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We have two Apple TVs - a 2nd and a 3rd generation. Both are running the latest OS, and both work just fine and dandy. Just for the record, I've never "jailbroken" either unit.
Netflix and offerings from the iTunes store, via Apple TV, is pretty much all we watch on our TV these days (football games and news come via local stations that our digital antenna pulls in). Cable and satellite - not needed.
"I am in no way defending Sadsong Samsung on this, but this story begs the question. Why in THE world did Hogan grant an interview in the first place?" My thoughts exactly. I've been on a two juries - rape and dealing drugs (and delivered "guilty" verdicts in both cases). As we left the courthouse, reporters swarmed around us asking how we each voted, what evidence persuaded us, etc. I just kept walking to my car; I was selected as a juror, and that chapter of my civic...
iPhoto for iOS finally - finally!!! - preserves custom dates/times entered in the OS X version of iPhoto. I had scanned in thousands of photos from old photo albums and hand-dated most of them to correspond to when they were actually taken (vs. when they were scanned in). I'd open them up on iPhoto for iOS, and the sort orders within an event would be all screwed up. This update finally fixes it. Unfortunately, I have almost 200 events on the OS X version of iPhoto,...
I saw this tip on the Apple support boards, and it worked for me.  Under General -> Cellular, I just scrolled down to the bottom of the page and turned off anything that had been on.
So, does this mean that I can finally play music from iTunes while mirroring the iTunes visualizer on my TV?  Cool!  Also, is there a way to remotely control my Mac using my iPhone 4S?  My Mac mini is in the downstairs rec room and will be streaming to our living room HDTV.
iPhoto for iOS 1.0.1 didn't fix a very annoying issue that is keeping me from using it at all.  Using the Mac version of iPhoto, I've scanned in thousands of photos from old scrapbooks, and manually set their dates/times as best as I could so when I open an Event, they all appear in chronological order.  Once synced with my iPhone and opened up in iPhoto 1.0.1, the date/time changes are all gone, defaulting back to when the images were scanned in.  That destroys the...
Apple needs to fix iPhoto for iOS.  Manually-changed dates entered on the Mac version of iPhoto don't come across to the iOS version.
I've held on to much of my "old Mac" collection from years past. A couple of Mac 512Ks, external 400K floppy drive, external 10MB serial port-connected hard drive, the original "phonebook" Mac programming guide, a box set of BeOS, and a bunch of Apple-branded nicknacks from old trade shows and Apple reps. I wish I'd have kept my original 128K Mac, complete with the engraved names inside the back case, but I upgraded it to a Mac Plus and subsequently gave it to my niece.
I have the latest Apple TV on our big screen, and the previous model on our bedroom TV. When watching streaming Netflix, I didn't see any option to search for or watch 1080p content. Is it just automatic whenever such content becomes available?
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