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Que to the Rolling Stones: "I see an iPhone, and I want it painted black."
Bono would be a natural.
I have an idea for budding iPhone developers. Create an app that knows your AT&T plan, and can alert you whenever you're close to or have actually exceeded your plan minutes for the month and end up talking your head off at 45 cents per minute. With so many variables (night and weekend, AT&T to AT&T calls, rollover, etc.) it is relatively easy to do that. I should know. After being on the road for close to a month and calling home and clients quite a bit, I return home...
The World Trade Center, the surrounding buildings, and the airplanes - all "non-destructive things" holding or carrying innocent people - were "fixed" by religious fanatics all earning their final Islamic merit badges on their way to an orgy with 72 virgins (hopefully they all look like Rosie O'Donald). Going after those bastards in Afghanistan and baiting them to fight us in Iraq (where they're getting their asses kicked, for those not keeping up on current events) is...
I'm sure that Apple has studied up on all of the usual suspects in the movie rental market - everything from the 99ยข movie I can rent from a Red Box machine at the Albertson's up the street to Post Office-delivered Netflix to drive-your-car-to-Blockbuster to the local mom-and-pop video rental store to a PPV movie from Dish Networks. Bottom line: I'm guessing that Apple is betting that next-to-instant-gratification is worth a premium, and that most people will most likely...
I plan on going to my local Apple store to pick up my iPhone. I actually hope there is a huge line; I've been to several Apple Store openings, and a big line turns it into a fun event for us Apple faithful. Maybe Apple can steal the concept of Microsoft's "iPod amnesty bin", and use it to collect all of the phones that people turn in when they switch to the iPhone.
If the EU really wants to do some good for mankind, they should leave this ticky-tacky iPod/iTunes stuff alone and focus on something really worthwhile. For instance, all member countries should have to comply with providing actual flusing toilets! (hint: the next time you go to, say, Italy, keep track of all the hole-in-the-floor-with-broom-accessory toilets they have).
New Posts  All Forums: