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I most certainly did not.  Don't you realize that everyone can see what I claimed?  It's right above, FYI.
Because there are some things that are not in dispute.  It was impossible to buy an iMac for months, for instance.  While having more demand than supply is a good thing, it's only good if you can eventually fill that supply.   You're commenting without actual numbers too, aren't you?
Apple clearly couldn't produce the iMac in quantities sufficient to satisfy the market during the holiday season.  There is dispute, which we will find out the truth about soon, about the iPhone5.  The iPad3 could not be made quickly enough because of the retina screen.  Neither of us "know what we're talking about" until the numbers come out.  At least I acknowledge that.  You also need to look up the meaning of the word gospel.
What about "some of us are really starting to wonder why Cook has the reputation he has" given the fact that the past year has seen colossal mistakes of production (and mismatching design with production capabilities).  Unsure, vs actively starting to dislike... well, I'm in the latter category.
While true, that's a time period where Apple had an aging phone competing against a new one, and then at the end of the quarter had a new phone which of course couldn't beat a phone that had a whole quarter to sell.  Since Samsung doesn't release the numbers on its sales, there is no way for you to prove the last point you made.  But you can be sure that S3 vs iPhone5 is not going to be close this quarter.
None of that matters.  But thanks for the info (which everyone already knew).
What you saw today, to me, felt a lot like running out of sellers.   It will be interesting to see what happens in the next week if the decline has finally shaken out the weak.  I certainly have heard from a lot of Joes who were panicking about the stock.  Guess what happens when the average man finally panics?  I got really lucky and bought some calls for $12 yesterday that closed at $18 today.  I plan to hold them, along with the other calls I have (all April strike)...
A critical board member would be asking who was in charge of overall product design philosophy (designing and launching a product that apparently couldn't be produced in quantities sufficient to meet the holiday rush) and launch schedules and be seriously wondering why that person has a job.  As much as a supply chain expert as Tim Cook was lauded as, Apple sure has had a series of total debacles since Jobs left this plane.
While I tend to agree that the rumor about the order cuts is most likely not a sign of actual for iPhone sales, the reason here is absolutely ridiculous. Apple wouldn't order 1 million iPhone cases expecting very bad yields and expecting to only get half 1 million. The yield problem is the manufacturers problem. Apple orders as many parts as they want, and the manufacturer delivers as many parts as Apple orders. It may take them building 2 million parts to deliver 1...
Except no one pays commission as a percentage of the order so your logic is moot. $8 per order on even a smal $1000 order is less than 1%.And where are you getting this $500 commission per order? Frankly, anyone who's paying that much to buy stock seems like they are probably too stupid to be investing their own money anyway. I mean, does that same person going to convenience store and think that a Coke should cost $45?
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