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I hope OpenOffice isn’t affected Although I need it maybe 5 times a year anyway. This Java thing sounds cool, though. I’m gonna have to install that and try it out!
I agree, the price is fine; but I won’t do business with them because of this (and other) dishonest practices.How do you know what their selection is (be it DVD or streaming) without giving them your credit card? You can’t—but that’s not exactly dishonest, just a sneaky way to get your credit card for a free trial they hope you’ll forget to cancel. What’s truly dishonest is they let you THINK you know the selection, and you give them your credit card number based on that....
This is useful even without any breach on Apple’s end: criminals phish to get you to tell them your Apple login. If you do, this helps stop them from using it. It’s annoying, but banks do it—for a reason—and Apple’s got your credit card info on file, after all.
Netflix is HUGELY dishonest. I almost signed up with them again until I realized: If you aren't already a customer, they claim that ALL movies are in their library. Even ones currently in theaters and unreleased on DVD! (Even titles like The Avengers that haven't even even finished production yet.) Blatant false advertising. Here’s how it works--try it: If you don’t have an account (or if you're logged out), then when you go to their site you can “Browse Selection” to...
AT&T is just as stupid about advertising LTE as they are about advertising simultaneous voice and data: they show people pretending NOT to be online while on a call, which is contrived and silly. The value of simultaneous data is being online as PART of the conversation. Looking up movie times, restaurant hours, or answering a question.
I hope Valve is licensing Apple’s “Drag Your Downloaded Apps to Any Drive You Like” technology. Messing with Terminal to get my Steam stuff onto an external isn’t Mac-style user friendliness!
Did all (pre-cursor-keys) Macs have that slide-out drawer? I used some pretty ancient “yellow Macs" in school but I never thought to yank on the side of the keyboard to see what might happen.
”Apple convinced e-book publishers to switch to an "agency model" for sales, allowing them to set prices. Previously, Amazon used a "wholesale model" in which it would set its own prices, sometimes even at a loss, and upset publishers.” Which is it? Did Apple have to convince publishers to switch away from the agency model to a model Apple wanted, or were the publishers themselves upset by the agency model?
Other companies like Samsung have much better labor practices: they tell journalists “no comment” and make sure not to invite audits/investigations. Problems that are covered up don’t sell ads for “journalists,” so they aren’t real problems It’s sad to see times change, but as long as SOMEONE is making movies about beating up douchebags, I guess it’s still a world I can live in.
I’ve wondered the same thing about current tablet share numbers I’ve seen claimed. I see iPads everywhere; once in a blue moon I see a Kindle Fire. I’ve seen any other tablet maybe 3 times in the past 18 months.I think the answer my lie with a) too much optimism for Android, but also b) Kindle Fire. Sold at a loss, not compatible with mainstream app markets, and maybe “Android” in name only. Even Google themselves is allegedly looking for a way to counter the Amazon Fire...
New Posts  All Forums: