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You clearly have no clue. Corporate profits are at multi decade highs. Stop talking if you don't know what you're talking about.
Up from where it closed at 4 today
What year is this? Subtract 2 from that.
It'll be up tomorrow.
Finally someone with some sense.   Let the dummies bitch and moan, those of us who don't have on rose colored glasses will profit from the echo chamber that is this board.
So many financial experts around here ;)   They think the largest company in the world should go private ;)  The market has been SO bad for Apple... heh
All that may be true.  But the fact is, big institutions are the remaining holders of Apple - you can't blame THEM for the drop in the stock because they're the only ones left!
So that means that while individual stockholders were selling over the past 4 years of gains, hedge funds have held and bought more, leaving them the only ones who still believe in the long term for Apple.   I suggest a reverse split of 10:1 to get the stock price up high enough so Apple is no longer held by the fickle individual shareholders who just are there trying to make a quick buck. Gee, when you forget about who you are being told to hate, it sure is easy to see...
Yeah, it's hardly even worth having enough money to put the next 10 generations of your family in mansions and through college 
This just in!  The next iPhone back will be made entirely of ivory!  Competitors will never be able to copy it, but Apple will only be able to make 1,000 in the first quarter.
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