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Back in October, I posted to MacInTouch the fact that messages such as these... 10/14/12 10:12:42.850 AM mdworker[751]: Unable to talk to lsboxd 10/14/12 10:12:42.956 AM sandboxd[753]: ([752]) mdworker(752) deny mach-lookup com.apple.ls.boxd 10/14/12 10:12:43.000 AM kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(753) deny mach-lookup com.apple.coresymbolicationd ... were showing up on the Console app. I got the following reply (probably from a developer): I submitted a bug report to...
Honestly, folks, it's just a friggin phone. Today's society reminds me of an old episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 5, Episode 6 - "The Game"), where the entire crew starts wearing these "Google Glass"-type headsets that rewards the wearer with feel-good emotions whenever they "will" a virtual disc into a virtual cone. Before long, nobody on the Enterprise is doing anything useful - they're all just playing "the game." Sad to see, really.
Man, if you're a cop, you soon better be on your best behavior. Defense attorneys will be looking to see that Miranda rights were read to suspects with all of the i's dotted and t's crossed. Charges of "police brutality" will be easier to prove (or disprove). And porn - don't even go there!
I have a LaserJet MFP (multi-function printer). Scanning on the Mac is a joke compared with Windows. Last year, I embarked upon a many-month project of scanning old photo album photos into my Mac. The HP scanning software doesn't support TWAIN on a Mac, but it does on Windows. I found it easiest to scan my pictures into the Windows version of Picasa (thanks, Parallels!) and then while the Windows volume was mounted (again, thanks, Parallels), import the photos into...
I'll tell ya, my better half and me have been pretty much an Apple TV-only family for the past year or so. Streaming Netflix for the bulk, more recent movies from iTunes for the rest (with a brief trial into Hulu, which we later dumped due to commercials and no closed-caption). Watching regular TV (such as football games using our digital antenna) is downright painful, with all of the commercials. We'd never go back to cable or satellite.
Hopefully Apple will fix the issue with mdworker. I posted the Console error messages I've been noticing to Macintouch, and a knowledgable reader responded: "I submitted a bug report to Apple on it. Apple responded it was a knowm bug. Has been happening on 10.8.2. In short, mdworker scans and indexes files for Spotlight and sends a message to lsboxd, but the new security measure does not like a program going outside its sandbox and thus denies it. Several posts on Apple...
It's posted now. I couldn't get the Java control panel upgrader to work, so I just downloaded the release from Oracle and installed it.
We have two Apple TVs - a 2nd and a 3rd generation. Both are running the latest OS, and both work just fine and dandy. Just for the record, I've never "jailbroken" either unit.
Netflix and offerings from the iTunes store, via Apple TV, is pretty much all we watch on our TV these days (football games and news come via local stations that our digital antenna pulls in). Cable and satellite - not needed.
"I am in no way defending Sadsong Samsung on this, but this story begs the question. Why in THE world did Hogan grant an interview in the first place?" My thoughts exactly. I've been on a two juries - rape and dealing drugs (and delivered "guilty" verdicts in both cases). As we left the courthouse, reporters swarmed around us asking how we each voted, what evidence persuaded us, etc. I just kept walking to my car; I was selected as a juror, and that chapter of my civic...
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