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It’s more than just “rumor” that Apple works on all KINDS of things behind the scenes, and you may be sure many different sizes of iOS device are among them. It’s also more than rumor that most of them never leave the labs. I don’t think this counts as a “report” yet.
Oh, no. That last chart is going to be more fuel for the iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS fan flamewars! Come on, it’s all iPhones; can’t we all just get along?
I like the non-Apple versions better, if Apple’s truly needs a tray. The tray itself wastes space inside the device. I’m sure Apple can devise an eject-hole and a clean slot-hatch without needing a tray.
People still believe him—and still boycott Apple as a result. His show is still billed as fact, and the made-up incidents still move people. Those people (who I have met in fact) then go on to buy Chinese-made electronics from some other company instead. A company that doesn’t do nearly what Apple does to improve these issues. Nice work. And none of the press coverage on this situation EVER seems to mention that these are NOT Apple problems (even the ones that are...
I’m sure Consumer Reports will now note that despite massively higher power needs for the new screen and graphics, this new iPad matches the heat dissipation of lesser devices! Impressive.
Makes sense, since the iPad (and its battery) are bigger than most hotspots. There may be some obscure use out there where someone wants to pay for LTE for days on end with no access to a power outlet I saw this images in a previous article and IIRC, Verizon is red in both, but AT&T is shown two ways in blue, all 4G, and LTE-only 4G (which has more limited coverage). Those are the three kinds of coverage you’d need to compare when thinking about Verizon vs. AT&T for where...
Could Game Center help, if expanded beyond just games? A method based on your AppleID, not your hardware? (For real purposes, I mean... not ad tracking, if I had my choice!)
Thank goodness Margolis is here to step into the spotlight when “nobody else” at Apple says no to bad design, and the only person who ever did is gone. I don’t think AppleTV has ever been all that great, merely interesting (though I’d love AirPlay). But this design is clearly not 5 years old, and is not the same thing Jobs rejected—he presumably rejected something similar in some ways, if the story is true (and that much is certainly plausible). And I’m sure “just...
Small screens are better! Big screens are also better! Each in their own way. Just don’t get carried away with either extreme. A little smaller would be nice. A little bigger would be nice in other ways. ANY change is fun just because it’s a change. And annoying for the same reason, but we’ll get over it. Someone noted that the trend of bigger screens is only in LTE models: those Android phones need massive batteries to run early LTE. How do you get away with a...
I call fake. That photo is from Cloverfield.
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