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One marvels at how Obama and his fellow far-left lackeys prioritize the nation's pressing problems.  "War on women."  Minimum wage hikes.  Abortion at any stage of birth, for any reason.  Free "ObamaPhones."  And now "broadband is a public utility."   worst. President. EVER.
Just to splice into this topic, we just came from the Troutdale, OR Walgreens store. Tried to buy something with ApplePay. Clerk didn't have a clue, never heard of it, and gave us her two cents worth about never trusting such a device ("they can steal your card numbers" - whoever "they" is). Paid cash instead.
Side-by-side content panes? I read the new iTunes on-line help guide and didn't see anything pointing that out. In the past, I could have a window open with my songs and another window open for a playlist, and drag between the two windows. That's what I'd like to do again.
Can't update our iPad Air - downloaded it to the device (vs. via iTunes), and when it tried to verify, it said that it was not connected to the Internet (which it is - I quickly tried a website, which connected). After several attempts, I just quit. C'mon, Apple!
The new Photos app is a bust for me.  On my MacBook Pro, iPhoto keeps all of my 11K-plus photos sorted by Events, and the Events are displayed as sorted alphabetically.  That is how Events appeared in the old version of the iOS Photos app, but not anymore.  They now just show up in random order.  I tried deleting all photos from my phone and resyncing it, but nothing changed.
Well, gird your loins, Apple, for the race-hustle shakedown!
I had one of the, buying mine in early February of 1984. Biggest mistake? Upgrading it to a Mac Plus, which swapped out the back portion of the case which had all of the Macintosh Team's signatures stamped into the plastic on the inside.
Well, my spouse and I both have iPhone 4S models, and we haven't seen the problem.  For what it's worth.
I heard elsewhere that you'd now be able to zoom in and out when shooting video footage. Ain't happening - at least on my iPhone 4S.
 Hmmm, I have both my Weather and Voice apps after the upgrade.  Look to see that they didn't end up as a second page in one of your "Groups" (which is another cool feature - multi-page groups).
New Posts  All Forums: