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The gestapo around here prefers disappearing posts to redacting them.  ;)   Cmon Mr Admin.  New bet - because I know you couldn't stand to stop posting.  I win the bet (terms still to be determined) you put me on your ignore list.  If something I say needs to be disappeared, it will have to be a REAL administrator doing it, not just an addicted poster masquerading as one.  You win the bet, I go dark for a month.  What do you say?   TRY not to disappear this post.  There...
Well, he deleted my post that you replied to.  No infraction cited, simply post removed without a trace.   My post from last night was rewarded with a 10,000 day demerit point (god knows what that means, since they don't tell you how many you have to earn to be banned).   I'm not asking him to stop working to "keep the forum tidy" for our use.  I'm asking him to stop posting and I will do the same, depending on who wins.  Why is that not reasonable?  How many other...
Yep.  People around here would have you believe that Apple does nothing but go down.  Amazing how a company can be the most valuable in the world without ever going up in chunks!
Your definition of always is a little shaky.   Tell me how a stock gets from 80 to 700 in 5 years despite going down most of the time?  Weird, huh?  I thought only global administrators were this confused about the market ;)   Edit:  I think i misunderstood your first sentence.  If you were actually saying that Apple, like all stocks, will grow steadily along with earnings and tend to correct downward after sharp rises, then I agree with you.
Factual reporting will report that Apple is expected to report record profits.  If you read partisan stock advice you'll get whatever the writer wants to say. The writer of those posts you linked (by the way, why would you link them?   You realize the poster is just trying to ring up views) would not argue that Apple is expected to report record results this quarter.  You shouldn't be surprised that people try to trumpet information that supports their world view.  It...
There's no such thing as an "outrageous" funk that has only lasted for 6 months.  Nothing to do with a stock's movements in that amount of time can be described as outrageous.  That is especially true in this case.  I said it a few days ago - look at Apple's 5 year chart.  Draw a straight line from January 2009 to today and THEN tell me which part was outrageous - today, or 3 months ago.
Our definitions of "a while" are clearly a little different.  Nobody can predict short term moves in any stock, but over the long run, stocks will tend to perform like the underlying company did.  In the last 12 months Apple rose from 420 to 520, a HUGE gain that is nearly double the historical average for stocks.  There was an irrational bubble in the middle of the year that was given back at the end of the year.   If you (you being anyone reading this, not just Apple...
Only a true amateur investor and uneducated person would prefer Nokia to Apple stock despite the gain.  A real dummy.
No.  Professional forum trolls should not talk finance with finance majors.  Uh oh... are you going to censor me again?  Big forum moderator/flamer ;)
How would that benefit you?  Or Apple (since they don't have to "listen" to any of this)?  It's amateur investors who think that a company like Apple cares what its stock is doing.  Apple's employees come to work for their paycheck and that's it.  Only the very highest executives have large stakes in the stock.  The market and the analysts have nothing to do with the company's operations from day to day.
New Posts  All Forums: