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That's ridiculous.  If you think that when someone talks about a) the future and b) a secretive company like Apple as an outsider, they can be precise, you're dumber than I would have guessed.     Sorry, would you like me to say "maybe" every time I'm talking about what MIGHT happen in the future so you can figure it out?  You aren't really that thick are you?  You do understand that every one of us doesn't know exact (or even close) numbers about any of this stuff....
Because higher resolution screens are harder to make.  How much harder cannot be quantified by either of us, particularly because we're talking about the future.   Simple question: Why WON'T capacity be drastically lower?  Let's see how you can do.  I'm guessing you'll continue to equivocate, while demanding proof of others.
Yeah I get it - anyone who questions Apple's decisions, even RUMORED ones, gets shouted down or proof is demanded.  Those on the other side... well of course, you can assume that Apple will have no trouble producing these panels, despite recent evidence of production problems with high PPI panels.  Why would any member of the public KNOW about their production capabilities?  Why would you?  Why would I?  But I sure know that they have had a LOT of trouble with these...
Can you explain why it wouldn't?
Perfect.  Of course, production capacity for such displays will be 1/2 of the capacity for the older panel so production will suffer, delays will occur and fanboys will claim that demand must just be super duper ;)  
That's ridiculous. First, stop trying to say what I think. Just stating what you think is sufficient for participating in a debate.Second. I don't think that the inability to produce iMacs in the last quarter of the year is the only reason for the decline. Stop putting words in my mouth. But I do think that almost all of the reasons for the decline fall eventually on the CEOs desk and cook has done badly at managing them.Just because you happen to be a pro Apple poster on...
What makes you think you're open minded and I'm not? You just disagree with me. Frankly it's hard to justify the 'stay the course' argument is more open minded than the one I'm suggesting. But if you want to believe that when two people disagree you can claim that the other is closed minded because he won't agree with you, meanwhile you won't agree with him....You guys are just refuseniks. That's ok. Time will tell who is right. I hope I'm wrong because my wallet will...
No, but it's his fault for not making SURE that any production issues were ironed out before the critical holiday season.And the stock is down 40% because he failed at that. Period.
Also the ceo's job to prevent. If you put all your production eggs into one basket, you pay the price when your designs are too far ahead of their time. CEO bears the blame. Try again.
There's no doubt in my mind this is correct. It's Cook's job to make sure that all the parts of the company are working together to create products apple can sell. Ives job is to be optimistic, Cook's job is to be realistic. Cook is the one failing here.
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