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Mueller's phone of choice runs Android, so don't try and paint him as an Apple fanboy.  For those who read his blog, his posts go into EXTREME detail (and length) about virtually every patent-related topic he choses to comment on, and to my mind, he seems very fair-minded.  You don't have to search his site too far to find opinions that castigate Apple.
You know, I really don't care all that much about how much detail goes into an icon, as long as I can figure out what the icon is trying to convey without too much difficulty.  I want real, actual functionality improvements.  Case in point - you shouldn't have to download a 3rd-party app in order to send email to a group from iOS. That just seems pretty basic to me, something that should be a standard feature.  Shifting gears to OS X, why not bring back scroll arrows to...
I watched the keynote on my big-screen (via Apple TV).  love, Love, LOVE the fact that Apple is finally simplifying and basically cleaning up the interface.  Really like 1) Control Center, 2) the fact that a group can have multiple "pages" to hold more than 12 apps, 3) auto-updating apps, and 4) the new left-to-right gesture and all that it will bring.  Just looks like a great update to me.  Anxiously waiting for fall.
In case you haven't noticed, THE ECONOMY SUCKS! Lots of energy sources at home, but the government won't allow them to be exploited (or even construct a pipeline for Canada's oil heading to our refineries). Upcoming ObamaCare rules and regs causing restaurants, movie chains (Regal Cinema the latest) and other small businesses to cut hours back to under 30 per week to avoid new taxes. Health insurance is going up, gasoline is always around $4 a gallon, but hey, if you...
I feel for you, man.  Watching commercials, that is. (Our TV consumption is almost exclusively provided by streaming Netflix and iTunes store rentals, with the occasional over-the-air local broadcast for sports games.  We would NEVER go back to cable or satellite.)
Personally, I don't think we'd use it.  We rarely use the self-checkout registers because we take advantage of Walmart's price matching, which means that you bring in a current ad from a competing store, show it to the clerk, and they then manually change the item's price to that of the competing ad.  Self-checkout also slows you down if you scan coupons (many don't work on the scanners, and have to be manually entered) and buy alcoholic beverages.  And exactly how is an...
According to Apple's support website, the 5.2.1 update adde support for Music in the in Japan and Israel, and "includes improvements for software update, subtitles, and general performance."
I was hoping that the new Redbox streaming service would show up with the 5.2.1 update.  Nope.
Back in October, I posted to MacInTouch the fact that messages such as these... 10/14/12 10:12:42.850 AM mdworker[751]: Unable to talk to lsboxd 10/14/12 10:12:42.956 AM sandboxd[753]: ([752]) mdworker(752) deny mach-lookup com.apple.ls.boxd 10/14/12 10:12:43.000 AM kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(753) deny mach-lookup com.apple.coresymbolicationd ... were showing up on the Console app. I got the following reply (probably from a developer): I submitted a bug report to...
Honestly, folks, it's just a friggin phone. Today's society reminds me of an old episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 5, Episode 6 - "The Game"), where the entire crew starts wearing these "Google Glass"-type headsets that rewards the wearer with feel-good emotions whenever they "will" a virtual disc into a virtual cone. Before long, nobody on the Enterprise is doing anything useful - they're all just playing "the game." Sad to see, really.
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