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A rear-facing camera to boot!
I use Excel for my home finances, so I gave the web version of Numbers a try. First I tried to drag over a file saved as an Excel binary workbook (.xlsb). Numbers didn't recognize it as an Excel file. I then tried another file saved as an Excel workbook (.xlsx). That transferred fine.
Reno should change it's handle from "The Biggest Little City in the World" to "Detroit of the West." Now that Indian casinos are everywhere, Downtown Reno is like a ghost town.
That's why I used a Canon PowerShot as an example.  It's not that much bigger than a phone, and I'd carry it on me in exactly the same way as I do my current iPhone 4S.  Don't get me wrong, what Apple can do with the current iPhone camera is superb, but in so many instances I find it lacking (such as a lack of zoom for videos).  Everything's a tradeoff in life.  I'd gladly tradeoff a little more width and heft for a smartphone with a much better camera.  Sure, it's not...
Apple should make a camera smartphone that's more camera than phone.  Call it the iPhone Photo, or whatever.  Give it a real optical telescopic lens.  Sure, it would be "fatter," but something the size of a Canon Powershot SX260 or so would be manageable for me and probably lots of others.
I'd bet that if you were to take a poll of Apple employees, that 95 % of them routinely and reliably vote for whatever Democrat candidate is on a given ballot. Al Gore is on the freaking Board of Directors, for cry'n out loud! Yet, this is how the Obama administration rewards them? What am I missing here? Is it because Greenpeace isn't giving Apple their 100% Seal of Approval rating, with Obama using the same "logic" as with the Keystone pipeline - that is, tick off...
I own a business park. Several years ago (2007-2008), we put a lot of money into one segment that - frankly - had a disastrous financial outcome. The losses from our business carried back (via our LLC) into our personal taxes, and when the dust all settled, we owed Uncle Sam zero taxes for that year. I mention this because it is always easy to get off a cheap shot about so-and-so not paying any taxes. The way the tax code now stands - and I'm assuming it got there...
Mueller's phone of choice runs Android, so don't try and paint him as an Apple fanboy.  For those who read his blog, his posts go into EXTREME detail (and length) about virtually every patent-related topic he choses to comment on, and to my mind, he seems very fair-minded.  You don't have to search his site too far to find opinions that castigate Apple.
You know, I really don't care all that much about how much detail goes into an icon, as long as I can figure out what the icon is trying to convey without too much difficulty.  I want real, actual functionality improvements.  Case in point - you shouldn't have to download a 3rd-party app in order to send email to a group from iOS. That just seems pretty basic to me, something that should be a standard feature.  Shifting gears to OS X, why not bring back scroll arrows to...
I watched the keynote on my big-screen (via Apple TV).  love, Love, LOVE the fact that Apple is finally simplifying and basically cleaning up the interface.  Really like 1) Control Center, 2) the fact that a group can have multiple "pages" to hold more than 12 apps, 3) auto-updating apps, and 4) the new left-to-right gesture and all that it will bring.  Just looks like a great update to me.  Anxiously waiting for fall.
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