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I've held on to much of my "old Mac" collection from years past. A couple of Mac 512Ks, external 400K floppy drive, external 10MB serial port-connected hard drive, the original "phonebook" Mac programming guide, a box set of BeOS, and a bunch of Apple-branded nicknacks from old trade shows and Apple reps. I wish I'd have kept my original 128K Mac, complete with the engraved names inside the back case, but I upgraded it to a Mac Plus and subsequently gave it to my niece.
I have the latest Apple TV on our big screen, and the previous model on our bedroom TV. When watching streaming Netflix, I didn't see any option to search for or watch 1080p content. Is it just automatic whenever such content becomes available?
Seeing every "channel" on one screen makes it look like Apple TV has more to offer than before. As for me, it's basically Netflix and iTunes to rent movies, with an occasional diversion to our two computers for music and photos. In other words, the new UI isn't a big deal.
The last time Obama was providing a gift to the Brits, it was a Walmart-quality set of old DVDs that wouldn't play on European equipment. Maybe this time around, he's going to hit up Ive for a "free" $50 iTunes card that he'll re-gift to Cameron. At least that should work.
Save us, Obi Wan "Chuck" Schumer, you're our only hope!
I'm surprised that Apple is looking for its second Seattle store in Downtown Seattle. My guess would've been the recently-renovated Northgate Mall, which is adjacent to I-5 just a few miles south of Seattle's northern city limits boundary.
I wish Apple would bring the Visualizer feature to Apple TV. I'd love to listen to music on our big-screen while being sucked into the hypnotic pattern and colors.
As an owner of a patent myself, I thought they had a 17-year lifespan. If so, then why is Apple even interested in owning early-1990 patents?
Such as returning scroll bar arrows to the user interface. Create an option to turn them on and off if you must, but lack of scroll arrows have been the most maddening change from Snow Leopard to Lion for this user.
Last night's "The Simpson's" was a pretty funny Apple (er, "Mapple") themed episode. Homer walked into a Mapple store, and watched as a rotating MacBook Air-lookalike completely vanished whenever it turned thin-side to the camera. I can see a future episode, with Homer fumbling and bumbling around in a store with just one "real" wall.
New Posts  All Forums: