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Time to turn all those old 3G and 3GS models into iPods with GPS’s! My old iPhone 3G works great as an in-car GPS with Navigon MyRegion. No SIM, no service plan, no network needed. Clearly, tower-assisted GPS can’t work, but the startup time and accuracy of the GPS still seems to be great. Plus, an old iPhone makes a spare screen for ultraportable multiplayer gaming.
Is something shooting out of that guy’s nose?? Yuck!!
Price drops are a no-brainer (look at the Mac, iPod and iPhone over time). New sizes? Well, touch is the future, so eventually that too will make sense. (Eventually. It’s not good for app developers!) But Apple’s not going to be “spurred” by anything recent like cheap Kindles. Apple doesn’t just react (like every other touch device vendor does)—they plan ahead and lead the way. Apple invented the Kindle (as more than an e-reader) and Android, for all practical purposes....
Gyro stabilization doesn’t remove motion blur as far as I know (doing so would give moving video an odd look anyway). It removes travel/jitter so that objects are in the same place from frame to frame.That doesn’t apply to stills: there only IS one frame. There’s no jitter or travel to remove.But if you’re hoping that motion blur can be avoided when you take a still shot while moving too much, the 4S probably does help with that a bit, simply by having a shorter exposure...
iChat is completely mainstream: my friends using AIM, Google Talk, etc. all message me on it and vice versa. They have no idea whether I’m using iChat or some other client, and I have no idea what client they’re using. It’s seamless, open, and not Apple-bound at all.Similarly, iMessage isn’t an app at all—it’s an automatic capability of the iPhone’s built-in SMS app (“Messages.”) Like iChat, it's seamless: you don’t have to remember who has an iOS device—just send your...
iOS already supports this: I saw UltraViolet playback support was just added to the free iPhone/iPad Crackle app. I don’t often want to buy a disc, but if I do, being able to stream it to a free app is certainly a nice added feature!
Another great product that a vocal minority put down for no reason (“the shape has no novelty value!”), while the masses snap it up and enjoy the benefits
I really like the “raise to head” option. Doing that gives you more privacy (they can’t hear what Siri says back), more accuracy (talking cleanly right into the mic) and more ability to seem halfway normal talking to your phone Because you could almost be just on a phone call if people aren’t listening in too closely. This would remove most of the slight hesitation I’d have about using Siri.
The selection at Netflix by DVD is untouchable, and for streaming, I can only compare Hulu: Netfilx is far better! And remember: Netflix streaming has no ads! Hulu Plus still has ads, last I checked! Yikes. Crackle is worth noting, too: it’s free like Hulu, but allows you to watch on iPhone and iPad, which free Hulu does not. (Pay-per-DVD Netflix by mail is what I want! That would nicely complement the online services I use—mainly iTunes, Hulu and Crackle. Plenty of stuff...
I don’t care what’s “true” 4G—or any other buzzword. I just want to know what the speed is, and how long the battery lasts, in real-world use.
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