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You know how I know you're wrong? This sentence above. Desperate and pathetic straw man argument.Just because he's smart doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes that others may not have made. It also doesn't mean that he should be a CEO instead if being a COO. Lots of great offensive coordinators fail miserably at head coach. Doesn't make them a bad coach.(Siri dictation mistake)
If only the guy in charge was a supply-chain wizard huh?
I'm hoping the OP was joking, but I don't think he was.
That interpretation makes perfect sense 
Why would part of the settlement be that they are not allowed to make misrepresentations about anything?!? Shouldn't that not require a settlement?
You mean, based on what was presented on this fan site by its editors.  Your only view of what was presented in the courtroom is filtered in advance by the creators of this and other Apple fan websites.
Amazing how being shot down in court on all counts will cause such headlines.  Feel free to provide any evidence (or even a wild-eyed conspiracy, like a moderator here would provide) that that's not the case.
I can't see any future legal battles involving this ridiculous tm. I'm sure it'll just win every time.
In that case, you will probably never buy another piece of technology. Enjoy that iPad 2 for the rest of your life!
It would help my research if the author of the post would have specified what those alternate searches are, now that porn has been deprecated.
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