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Perfect solution! Keep it simple. Before, I’d been wanting everything bundled within iChat itself... but that makes little sense, since FaceTime is not “chatting” per se, and iChat vs. iMessages work differently (and they have to: one is legacy compatibility with cross-platform users; one is an SMS-alternative). The simple, best solution—as often with Apple—is obvious in hindsight.
Oh no! Apple has added options, while taking nothing away! Those big meanies!
It’s obviously sheer coincidence that Samsung has SO many product details SO very close to Apple’s. Coincidence that their new phone-thing comes in white, too. They never mimic Apple. Thank goodness Samsung is anti-competition. If we saw more REAL competition and not lazy copying, then they’d be innovating more, with newer and more unique ideas. Who wants that? Just keep copying Apple right down to the packaging. That’s innovation worth rooting for! And of course...
The real winner in this story is Purell. I predict sales through the roof.
Ad-supported apps are NOT my favorite model. But it’s an important option to have, and I’m not 100% opposed in every case. It’s probably a good idea for Apple to have their own service that no competitor (Google) can pull the plug on or exert control over. Devs will choose between various ad offerings, but I can see why Apple wants to have their toe in the water as well.
Who cares about number of apps, as long as Android’s best apps are just as good as iOS’s best apps? Oh... wait. Never mind. I’ll go back to painting in Procreate on my iPad.
I say, don’t give in, or the extortions will keep coming! Just call it Pad in China.
"All of this market emulation of Apple is ironic, in our view, given the initial skepticism that the MacBook Air received.” As ever! 1. Apple comes out with something never before seen, or makes it usable for the first time. 2. Competitors denounce it. Trolls rush to agree. 3. It succeeds wildly. Apple must have brainwashed people, because obviously Apple never makes anything actually worthwhile. 4. Competitors copy it. Trolls now love it, but only without...
45 iPads—that’s HUNDREDS of dollars down the drain! In fact it’s .000008% of the 55 million Apple has sold. (Why do they need to open and “inspect” the units? Is there some weird paperwork that they have to have seen the word “iPad” on each one?)
I guess these are a few patents that can’t be used against Apple in place of real competition and innovation! (I know some trolls will say that true competition is copying Apple, rather than bringing something new to the market.) About a year ago, Apple was the most-sued tech company. These days, some people talk as though Apple sues others more than they get sued; any real numbers as evidence for that? (Of course the merits of a suit matter more than how many there are.)
New Posts  All Forums: