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Who is surprised by this?  In the USA you often have to fight your way out of a carrier store to keep your iPhone that you request.  Salespeople really push Android here.  You can't blame them - the monthly fees are the same, the subsidized price is the same, but the wholesale price that VZ pays is hundreds less for Android phones typically.  Some of that savings goes to the salesperson.
False. Hilarious though. You should give up your lucrative forum posting career and take up comedy full time.
If the eventual leader of Apple is able to greenlight the right products on the right timetable so that Apple can actually meet the demand in the marketplace, the stock will go up. I couldn't care less, nor could I possibly predict what the stock will do upon the naming of Cook's replacement. Also, it's certainly not any of our place to even conjecture upon a potential replacement for cook. Both of your questions are obvious strawman questions. There's no way anyone here...
That you don't get to HIGH institutional ownership by having institutions sell their holdings.None of us can possibly know who is buying and selling on any individual day. The only piece of evidence that we have that indicates who is buying it who is selling in the long-term is the institutional ownership percentage. Because that's numbers high that means over the long-term, institutions are buying and individuals are selling. It's self-evident.People here don't want to...
The institutions are the only ones that are holding. It's the individual investors who are selling. Why do you think Apple is now almost entirely owned by institutions. It's not because institutions have been selling, it's because they are the on ones who aren't selling.
Not if you consider the fact that roughly 1,000,000 Macs were missing from Apple's earnings this past quarter. That would've given Apple roughly $1.5 billion more of sales, and perhaps $500 million more profit in the quarter. That would be another 3% of revenue, and another approximately 5% profit. Numbers like that would have sure look much better then the numbers that Apple reported. Those numbers work bad, but clearly they were disappointing for a lot of existing...
That's good. Hopefully next time Apple tries to do a massive upgrade of nearly all of its product lines, it will remember to look at a calendar before it does so so it doesn't totally blow the important Christmas shopping season. Then again, I have my doubts that Tim Cook will be the CEO by then. You don't just lose a third of the company's value on your watch, because of choices that you made poorly, and survive it.
Because when different market participants have different information, the market is broken. When everyone has the same information and is deciding to sell, there's no broken market. They don't close down trading just because what you wanted to happen to your stock didn't happen.
This wasn't a record quarter. Do you people even read the news before posting?
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