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will announce billions of dollars in profit, stock price will fall. doesn't make any sense but it will be consistent with the past pattern...
I keep bugging GMC to figure out a way to install it on my 2012 GMC Terrain. GMC's default system sucks and I usually just end up listening to a local Oldies Station. The iPod plug and play works, but it is too clunky and doesn't always work as they intended.
What's the big deal? I ignore Push Notifications all the time. This was no different.
this looks designed for the sake of design. not for functionality. I like the image of the side view where I can't really make anything out (even if it is just a rendering). not really sure that it is an added selling point. It will be interesting to see the reviews on this when it hits the market.
How does that compare to what Amazon paid the judge?
*Raises Hand*
I do find this annoying, even though I'll "watch" a video to gain additional power-ups for a game. Glad to see Apple take some control over this, especially when it causes my phone to jump into the App Store when I don't have the option to stop that from happening.
I'm hoping Monday's stock price will then jump to $150 a share.
Controllers should never cost $99, more like $30. Until this changes I won't own a controller for my phone. When will these companies learn. At that high of a price it should at least come with free games (the more pricey ones) to download that are controller compatible.
New Posts  All Forums: