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Apple, give us back our fracking scroll bar arrows!!!
We saw it in 3D at the huge IMAX theatre in North Seattle when it first came out. I just don't think that watching it again - even on our 67" big-screen HDTV set - will be able to top that.
I'd be happy if Apple could make Photo Stream work in the first place. Case in point - if you take photos away from a WiFi connection and later connect via WiFi, Photo Stream is supposed to spring into action and upload those newly-taken photos. Except that it doesn't happen - at least reliably. If it were, the iPhone's Camera Roll and Photo Stream would be in sync (assuming that you don't delete photos from the phone after importing them into iPhoto). We've tried and...
In China, just call it the iPod Plus and be done with it.
What can I say? I have the original Intel Core Duo-powered MacBook, and Lion needs at least a Core 2 Duo to install. But even if I could install Lion, I'm not sure that I would, since it can't run PPC code under Rosetta.
My spouse and I got our new iPhone 4S's this week, and I can tell you that Siri is amazing. I used it to dictate a short email message, and it was 100% accurate. We got haircuts last night, and afterwards we always schedule for the next time. I told Siri to schedule haircuts for November 29th at 2 pm, and it did it flawlessly. I'll bet that Apple opens up the API for 3rd-party apps later on, so they can be voice-controlled as well. Sometimes Siri doesn't know how to...
Nanny State to the rescue!
We just bought an Apple TV (along with the latest AirPort Extreme router) last week, and it has been an absolute joy - the best $99 entertainment purchase we ever made (well, plus $8 a month for Netflix). The biggest problem I had was getting my old movies (which I created using iMovie HD 6) loaded at the correct resolution into iTunes. Importing them into iMovie 9 (which has more and better export choices, including Apple TV) didn't work for me, as it dropped lots of...
My thoughts precisely. I have the first-gen MacBook that can't be upgraded past Snow Leopard (a Core Duo I gots; a Core 2 Duo I needs).
You'd think that Apple and AT&T would have their shit together on this whole iPhone ordering process by now. You'd think... I got early and placed an order to upgrade my original iPhone (June of 2007), staying with AT&T. All went smooth. Then I tried to upgrade my spouse's old freebie flip-phone (July of 2007), only to have the Apple Store display a message telling me that it couldn't do it, and to contact AT&T. Which I did a little later on in the morning. The rep...
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