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Microsoft has gotten pretty brilliant of late.   Problem: Microsoft needs to make their own hardware like Apple does. Apple’s model works. But how to jump suddenly into the phone hardware business? Apple makes it look easy, but it’s not. Hmmm....   Step 1: sell Nokia a bill of goods with Windows Phone 7, incomplete as it is, as the future for greater things. Let them put their success on the line with their customers.   Step 2: spring the trap! No Windows 8...
Like it or not, Apple learned a valuable lesson from this fine: when you put back the sofa cushions, the zippers should face the rear.
Not a fair comparison anyway. It’s apples and oranges. The New iPhone (5? 6?) should be compared to the 2013 Galaxy S IV Vision2Evolution. Which hasn’t been announced yet, but THAT is the phone that will attempt to clone the New iPhone. It’s just not fair to compare to a Samsung phone that’s still trying to be an iPhone 4.
Great find, iFixit! I wondered whether there might be an optical drive in there!
He’s right: this level of photographic details of our homes and yards has NEVER been seen in an online service before. Other than Street View, I mean....   Regardless, it does need to be evaluated, and corporations can’t always be left to “just control themselves” out of the goodness of their employees’ hearts.
They’re investigating the FCC to find out why the FCC failed to act on a lack of evidence?   Then they’ll investigate why the FCC was investigated for no good reason, I suppose....   Eventually maybe they’ll get around to action on things that have actual evidence... like whether the recent increase in sugar (yay corn lobby!) in everything from bread to sauces promotes cancer and heart disease. (Wait, that’s already known... I won’t spoil it for you.)   Also,...
  It’s the things we DO know about and allow to continue that are scary! I need not waste time imagining secret conspiracies when stuff like this, right under our noses, needs to be stopped.
  I’ve done some quick math and decided that truly insane conspiracy theories are as common as trolls. 50/50 this is a serious post.   If they’re going to track you... wouldn’t they just track you? How on earth does this feature help them do so? And how would the data reach the government in a way no techie user or honest tech company (are they ALL in on it?) could ever detect and blow the whistle?   And if you somehow worry about this, there are far worse things to...
Why give the guy a hard time? I once heard of a guy watching sports on TV for fun, achieving equally little. I say: cool hobby project!
His advice was two words: “Blackberry...? No."
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