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You do recognize that despite your impeccable logic, the fact that reality doesn't fit your description of what is fast enough for most people means that you are wrong... right?
You should have no trouble, then, explaining why Apple performed so relatively well despite having the most reliable, long lasting computers (according to every reliability study) out there.  Go! :)
In hindsight investors may look back at the last 18 months and see that Apple inflicted several self-inflicted wounds by making their products so difficult to copy that they made them too hard to manufacture, costing Apple marketshare a potentially costing it momentum in some critical markets at critical times.   Windows 8 is scary enough to a lot of people that Apple could be making hay, but can't because it can't ship enough product.  If the iMac were easier to...
I'm sure the artist lost a ton of profits because of this. After all, once everyone had seen it in a semi-private Apple event, why would they ever buy it from her to display again? Apple should pay for the performance right and whatever penalty/interest it owes for misusing it, but lost profits are ridiculous here.
It's on AT&T. The question is when will they add visual voicemail. Otherwise it's a great thing.
Also bound for all other laptops.
The line is "I have some waterfront land in FL to sell you"   See... that's what makes it funny... because... well, forget it.
You're replying to one of those pro-apple trolls, so don't expect him to agree with you.  And don't expect, apparently, to be able to get any help from a moderator since it's a moderator who does much of the trolling.
The insults are from past transgressions, not this current thread (obviously).  He's earned every one of them.  There was no reprimand, nor was there one deserved. I mean really - he called the other poster an idiot and I hit the "report this post" link, and the report went to HIM.  You are REALLY going to defend that fact?
No, it's not random, it's the result of millions of investors hearing news every day and trying to assimilate it.  A stock that is so highly valued has "baked in" a lot of very high expectations.  Even after falling as much as it has, it's still by 25% the most valuable company in America.  That implies that a lot of people still expect a lot of growth. Every day, when news hits, those millions of investors have to make a decision about whether to buy or sell.  Even if...
New Posts  All Forums: