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Some solution is badly needed. Not by everyone, but by a LOT of people. Simple actions like checking your email on your family iPad—if you’re not the single “owner”—are a pretty poor user experience at present. Or a friend/guest—my friends are always checking their email on my iPad, and they have to use webmail to do it. Some of them are frequent users and I would give them REAL email if it were only possible.   Apple has all the pieces to make an elegant, simple and...
Wake up! Even though the new Blackberry is far from done and may never ship, and is highly unlikely to come close to iOS anyway, there ARE old Blackberries still available! Wake up, be bold, and buy one of those! We don’t have to tell you why you’d get an old Blackberry instead of the latest-version iOS device—if you have to ask questions like that, you must be a “thinker” and not a “doer”! So stop being a mindless follower, and just do we what say without...
"Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut”   So I’m not crazy! I DID take that picture! No version of it, HDR or otherwise, was later to be found in my photos. Now I know why.   “Improved reliability for syncing Safari bookmarks and Reading List"   Thank you! Reading List has been awesome but it was SO close and yet so far, if it needed me to manually force a sync (by manually adding/removing something).
Pentile still ?! Where white backgrounds turn to checkerboards, black text turns to ladders, and each pixel is only 2/3 of a pixel, making the claimed resolution misleading! Step up, boys and girls, it’s the innovative “anti-retina” display! :p   http://androidcommunity.com/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-has-pentile-amoled-screen-20120503/   Pentile on the left; the effect is poor at real size too.
These patents sound like they are years away from Apple even deciding if they WANT them in a product. Durability and other concerns would make me shy away from putting the early versions of anything like this in a product that ships in the tens of millions.   Still, I’m all for innovation and invention! Practical or not, I’m glad people are thinking in these ways. Apple patents a ton of new ideas, and a few of the most exotic ones might ship one day.
Shipped vs sold... I think the iPad’s doing even better than these numbers make it sound.   (And then there are return rates. I wonder if Target is dropping the Fire because of high return rates?)
Any updates on how Samsung, Microsoft and others are faring on these issues?   - crickets -
I take this with salt, but the current design does maximize battery capacity better than some tapering/curved shape. And the flat sides are nice to hold, especially for camera use.   Change is fun, though, so I kind of hope the styling does change!   (This could also be for an upcoming low-end iPhone; a slight tweak to the 4 or 4S, ready to accompany the iPhone 6.)
Agreed—that UI is not an Apple clone. It can be done!   (Still... “wake up” to what? You’d better ship before that kind of marketing!)
If iOS apps are truly gouging Australians the same way Adobe is with Creative Suite, then I'd say some questions need to be asked!
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