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I'm surprised that the statement from Apple wasn't something more like "this is a bug that will fix itself on January 7 and we will be fixing it as quickly as possible with our next software update as well." Just saying that the problem will go away on its own on the seventh kind of implies that they don't think it's a huge issue and they're not immediately working on a fix, which I'm sure they are, but they really should make that clear.
This is starting to sound like the kind of despair that inevitably leads to a reversal in a stock.  I just need a chunk of you amateurish whiners to actually sell the stock to finally have some blood in the streets so we can move up freely.
That's not true.  Right now in the States most carriers have stock of iPhones at all stores to walk out the same day.  But there's no denying that carriers push Android phones, because they make more money off them because of the lower price from Samsung et al as opposed to iPhone prices.
If someone from a rich country works overtime for overtime pay, it's capitalism.  If a poor person from a poor country does it, it's indentured servitude ;)
The fact is there are plenty of cases where Android is beating the iPhone despite iPhone being widely available.  Verizon, for instance.  And yes, some countries in Europe.  And I'm sure many many others.  You don't get to the kind of dominant market share that Android now has by just inching out a few wins where Apple is not competing.  For one, Android phones are almost entirely cheaper.  Even in America where there are subsidies that equalize it, the carriers make so...
As long as market share is enough to provide a viable marketplace for app developers, I think apple should be just fine with lower share.  I don't know what the tipping point is, where developers will start deprioritizing iOS, but so far they are making more money there despite a smaller market to sell to because of the better security of the marketplace and (apparently) a different user profile that is willing to pay for good apps.
Unfortunately you need correcting.  Europe, for example.
Doing this update won't affect saved passwords.
This patent seems destined to be overturned someday. Don't get too excited.
DNS servers don't impact raw download speed, only DNS lookup speed.  Enjoy feeding google your browsing records though ;)
New Posts  All Forums: