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Wait. I can't just get a software update to the crappy factory program that's in my GMC? How hard is that? I'd even pay for it. Heck, Adobe has software updates that go out weekly - for the same product. I'd gladly waste an hour to have it installed at the dealer to have CarPlay.
What good are patents if the courts won't protect you from companies blatantly copying the work you created? Maybe Apple should clone Judge Koh, rapidly age her to the real Judge Koh's age and have her with draw money from the real Judge's bank accounts. While probably not technically possible, this is pretty much what Samsung did with their phone designs. Apple just need to request a non-partisan Judge; this one isn't.
I'm pretty sure there is a legal difference between "I shot myself in the foot" and "You shot me in the foot."
I'd would actually pay money to have this installed in my 2012 GMC Terrain now. This looks far better than the crappy interface I have to deal with now. I keep it on one radio station and won't use my iPod because the current set-up is so poorly designed and doesn't work quite right with the iPod. Here's hoping this update allows me to use CarPlay over the inferior GMC interface that came with my car.
I would have appealed with extreme prejudice.
basically all I got from the ad is, 'if I'm an ass, then this Samsung copy tablet is for me.'
This kill switch feature would only be for the actual owner of the phone, right? I'm sorry but the only way I'll allow the government to kill my phone would be with some sort of EMP - and even then I'll be pretty pissed.
Here's a statement Apple should release: "Due to the Government allowing Amazon to keep it's Monopoly over e-books and their pricing, we are withdrawing from that market - thus closing purchases of electronic books from iBooks immediately. Well be paying no fines for price-fixing since Apple was only allowing another venue for Publishers to sell in with their own pricing. Our Court Appointed Monitor is hereby barred from all Apple Facilities and Stores."
Not really shattered, but cracked wouldn't seem as headline worthy. As we say where I work - if you are working accidents are bound to happen.
Has anyone looked to see if they can buy Judge Cote through Amazon?
New Posts  All Forums: