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How does that compare to what Amazon paid the judge?
*Raises Hand*
I do find this annoying, even though I'll "watch" a video to gain additional power-ups for a game. Glad to see Apple take some control over this, especially when it causes my phone to jump into the App Store when I don't have the option to stop that from happening.
I'm hoping Monday's stock price will then jump to $150 a share.
Controllers should never cost $99, more like $30. Until this changes I won't own a controller for my phone. When will these companies learn. At that high of a price it should at least come with free games (the more pricey ones) to download that are controller compatible.
I'm starting to warm up to this too as a stockholder. I'm now seeing all the possibilities of Apple's pieces coming together. Subscription based music thru iPhone, Macs, Apple's CarPlay, Satellite connected Headphones, etc. Combine this with an iCloud Subscription and I might actually sign up.
My guess is Option 4 is most likely the outcome. Rational sense would make that happen. I'd say common sense, but their seems to be a lack of that today. I don't see a product ban happening - forcing that seems more trouble than its worth.
Wait. I can't just get a software update to the crappy factory program that's in my GMC? How hard is that? I'd even pay for it. Heck, Adobe has software updates that go out weekly - for the same product. I'd gladly waste an hour to have it installed at the dealer to have CarPlay.
What good are patents if the courts won't protect you from companies blatantly copying the work you created? Maybe Apple should clone Judge Koh, rapidly age her to the real Judge Koh's age and have her with draw money from the real Judge's bank accounts. While probably not technically possible, this is pretty much what Samsung did with their phone designs. Apple just need to request a non-partisan Judge; this one isn't.
New Posts  All Forums: