recipient” This story, and Apple’s comment, seems to be about ONE report; an occurence after Genius service. We’ve seen other reports, plural—about iMessage and stolen phones—which are much more interesting and concerning situations.
Apple patents every idea they come up with, regardless of any current plans to develop or use them. Apple’s not "developing tech” here... they’re “making drawings.” The idea is real, the implication that anything in the works is pure speculation—and very unlikely given Apple’s patent history.
You can go back. (As mentioned in the article, Apple even updated the “old style” utility for those who need it.)
"software attach rates for apps and media downloaded to the tablets would correlate inversely with the hardware price” Do I misunderstand the term “attach rate?” I thought attach rate didn’t mean the total NUMBER of “attached” downloads (or whatever additional sales), but rather the rate per initial sale: how many paid app/media downloads per each hardware unit sale. You could say the total number of downloads rises with the total number of sales, and that low prices...
Despite the recent Xbox story which seems to have been forgotten, I’ve seen nothing in this current batch of stories (in the general media) except fire hurled at Apple—likely the BEST of the industry, while other—and worse—tech companies are not even mentioned. Nice journalism.
Wow. Stick with your contract! It makes it much easier to then justify getting the NEXT, even better iPhone!
New Posts  All Forums: