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The faulty logic here, consistently applied by non-Americans, is that there is something somehow special and different about traveling 200 miles if it crosses an imaginary boundary into another country. If I travel 200 miles from DC, I can end up in Philadelphia, the wilds of West Virginia, the mean streets of Baltimore, charming Rocky Mount North Carolina, and about 100 other places that are more different from DC than Paris is different from Brussels. Yet because...
It only says what we all already know. You can't hire the dumbest of our peers, pay them twice what they're worth, handcuff the best ones to prevent them from shining, and expect them to teach our children well.
heh. No.
Highly unlikely. In fact damned near impossible. If he holds equities it will be an index fund. It's nice to have conspiracy theories, but I'm sorry, stock analysts are not permitted to hold individual stocks anywhere near the industries they ever have contact with or cover.
I edited my post above to reflect some numbers. The January earnings release stated that sales in China itself, a subset of course of AsiaPac ex Japan, quadrupled to 2.6 billion, from approximately 700 million. If China this year only triples, it will hit 8 billion alone, which will likely result in AsiaPac doing far better than the 150% my post above reflects. Crazy numbers.
Anyone know of a place where one can find historical revenue numbers from Apple in China? Quarter by quarter, or year to year?Edit OK I did the research on the 10-Qs and here's what I have:Code:PERIOD.....REVS......YoY Growth....QoQ...
It's very easy to tell when a rumor is false. If it suggests that a new iPad will go widely on sale at the same time that a new iPhone will (June), you immediately know it is false. Apple has carefully crafted a quarterly schedule of product releases to ensure that corporate financials remain as steady as possible from quarter to quarter. Asking buyers to consider a new iPhone AND a new iPad in the same month is not going to happen, no matter how many other rumors...
You know you're a nerd when the mere suggestion that someone else has a girlfriend - size, shape and attractiveness unmentioned - prompts you to challenge for a picture.
Yes, that's what we need. Apple becoming a day trader. Brilliant. Wouldn't it be nicer if Apple sent you the money, and then you could use it to buy Apple stock, or a TV, or milk? It's your money, after all.
Uh... You realize that they have about $60 billion, right? They could give back half of that and still have $30 billion which I THINK would still be just enough to cover the $4 billion. And to the poster suggesting that since Apple once almost went bankrupt, that therefore an infinite desire to hold cash is reasonable? Very sad.
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